An essay on library

an essay on library

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And many care passionately about their libraries. Over the course of this project, i have been socked in the jaw by a crazed man in Braddock, pennsylvania; screamed at by a homeless woman in Duluth, minnesota; almost had my film confiscated on an Indian reservation in Colorado; and eyed suspiciously throughout the. Despite all, this project has only reinforced my belief in the basic decency of most Americans. It has been a privilege to complete this study of our nations public libraries. And it has been a rare opportunity to see what we have in common through the lens of the local public library. Robert Dawsons photographs have been recognized by a fellowship from the national Endowment for the Arts and by a dorothea langepaul taylor Prize. He has been an instructor of photography at San Jose report State University edition since 1986 and at Stanford University since 1996. A version of this essay appears as the introduction. The public Library: a photographic Essay. Copyright 2014 Robert Dawson; reprinted with the permission of Princeton Architectural Press.

Our national public library system goes a long way toward uniting these United States. A locally governed and tax-supported system that dispenses knowledge and information for everyone throughout the country at no cost to its patrons is an astonishing thing—a thread that weaves together our diverse and often fractious country. It is a shared commons of our ambitions, our dreams, our memories, our culture, and ourselves. This project has allowed me a means of viewing much of our country over the last two decades. During that time libraries have changed dramatically, especially about with the introduction of computers. However, since this nationwide odyssey, walker and I have come to some similar conclusions: we americans share more than what divides. Most people work hard at their jobs and care about their families as well as their communities and the places they call home.

an essay on library

Essay writing on library

Because i started the project shooting film, i continued to business use film cameras throughout the project. The 4 x 5 toyo field camera was ideal for recording the details of public libraries. I would also use a medium-format Mamiya 7 camera when I didnt feel comfortable or have time to shoot with the larger-view camera. Over the last few years, i would also shoot recording shots with a small Canon G10 digital camera alongside the images made with my larger film cameras. Sometimes it was helpful to use this camera first, to locate the best angle or most interesting subjects in a library. In his 2013 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said that citizenship only works when we accept certain obligations to one another and to future generations. New York times columnist Timothy Egan declared that the American Great Experiment—the attempt to create a big, educated, multi-racial, multi-faith democracy that is not divided by oligarchical gaps between rich and poor—is still hanging in the balance.

A peoples History of the United States by howard Zinn and 1491 by Charles. Both helped provide a context for what we were seeing. We traveled throughout the upper Midwest and witnessed some of the devastating drought in the farm belt. I again posted our travels on our blog, library road Trip. The 2012 trip filled in the parts of the map that I had not previously photographed and largely completed the project. However, at the end of the summer, i realized that I had photographed many libraries in poor communities but not many in wealthy places. So to add balance i photographed libraries in some of the countrys wealthiest communities near my home in the san Francisco bay area, including Mill Valley, tiburon, and Portola valley. Finally, in november 2012, i finished the project by photographing the heroic efforts of the queens Public Library to provide services to the victims of Hurricane sandy in the rockaways in New York city.

An, essay on, economic Theory

an essay on library

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I made specific library photo trips throughout nevada and to seattle, salt lake city, and Chicago. I began to realize that if I wanted to make this a national study, i had some more traveling. In the summer of 2011 my son Walker game and I spent eight weeks driving more than 11,000 miles to twenty-six states, photographing 189 libraries. We drove through the southwest; Texas; the south, including the mississippi delta; up to detroit; through the rust Belt; and then over to washington,. C.; Philadelphia; and New England. Unfortunately, we were followed the entire way by a record-breaking heat wave. We called it our Library road Trip and even got it funded through a kickstarter effort.

Filmmaker Nick neumann joined us during part of the trip. I would write during the day and in the evening post a blog with my writing, our photos, and some of Walker and Nicks film footage. I would change my large-format 4 x 5 film in the motel bathroom while nick and Walker edited the video that they had shot that day. The next morning we would get up and do it all over again. This odyssey was exhausting but solidified the project and its goals. In the summer of 2012 Walker accompanied me again as we spent four weeks driving more than 10,000 miles to fifteen states, photographing 110 libraries. As we drove we listened to two extraordinary books on tape—.

does your completed essay match the plan with which you began? You might also want to visit the next page in this site, what is an Argument. A photo essay for National Library week. There are approximately seventeen thousand public libraries in the United States. Since i began this project in 1994, i have photographed hundreds of libraries in forty-seven states. I didnt intend this project to last eighteen years.

Many of the early libraries were photographed during longer journeys, when I had the time. The photography was usually connected to some other effort, such as when I taught workshops in Alaska in 1994 and key west, Florida, in 1997. In 2000 my family and I took a long drive throughout the American West, occasionally photographing libraries along the way. In 2007 we traveled through louisiana and parts of the south, again photographing a few. Every summer we have stayed in a little cabin in Vermont. I have always brought my camera along on each of those trips and gradually began to accumulate photographs from places other than my home in California. In the late 2000s I began to focus the project.

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Do you have some well-selected critical sources to back up your argument where necessary? Conclusion : What conclusions do you want the reader to draw from your discussion? Here you need to bring the discussion back to the broad issues raised by the question, but you should avoid a simple repetition of your introductory statements. While you are writing, assess your own work as you go along: does the sentence or paragraph that you have just written make the point that you intend it to make? What is its purpose? does the sentence flow logically from the text that precedes it, and into that which follows? If its import is not consistent with your outline, you may wish to move it, rework it, or eliminate legs it entirely. have you backed up all your statements, claims, and arguments with evidence?

an essay on library

Structure, your essay should generally be roughly organised into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. While you are planning your essay, keep this structure in mind, and consider the following issues: Introduction : What is the question asking of house you? How many aspects of the question do you need to consider? Here you need to establish the groundwork for the body of your argument. Argument : How many points do you want to make? How do they relate to each other and, taken together, do they constitute a well-structured discussion? Do you have evidence from the text(s) you are considering that supports your argument?

intend to use to support your case. Such a plan should be limited to one sheet of paper. Scholars in the humanities are constantly engaged in essay-writing, so you should develop efficient habits of composition. A carefully-thought-out plan, a first draft (corrected and a final draft should be regarded as indispensable stages of writing. Within the body of your essay, you should organise your material in such an order that each paragraph flows naturally and logically from its predecessor, with the topic always in mind. Avoid the use of subheadings: while subheadings might be appropriate in some research reports, in essays it is more impressive to forge connections between the various parts of your argument using the expressive power of your writing. The final paragraph of your essay should not be a paraphrase of your introduction, but, like the introduction, it should be explicitly relevant to the topic. It should be clear and convincing.

As part of the process of making this choice, you might ask writings yourself questions such as What do i think of the work addressed by this question?; What do i think of the essay assignment/question? Have i fully understood it?; What is my opinion of the wider issues involved? Writing is a reflection of thinking, so you must think about the material at issue before you write anything. The reading and research you do should be used as evidence and support for your argument. It is not necessary to recount what other scholars have said about an issue before you have introduced the issue and your position. While some background may be necessary, or some positioning required, your reader should be able to discover your own position relatively quickly. The introductory paragraph of an essay should make your approach to the topic clear; never begin an essay with an all-purpose paragraph of background information such as biographical details about a writer or generalisations about an historical period. This will normally be irrelevant, and will detract from the argument you wish to make. When planning your essay, write down a list of points relevant to your ideas.

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What constitutes an academic essay? An academic essay should make a convincing argument, owl and present interesting, thorough and accurate research. An essay is not a set of unrelated opinions, but an argument sustained with evidence drawn from research and observation. These goals should be contained within an elegant presentation. Write for the readers information and pleasure. Many students, particularly at first year level, believe they are required to agree with their tutors or lecturers opinions, but this is not so; the School of Humanities expects you to articulate your opinions in a way that is well informed, clearly expressed and supported. Planning, the process of planning your essay begins with your choice of topic; your choice must involve a careful analysis of its requirements.

An essay on library
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  3. Essay : An, essay. By aphra behn behn, Aphra, date: source publisher: collection: Early modern through the 18th Century. When planning your essay, write down a list of points relevant to your ideas. Advice from the Student learning Centre: Organising an Essay writing Essays. An essay on church furniture and decoration.

  4. Library : a photographic, essay. Weve all heard of classmates who leave essay writing until the night before a deadline. Essay, writing Tips: How to Write an, essay. When you write a persuasive essay, you are creating a paper that will prove a point, which will change the reader s opinion and/or clarify the issue. Suggested areas for essay topics include: The Prize is awarded annually for an essay on a topic of Greek philosophy.

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