Small business owner resume

small business owner resume

5 Must-haves in your Small Business Owners Resume

The more you can get an applicant to talk the more likely they will reveal their true selves. Some sample questions I like to ask are: What do you know about our business? I like to see if the applicant spent some time finding out about our business and what. It shows that they are proactive and really interested in this position. If you do not have an online presence it may be difficult for the applicant to do this research. You could even email some information about you're company to them when you schedule the interview and see if they took the time to review.

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The interview starts before, and extends after the actual sit down, so be sure to pay attention to the following: Is the applicant on time. Being on time is very important. Sometimes things happen, maybe the applicant got lost or had car trouble but if they short act like it's no big deal or they do not acknowledge being late, they most likely see tardiness as no big deal. Make sure you watch the applicant as they enter the business. Are they dressed appropriately? Do they introduce themselves to the other employees or do they walk right past them? All good signs into a person's personality and potential fit for your business. Ask the right questions to get the right answers. The in person interview is the time to ask detailed questions about the applicant and to verify information listed on their resume. The goal of the interview is to see if the applicant is a personality fit as well as finding out if they have the skills to perform the job. Ask open ended questions and try to get the applicant to do most of the talking.


Start with a phone conversation. Before you schedule a face to face interview, find out how the applicant sounds on the phone. Do they sound pleasant? Do they speak clearly and can articulate themselves? Don't worry too dates much about what questions you ask them, the goal is to get them talking and to see if this sounds like a person who you think could represent you and the business. If all goes well, schedule an in person interview. Look at how the applicant behaves before the interview starts. Any applicants that have passed the cover letter and phone interview stages are ready for an in person interview.

small business owner resume

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Here are five things to look for in a potential candidate that go beyond just reading the resume. Always ask for a cover letter. Generic resumes can be created and mass mailed without much thought or effort. When posting for a position, always require a detailed cover letter along with the resume. A detailed cover letter is where the applicant actually acknowledges that they are applying for a position with your company and a brief explanation as to why they think they are a fit for the position. Be cautious of generic cover letters that do not mention the name of the business or the actual position that is being applied for. An applicant who is too lazy to customize their cover letter for you will most likely be the lazy employee that will drive you crazy as a business owner.

Certification for Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Small

small business owner resume

18 Amazing Facts About Small Businesses In America

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I once had a friend who listed on his resume that he was a customer service rep at The Great Atlantic and Pacific tea company. He was actually a part time cashier at The a p while in high school. See what I mean? If you are a small business owner, the hiring process can be one of the most daunting tasks you will have to do, but it may be the most important. The people who you employ to represent you and you're business can either make or break you, so give the hiring process the time and importance it deserves.

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small business owner resume

I am appreciative of the lasting lessons I learned about teamwork, communication, anticipating the needs of others, and working calmly and efficiently in fast-paced, demanding environments. Upon request, i will gladly provide a summary of the establishments for which I was employed, along with references. Education The University of Texas at Dallas 2012—2014. In Emerging Media and Communications Summa cum laude major Honors.94 gpa degree program description: "In the Emerging Media and Communication degree program, students learn to combine critical thinking with creative production to become engaged digital citizens." courses of Most Interest Internet Studio i (Web. Kenney, artist, working primarily in acrylics and oils, and an engaged contributor dessay to arts organizations, community events, and local galleries. Education, boston University,. Double minor: Arts leadership and Art History deans List: All Semesters. Lawyers Committee for civil Rights economic Justice.

as the designer for the club. One of my duties as Designer was to create flyers for events featuring guest speakers, some of which can be seen here. The ups store 2011 to east Stacy Rd suite 306, Allen, tx 75002 (972) Owner and Operator: Rick hildebrandt general Manager: Tiffany McKenney i was a member of a staff of four employees at the ups store. With such a small staff, we all had to be well-versed in every aspect of the operation. In addition to shipping, the business focuses on assisting small business owners. As such, we worked closely with our customers in designing and printing business cards, flyers, and banners. This was an invaluable experience and exercise in empathy for both the needs of the small business owner and their patrons. Over Ten years of Experience in the service Industry i have worked in virtually every capacity in the restaurant business from foodserver to management.

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Small business owner resume
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  4. This was an invaluable experience and exercise in empathy for both the needs of the small business owner and their patrons. Projects Small Business Scheduler July 2017 developed a java desktop application for an ice cream shop owner that allows easy schedule. Business owner job description for resume small new marketing duties necessary portrayal beautiful efficient 112665 large686. Small Business Owner (Artist september 1993 - present Germantown, maryland. Observed and analyzed small business practices to include bidding processes through mentoring and supervision of the owner /supervisor. If you are a small business owner, the hiring process can be one of the most daunting tasks you will have to do, but it may be the most).

  5. market legal plans and id theft protection to companies as an employee benefit, small business and families for legal protection. Why takook at your employment Brand Amall Business Owner? As a small business owner, it is challenging to wear the many hats. As the small business owner and entrepreneur you wear many hats and we can handle the sourcing, recruiting and all of the hiring. travel, retirement small business and entrepreneurship home improvement, home design, construction arts and culture product.

  6. Portfolio website for caitlyn Kenney, an artist and small business owner currently living, showing and working on the south coast. implementation for small business and individuals utilizing html, css, javascript, xml. I also develop business and personal websites. Pittsburgh-based small business profiles. Designed professional letters, and believe all resume cities. 2004, Trisha was owner of IntegriMark communications, llc, a marketing consultancy that focused on moving small businesses to the web.

  7. Created online content of all kinds for clients in various industries, including home heating, small business loans, and construction. If you are looking for tips on how to effectively screen new hire candidates as a small business owner then look no further! Hiring and training can be a very time consuming part of a small business owner s world. as a small business owner and being able to know that we are really making a difference in peoples lives in a great way to make. writer and small business owner of, resume, butterfly, focused on transforming careers and resume makeovers.

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