Grizzly bear essay

grizzly bear essay

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The tension was visible on his line, then suddenly -snap! His fishing pole broke in two, as he held on to the other half, hitting his face in the moist black dirt. The water was restless now, no longer calm and collect, tims heart raced along with the ripple effects in the water. Tim hurriedly assembled his fishing gear and threw out the remainder of his bait into the brown water. He caught his breath and made his way up the hill to the car. The bushes wrestled behind him and Tim caught a glimpse of a raccoon eating berries.

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Tim commenced staring off over the water. Suddenly, there was a quick rustle in the brush behind him and it immediately caught his attention and left a shiver up his spine. Silence ensued, and then Tim felt a strange sensation that he was not alone."He-hello?" he questioned at nothing behind him. That sense of urgency struck him, that maybe he should get out of his current location. Tim Jones started reeling in his fishing songs line at a steady pace, then, suddenly the line snagged abruptly. "no no!" he murmured and started to fight his line's jerking motions. He looked back behind him to make sure a sasquatch with razor sharp teeth or a lion that escaped from a nearby zoo wasn't behind him. There was still nothing there when he looked behind him, but that eerie feeling of being watched closely. He had a big fish on the other bpo end of his line; that was certain! The pole swayed to the left and to the right as Tim held on trying desperately not to lose. His toes dug into the sand and shortly after he was on his knees pulling the fishing pole with all his might.

Tim Jones pulled back his summary long curly midnight black hair and snuggled a new York baseball cap on his head. He grabbed his fishing pole and made his way to the river barefoot. Birds flew out in the far distance assembling a wedge formation before disappearing into the fluffy white clouds. Tim walked over to his bait bucket and pulled out an active shrimp, the shrimp struggled but was no match for his grip, then it slowly slid into the pointy metal fish hook, still squirming, as Tim thrust the shrimp and his fishing line into. California was looking very spectacular today. In the distance, was an orange arch-like mountain hovering over the elongated river and it cast a mirror image over the water. Tim remembered his neighbor talking about how mysterious the water was, how he'd seen huge splashes at odd ends of the night. On the other hand, he remembered his neighbor also talking about alien abductions and the yeti working for the cia. He smirked at the ludicrous thought.

grizzly bear essay

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C.: National geographic Society Press). Academic American Encyclop dia, 1994., 12:103. I was told to write a free-style narrative essay in class, and I came up with this little short story. Is it too long? Is it too short? I hope all you that night like to read can critique this for me so i don't turn in crap! If you liked it, let me know what you liked about it! Down by The riverbed, the riverbed was especially calm in the morning. Green frogs leaped from lily pad to lily pad generating interruptions of remote the stoic brackish water.

Colliers Encyclop dia, 1992., 3:253, 14:129. (New York: Macmillan Educational Company). Encyclop dia americana, 1996., 16:526, 18:371. The new Columbia encyclop dia, 1975.,. 1491 (New York: Columbia university Press). Austrailian koala hospital Assosiation, Inc.: koala facts Sheet, / jbergh/m (Sydney: m). World book encyclop dia, 1996., 11:361 (Chicago: World book, inc.). Koala out on a limb, x national geographic Magazine, april, 1995 (Washington,.

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grizzly bear essay

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Another reason story koalas are write dying is because of fires. Most of these fires come from careless smokers. If you go to australia one day and you see someone smoking, tell them to make sure that they put it out. There is a koala hospital in south queensland that is building a 24-hour koala hospital. If you want more information on the save the koala campaign, visit / jbergh/m.

You can write the australian koala hospital Assosiation, Inc. At or snail mail them at The australian koala hospital Assosiation, Inc. Box 2379Nerang mail Centreqld 4211 australia. A lot of people are also going up and protesting against the developers that knock down the habitat of koalas. Columbus zoo: The Animals: koala, m/homepages/bga ynor/m (Columbus: m). Encyclop dia britannica, 1992., 6:922, 23:357, 8:642-3. (Chicago: Encyclop dia britannica, inc.).

Koalas and wombats share a common ancestor from some 25 million years ago on the landmass lauasia (an ancient landmass that separated to make south America, africa, and Australia.) Most people think that the koala is related to bears, that is not true, the koala. Most people also think that the koala is not harmful, thats wrong. The koala is more like a grizzly bear than a teddy bear. The koala is dangerous because of its extremely sharp claws. Its scientific name is Phascolarctos (pouched bear)cinerus (ash-colored.) An adult four year old koala eats.3. (3.) of eucalyptus per day.

It also weighs.6. (30.) and is 60-85. (21-33.) The koala sleeps a lot. The koala is also nocturnal, thats why the koala exhibit at the zoo is always boring. The eucalyptus that the koala eats is very important to them because if they change to a different forest, it could be fatal because they can usually only eat one species of eucalyptus. There are lots of ways that we can save the koalas. First of all, we can stop cutting down the eucalyptus trees. Second of all, brake for. Third, there are hundreds of save the koala associations world wide.

Grizzly, bears, essay, research Paper

Now, sadly, in Sydney, koalas must cross the street to get to another eucalyptus tree. They have to go to another eucalyptus tree every once and a while because that tree is the same tree from the same forest. A lot of koalas are year now becoming roadkill. The koala is a one of a kind animal. It is the only one of its kind. There are two sub-species of koala though, in which there is the tiniest differe nce. The southern one has a darker colored fur than the northern because it is colder in the south. The koala has only one relative, the wombat.

grizzly bear essay

Population and Extinction, since the koala population has dropped since 50 since the turn of the century, the australian government passed a law banning anything harmful to the koalas. At first, in the 1920s they were killed for their fur. Then, somehow, a high percentage of them became infected with a very contagious disease, chlamydia psittaci. Chlamydia psittaci causes blindness, pneumonia, that and for females, sterilization. It has slowed down a lot since it was first introduced to the koala population, but the virus is still going around (chylamydia psittaci is an endangered virus.) The koala population is also still falling due to destroyed habitats. The developers are coming into koala habitat and cutting down eucalyptus, selling it and building homes. By the 2030s, the koalas will have no place to live.

the ability to eat only eucalyptus leaves. When the joey emerges from the pouch, it clings to its mother for another seven months. The joey stays with its mother for another three or four years, until it is fully grown. Diet, koalas eat eucalyptus and dont drink water. I guess thats how they got their name. In the aboriginal language, koalaX means no drink water. X but, the koala does drink water, only when it is ill. Out of the 350 species of eucalyptus, the koala can only eat 20, will only eat 5, and only prefers to eat a certain one.

When humans reach their sexual maturity at around the age of 14 or 15, koalas reach their sexual maturity at the age of two. The female produces one baby every london other year. The koala almost never produces twins. In the females pouch, there are two nipples. The female koala gives birth after a 20-35 day gestation period. When the joey (baby koala) is born, it is no longer than 2 cm and weighs no more than a 1/2 gram. The joey stays in its mothers pouch for 5-7 months.

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The koala Essay, research Paper, the koala, inroduction. The koala is the australian jewel. It has very furry, ash colored hair, a rubbery black nose, sharp claws, fuzzy ears, and a grizzly personality, or should I say, koalality. If you kill a koala, youll make a million off their fur! They would sell the fur to coat companies and make coats out essays of koala fur. Well, sadly enough, too many people are making millions on koalas. Thats why theyre endangered species. Habitat, the koala is distributed along the eastern coastal semi-tropical forests of Australia, ranging from north queensland, new south Wales, victoria, and a small area in the south of Australia. Breeding, the male koala and the female koala have two very different mating calls.

Grizzly bear essay
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  1. I was told to write a free-style narrative essay in class, and I came up with this little short story. His shirt rose up like a vacuum as the grizzly bear sniffed.

  2. Grizzly, bear, feist with Ben Gibbard, conor Oberst with Gillian Welch, The. Hokkaido is the northernmost of Japans main islands and home to the ussuri brown bear, also known as the black grizzly. Tags: bears, black, grizzly, child, hokkaido, japan, mountains. Hair, a rubbery black nose, sharp claws, fuzzy ears, and a grizzly. Grizzly, bear, born out of Brooklyn, has discovered a new recipe for the indie band out there. The only parameters I was given in choosing the song is that it had to.

  3. Such dances threw away controlled steps and prescriptions of etiquette manuals in favor of improvisatory and self-expressive steps called turkey trot, bunny hug, grizzly bear and monkey glide. Photo: A grizzly bear chases an elk calf in Yellowstone national Park near Mammoth, wyo., in 2009. Black bears with white fur are a rare sight, but Simon Jackson has seen one and is doing all he can to protect the kermode bear from extinction. Kidzworld sat down to talk to him - check out the interview here! He set up a lemonade stand in grade two and raised 60 to protect grizzly bears. The result is a double album featuring collaborations that include david Byrne with The dirty Projectors, feist with.

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