Argumentative essay about food

argumentative essay about food

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Argumentative essay on fast food - choose Expert and

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Double check every line of your essay to ensure that it supports the main idea in the paragraph, which should then support the thesis. Ask yourself how each sentence provides specific evidence to support your main idea. The sentence should be able to offer support when read on its own and not in context with the other information. Items you will plan need, paper, pen, note cards. Tip, ask a classmate or friend to read your essay, while looking for any inconsistencies or weakness in your argument. The person you ask to proofread your essay can point out any places where your essay seems to go off-topic or let you know any questions that are raised but are not answered by the essay. Do not include "fun facts" or bits of trivia, anecdotes or personal observations in your essay unless they support your argument.

argumentative essay about food

Argumentative essay fast food - choose Expert and Cheap

Growing With Grammar suggests that even the briefest paragraph should have a main topic, and the first sentence of the paragraph is usually the topic sentence. Each topic sentence should support the main thesis. For example, if your essay is about how kale is the healthiest food to eat, each supporting statement might focus on one of the health benefits of kale. Write the numbers "1 "2" and "3" under each topic sentence on your outline. These will correspond to the supporting details for each paragraph's main idea. For example, if the paragraph is about how kale is the healthiest food to eat because it contains a lot of calcium, your supporting points could include information on how much calcium it contains, how much calcium is recommended for each person, and how eating. Within each paragraph, you have to back up and explain your main argument, so develop supporting details for each paragraph. For example, if the paragraph is about how kale is the healthiest food to eat because it contains a lot of calcium, your supporting points could include information on how much calcium it contains both when raw and cooked and whether the average American gets. San Bruno, write california's skyline college professors Karen Wong and Rachel Bell explain that you should ask yourself "How do i know this is true?" for the main idea in each paragraph, and the answer you give yourself will help you flesh out your argument.

Developing a strong thesis statement and making an outline can help keep your writing focused. Develop a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement is your essay's primary idea. The purdue university Online Writing Lab says that a thesis statement should be narrow and concrete, and you should be able to support it with evidence in the body of the essay. Develop an outline guided by your thesis statement. Use a pen and paper or note cards to organize your ideas as you put together the outline. To create the outline, note your thesis statement at the top of the page and write a large a, b and c on the left side of the paper to correspond with each of your paragraphs. Use as many letters as needed for as many paragraphs as needed. Write a main topic idea next to each letter.

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argumentative essay about food

Argumentative essay fast food, essay, writing Service

Think about how letter much research you need. Clearly, the amount of research needed for any essay will depend on how much you already know or do not know about the topic. However, whatever topic you choose - unless it is extremely unusual - it is likely that others will have written about it previously and argued along the same lines writing you intend to build your argument. This is the factor worth keeping in mind both when selecting something to write about and after you have chosen. And do not forget to always proofread your essays! Read More: Personal Essay, informal Essay, cause and Effect Essay, narrative essay.

Classification Essay, order now. A thesis statement can bring together all the elements of your essay. Whether writing a personal essay or an argumentative essay, you must stay on topic so your essay is focused and compelling. The strength of your essay's argument or emotional appeal dissipates when you veer off-topic; you risk losing your readers. As a student, learning how to stay on topic may also mean the difference between getting a good or bad grade on a writing assignment.

It is only by understanding what the opposing views are and what counter-arguments your opponents may throw at you that you will be in the advantageous position of knowing how to address them. In fact, it is vital to understand your opponents views to be able to counter these in your argumentative essay. Know all the facts. While your arguments will partially be comprised of your own beliefs and convictions, you will also need a certain amount of factual information to give credibility to your work. In fact, there is no substitute for hard facts if you are to support your argument(s) beyond any doubt. Writers do not usually wish to appear as amateurs in the eyes of their readers so, if this is not to happen, you will certainly need solid and verifiable facts to substantiate any claims you make.

Without these, you run the risk of appearing to be ill prepared and somewhat casual. Your choice of topic also has a bearing on how successful your argumentative essay. Essentially, there are two scenarios that apply to choosing a topic. These are a) your tutor decides on a topic or b) you are given the freedom to choose your own topic. In the latter case, you should try to select something that you are interested in, something that you are passionate about, and preferably something, that has a controversial element. The truth is that it will be hard to get the attention of your readers if your topic is not interesting and your writing is lacking in passion. By contrast, it is much easier to put an argument across effectively if it is one you are deeply committed to or heavily involved. Furthermore, it is unlikely your readers will be able to muster much interest in your argument(s) if you do not fully believe in them.

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Make time to find out how other students or subject matter experts argued a position that is reasonably similar to you, or argued a topic that is similar to yours. However, this is not to say you should directly copy their arguments or positions, but you may get some valuable ideas or tips from their work. For instance, you will be able to see how they developed their arguments and so you might get ideas about how best to take your views forward. Make time to understand what opposition you are likely to be faced with. Virtually every topic has two sides that can be argued. One side friend in favor of it and one side against. Therefore, making time to understand any contrary views on your particular subject matter may well prove an effective strategy.

argumentative essay about food

Try to select an unknown topic, one that your readers are not likely to have heard of or know much about. Choosing new material is a great way of showing how unique, innovative, and smart you really are. Be subjective in the way you express your opinions and beliefs. Your readers will almost certainly appreciate your honesty and sincerity, even to the point of finding it refreshing. These are just a few ideas and recommendations for writing an argumentative essay. Your experience will continue to grow with the practice. The ultimate aim of an argumentative essay is to convince your readers about some issue or other and to get them to agree with your viewpoint, even when their own views may be different.

if required and as much of it as you desire. This is especially so if you omitted certain supporting points in the main body paragraphs of your essay. As an argumentative essay, it is acceptable to give your opinions. Although these may well be your own deeply held beliefs, these are essentially points that are made up rather than hard facts. While solid evidence is desirable and recommended where possible, this is not a hugely serious-minded piece of scientific research where credibility really makes a difference. So, if you run short of facts and arguments, it is alright to make arguments up, provided you can do so convincingly and that your ideas are not completely nonsensical. When it comes to making claims, do not be afraid to be straightforward or blunt. Where argumentative essays are concerned, controversial subject matter is recommended. Therefore, it is acceptable to be radical in your views and, indeed, the more radical these are, the more your audience is likely to be impressed.

In fact, just one is sufficient to make the right impression on your tutor and to make it seem as if you have researched the topic you are working on in great detail. Allow whatever space you feel is necessary for each individual argument. Although, sometimes, tutors ask their students to keep to roughly the same length for every paragraph, there are some types of arguments that need a lot of words to explain and support them. On the other hand, others can be conveyed effectively in two, three or perhaps four sentences. Long introductory paragraphs can be skipped. In truth, is this part of the essay necessary or does anyone want it? Usually, this section is devoted to saying how well researched or debated a particular problem already. While you may wish to give a small amount of background detail, business and indeed this is sometimes necessary, it is acceptable to get straight to the point.

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It is important to state briefly what an argumentative essay. What is involved in the process of writing this genre of essay. Essentially, anyone who is asked to write an argumentative essay should begin by presenting the problem or topic they will base their fuller argument(s). They also need to provide a bit of background information on that problem or topic, and they need to give some detail on the primary argument they will be putting forward. This should all be done in a convincing and logical manner. There are also, however, certain things that a writer should not do when attempting to create an effective argumentative essay. The following are some of the things you should try to bear in mind: do not waste time making up an excessive number of arguments.

Argumentative essay about food
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  4. Comparison Between Expected Utility Theory and Prospect Theory in Behavioral Finance. A thesis statement can bring together all the elements of your essay. For example, if your essay is about how kale is the healthiest food to eat, each supporting statement.

  5. Ap writing service English Exam 19 Jan 015. Essay, writing Help Pdf and laser payslip paper for elders essay writing help a key stone of Indian culture. Write an argumentative essay in which you take a stand, supported by your own research, for one side in one of the topics listed below. A reflective essay paper. A good college essay, writing statement of purpose-where can i get a term paper written for me, photography evolution Computer Exercise on Viscosity cyclothemia the impact of appraisal student Sholarship essay. Argumentative, essay about, information Technology.

  6. Giving arguments is a whole system of ethic rules and manners. The devices of stylistic argumentation are as usable in writing as they are usable in common writers disposition. Introduction background/History define the Problem Thesis Statement. Rubric for the assessment of the argumentative essay. Ever had problems providing a quality argumentative essay? By exploring this possibility, students wouldn t have to think about getting an a in their argumentative essay anymore.

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