Phd interview presentation ppt

phd interview presentation ppt

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However, i did spend some time vocalizing the presentation and practicing it in front of my husband. At this stage i was not sure whether I would use the powerpoint in the viva, or just use the slides as a way to guide the answer to this question. My supervisor suggested I should go with whichever I prefer, and I left that decision for closer to the time. Step 6: I placed bookmarks using post it notes in my thesis, across the top went Chapter numbers and across the side were key areas of my thesis, that I was pretty certain I may need to look at during my thesis (pages that had. Step 7: I had been compiling a list of new papers published since i had submitted that I thought I may be asked to comment about. I printed off the abstracts and read through them.

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How to survive your viva is a book i dipped into regularly, during this stage and other stages too. It isnt an essential read, but it is really detailed, and if you are not feeling confident about answering the questions, it suggests really good ways to approach the answers. (NB: After I completed this step I found this resource: list of 40 viva questions, which is shorter but looks almost as good too (and in hindsight post-viva, i think it is a better set of questions). Step 5: I then received an email from my main supervisor asking me to prepare a 10 min presentation for the mock viva, an answer to the question. Tell me about your research, as this is always the first question. She suggested that I should structure it as follows: about you what disciplinary perspective are you approaching this from? Your motivation for doing the research topic. Research problem, aims, research questions methodology findings conclusions and contributions, i was a bit taken aback to be honest at this point as I wasnt expecting this type of open-ended question, and I hadnt really come across it in the notes or pdf books I had read. So i created a powerpoint using a similar structure to the above (motivations for research, originality of the research, research question, findings, key contributions to knowledge, and key contributions to practice). I had already prepared this in note format in Step 4 so it didnt take long to put this presentation together.

Step 4: I prepared questions that could come up in the thesis in a q a document. I looked online, and found many questions, and I had night also bought Phd viva cards a year or so ago. I also went through the archive of the Phd viva website which I had set up in 2012 (but very sadly hacked and and deleted). So i sat with about 5 different long lists of questions and the cards in an attempt to amalgamate them, so that I would end up with a very thorough list of questions. I did that, and towards the the end I realised that the list of questions from this list published online was actually very comprehensive, and pretty much covered everything that was on other lists (I have copied the list of questions from that resource. I sat and typed up the answers to these questions in note form in a word document. I realised quickly that the answer to most of these questions was narrated in my thesis, so there was much copy pasting too.

phd interview presentation ppt

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I was overcome by fear that I may open the first page and spot mistakes. Or I may start reading it and realise it is a complete rubbish. So i procrastinated for two days, looking for any excuse not to open the thesis, which is so unlike. On the third day, i was forced to work in book a cafe and lo and behold, i managed to read almost half the thesis. Whilst reading the thesis, i placed post it notes where i thought I may be asked a question, where i thought something may not be clear and also the references that were not fresh in my head. Because it had been three months since i had last read the thesis, it really felt like a fresh read, and when I completed reading it, thankfully i said to myself it isnt bad at all (which means it is good!). Step 3: I then sat at my desk with my computer, and started to go through all the post it notes. Where it was in relation to a reference, i re-read the abstract of the paper, just to refresh my memory, and placed a short summary of the paper or the paper title on a larger post it note and stuck it inside the thesis, next. I also went through all the other post it notes, answered the questions, and left small post it notes inside the thesis, in case i would be questioned in my viva and Id forget the answer.

Two months later (in late feb) I received confirmation that my exam would be at the end of April. In terms of the arrangements of the day of the viva, i must say the graduate office in my department were great and said they would organise the day, and I should only worry about preparing for the exam. I booked advance tickets so i could get to the University early and not have to pay a peak time train fare. I have a written about my viva experience here. From Jan-March I was working with the public health team at Hackney city council. I also had Open University marking to do in March. So i started preparing for my thesis approximately a month before my viva, and this is how: Step 1: The first thing I did was read this really useful three part blogpost by fiona noble. I decided I was going to tackle the preparation in a similar fashion. Step 2: i knew I had to read the thesis cover to cover, but I was dreading.

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phd interview presentation ppt

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This training is designed to coach early learning professionals on becoming trauma informed review in their approach to care in their settings. Sep 27, 2018 Perry. Oct 3, 2018 Marion co, oct 17, 2018 Summit co, oct 24, 2018 Belmont. Nov 7, 2018 Clermont co, mar 21, 2019 Ross co, apr 10, 2019 Champaign. Apr 11, 2019 Franklin co, apr 16, 2019 Athens co, the training will discuss:.

Toxic stress and its impact on development,. Explore trauma and how to respond appropriately. Learn strategies to respond to trauma's effect on behavior using a trauma informed perspective. I submitted my thesis in Dec 2016. It took much longer than I had anticipated for the examiners and the chair to be approved due to administrative delays.

a triac is a bidirectional thyristor  with three s three terminals are designated as MT1(main terminal 1 MT2 gate. Triac can be turned on in each half cycle of the applied voltage by applying a positive or negative voltage to the gate with respect to the terminal. To successfully trigger a triac, gate current must come from the main terminal 2 side of the circuit. Page 1 of 2, new Articles, popular Articles. Popular Videos, how to improve your Interview, salary negotiation, communication presentation skills.

Seminar Topics with ppt on Latest ieee technical Topics. Big List of Latest Seminar Topics and Presentation for Computer Science (cse information Technology (I.t mca, msc, ms, electronics and Communication (ec mechanical, Electrical and Electronics (eee instrumentation (IC) and civil Engineering students with ppt and Abstract based on technical ieee articles and journals. This collection of interesting and informative seminar topics will help you to give out a life changing presentation. All downloads are free. New Articles, popular Articles, popular Videos, how to improve your Interview, salary negotiation, communication presentation skills. Course id 1072002, instructor: emch master Trainers and ei program Consultants. Format: In Person, continuing Education Option: dodd developmental Specialist, Ohio approved (occrra). Topic: Other Trainings, time: see course description for dates/locations, description: Early learning professionals support children with special needs related to trauma on a daily basis. .

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Prepayment metering system had improved operational efficiencies, reduced financial risks and provides better customer service. Factors that can impact the initiative shredder remote are customer behaviour, Initial investment, rapid technology changes, uncertainty over success. Recently many countries had introduced Prepaid Energy meter using Smart Cards like south Africa, india and England. In India tata power (Delhi and Jamshedpur) and Mumbai best service is following this scheme. Details, presentation on ieee topic, Speed Control of dc motor Using triac. Dc motors are widely used in industry because of its low cost, less complex control structure and wide range of speed and torque. With the the increasing use of power semicondutor units, the speed control of dc motor is increasingly getting sophisticated and precise. .

phd interview presentation ppt

Details, microgrid is a small Scale power Supply network to provide power for a small Community. It is used for local Power Generation for local loads. It uses highly Flexible and efficient Small Power Generating sources. It is connected to both the local generating units and the utility grid thus preventing power outages. Excess power can be sold to the utility grid. Size of the microgrid may range from housing estate to municipal regions. Details, prepaid Energy meter using Smart Cards is an efficient scheme of electricity billing. It is beneficial to consumers and power plant in terms of revenue and power sector reforms.

Systems in Power Systems. Basic Requirements for Critical loads are. Continuous, no break in Power, voltage regulation, sine wave supply. Isolation, constant Frequency, details, this presentation discuss about design and implementation of Microcontroller Based Power Management System for Standalone micro grids with Hybrid Power Supply. Distributed generation result in enhanced continuity of service and in increased customer participation to the electricity market. By allowing the network to operate in islanded conditions these opportunities can be achieved. Fuel cells provide clean and silent operation, cost effective supply of power.

Details, this presentation on Increasing Electrical Damping in Energy harnessing Transducers discuss about the list need for energy investment, boosting of output power by increasing damping energy. Different transducers included in this presentation are electrostatic, electromagnetic and piezoelectric. Details, photovoltaic systems does not involve greenhouse gas emissions and no fossil fuel consumption. Total capacity of grid connected Photovoltaic system increased from 300mW in 2000 to 21gw in 2010. Annual growth rate increased from 60 in 2004 to 80- 90 in 2011. Features Of Highly reliable Photovoltaic System are Increase in renewable energy output, guarantee higher return on investment and Curtail carbon emissions. Details, unified power quality conditioners (upqcs) allow the mitigation of voltage and current disturbances that could affect sensitive electrical loads while compensating the load reactive power.

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering eee seminar Topics with ppt. Details, as one of the enabling technologies, a fast, reliable and secure communication network plays a vital role in the power system management. The network is required to connect the magnitude of electric devices in distributed locations and exchange their status information and control instructions. . The current communication capabilities of the existing power systems are limited to small-scale local regions that implement basic functionalities for system monitoring margaret and control, such as power-line communications and the supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) systems, which do not yet meet the demanding communication. Details, in the time of Energy crisis the role of multi mega watt wind turbines and Wind parks have a big role in resolving. Importance of renewable energy resources is growing day by day. Electricity can be produced from wind energy by multi mw wind turbines. Wind turbines can be constructed offshore or onshore. High wind energy potential of offshore wind parks.

Phd interview presentation ppt
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  3. California municipal Treasurer's Association 700 r street, suite 200 Sacramento,. Pharmaceutical Sector country Profiles Experiences and Plans Dr Gilles Forte Dr Richard laing Essential Medicines and health Products Department. Course id : 1009401 Instructor: Robert Gallen, Phd format: In Person Continuing Education Option: dodd developmental Specialist, Ohio counselor, social Work, marriage and Family Therapy board. Power point Presentation Help Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. With our professional guidance and 24/7 support you will never fail in studies. High quality personal statement up to your needs making admission officers take.

  4. This presentation is for everyone who searching for their career after intermediate in different streams like mpc;. Pc; engg; ca;etc., powerpoint ppt presentation. Big List of Latest Seminar Topics and Presentation for Computer Science (cse information Technology (I.t mca, msc, ms, electronics and Communication (ec mechanical, Electrical and Electronics (eee instrumentation (IC) and civil Engineering students with ppt and Abstract based on technical ieee articles and. Big List of Latest ieee electrical Seminar Topics for eee final year Students with Abstract, ppt and Reports. I submitted my thesis in Dec 2016. It took much longer than I had anticipated for the examiners and the chair to be approved due to administrative delays.

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