Systems worked on in resume

systems worked on in resume

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Sometimes certain programming languages or technologies on a resume indicate evidence of someone who loves programming enough to explore new technologies. At the time Im writing this, seeing Ruby on a resume is a good sign of the kind of programmer who loves to check out the latest thing and try to improve their skills because theyre passionate about programming, because not so many employers are. You have to be careful here; in 1996 java on a resume was a sign of the same passion, but today it adds almost no information. We look closely at the cover letter for evidence that the applicant really wants to work for. We dont want to see a generic cover letter talking about me, me, me: we want to see a coherent argument as to why theyve thought about this seriously and concluded that Fog Creek is the place they want to work. There are two reasons for using this as a clue.

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Our policy at Fog Creek, then, has three parts: we try to be selective about how we advertise our jobs, so as to limit the amount of noise in the resume pile. We certainly dont hire based on resumes; we only screen resume out based on resumes to reduce the number of people whom we have to interview. In order to sort the remaining resumes to decide what order to interview people, we use a strictly objective system of reviewing and scoring them, so at least we are being fair and consistent in our interpretation of that very weak signal that comes from. There are several fairly objective measures that we look at, again, solely for the purpose of sorting resumes so that the first people we call are the ones that are most likely to work out. We look for evidence that the applicant is passionate about computers and really loves programming. Typical evidence of this: Jobs with computers or experience programming going back to a very early age. Great programmers are more likely to have spent a summer at computer camp, or building an online appointment scheduler for their uncle the dentist, rather than working at Banana republic folding clothes. People who love programming often work on their own programming projects (or contribute to an open-source project) in their spare time. Waxing rhapsodic in their cover letter about how they were moved to tears. The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Erik allebest, ceo founder, m, see more Stories Upwork Global Inc. The standard job application of cover letter plus resume is a phenomenally weak way to introduce a candidate. They give you only the faintest clues as to the quality of an applicant. Sometimes, though, the a resume gives pretty strong negative clues which allow you to screen out applicants without going much further. Once i got a resume from someone who claimed to be an expert in Microsoft Window sic programming. Another time the only experience listed on the application was a job at Dunkin Donuts. That resume did a pretty good job of following all the suggestions that high school career-guidance advisors love to give out (this guy managed trays of donuts) but there was not a smidgen of evidence that the applicant had ever seen a computer. Other than that, though, it can be extremely hard to tell much about a candidate from a resume.

systems worked on in resume

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systems worked on in resume

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Designed and developed statistical model chart generator for network monitoring system, Integrated Automation System, using Spring and Tapestry web framework. Developed report generator in java to export data from Oracle data source into microsoft Excel with template formatting. Computer Science, minor: Mathematics, virginia polytechnic Institute state University (Virginia tech Blacksburg,. In-Major gpa:.9/4.0 overall gpa:.7/4.0. Skills, languages: java, ruby, dhtml/xhtml/html/ xml, statement css, javascript, sql,. Software: Unix/Linux, mac osx, windows, Eclipse, paper mysql, oracle, berkeleydb, apache tomcat, jetty, ibm webSphere, activemq, axis2, Apache cxf (formerly xfire adobe Photoshop, Cruise control, hudson, cvs, svn, git, Ant, maven, unix command line. Methodologies/Technologies: Agile development (XP/Scrum design patterns, continuous integration, web services, soap/rest, ajax, j2EE/jsp, ruby on rails, junit, selenium, canoo, jquery, prototype, spring Framework, spring mvc, struts, hibernate, ibatis, and various other open source projects and libraries.

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Led the integration and execution of a content management system into the company. Established web and customer analytics tracking across web properties, using google Analytics and custom analytics tracking. Coordinated and performed deployments, performed on-call duties and helped troubleshoot production issues. Worked closely with product and marketing groups to launch new products and features. Developed event-driven enterprise integration platform built with technologies such as Enterprise service bus, java messaging Services (jms and web services. Acted as a strong advocate for best practices in software development.

Consultant, booz allen Hamilton, McLean, va (June 20). Developed integration framework that facilitated analysis tool and algorithm experimentation across heterogeneous environments for the Intelligence community (IC) built with Spring. Designed and developed pilot prototype of government Off-The-Shelf (gots) integration framework to provide data access, normalization, transformation, and search capabilities across multiple data sources. Developed one of the first Director of National Intelligence ic service Oriented Architecture (SOA) specifications reference implementations. Developed geospatial visualization web application with google earth integration. Published several developer and user guides for system components. Software Engineer (Intern Equant, oak hill, va (may 20).

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Built and integrated a browser screenshot web service, allowing for configurable real on-demand screenshot capabilities, using Tomcat and Spring. Leads all testing initiatives around advertising products, including working with off-shore qa teams. Coordinate weekly technical brown bags which provides the engineering team a venue to share knowledge writings and insights across diverse technical backgrounds. Team lead/Systems Architect, kajeet, bethesda, md (Jan 20). Worked in a 65 million vc-backed mobile startup, providing mobile services to parents and tweens. Developed and maintained m and customer service system applications, using Struts and Spring. Played the role of team lead and ScrumMaster with a group of software developers.

systems worked on in resume

Download as pdf (updated ) email protected, objective, to obtain a leadership position as a senior software engineer; special interests in startups, web applications, systems integration, agile software development. Citizenship/Clearance, us citizen with Top Secret (ssbi inactive) clearance. Experience, lead Software Engineer, Clearspring Technologies, McLean, va (Jun 2008 Present). Part of engineering team of 36 million vc-funded startup, focused on distributing, tracking, and sharing content across the web reaching 400 million monthly unique visitors. First software developer in advertising team. Designed and developed system components for Widget Promotion Channel (WPC) and Widget Advertising Network (wan integrating 3rd party advertising systems through custom java web services. Created and implemented tracking methods for interactive ad treatments to support analytics and reporting. Developed advertising ad/widget management tool to streamline process of on-boarding new advertisers and publishers, using custom web services and ajax. Designed and prototyped a custom ad server from scratch, ted using Tomcat and Spring.

following projects. Define project scope, objectives, staffing, resources and deliverables develop project plans that identify key issues, approaches and performance metrics plan and schedule project timelines and milestones formulate risk management plans assemble and coordinate multi-disciplinary project teams lead and mentor up to x project staff manage. Assembled and directed project teams of X members defined and controlled project budgets of up to x tracked key milestones and adjusted project plans accordingly prepared and delivered reports and recommendations worked with clients (name clients. Texas Industries ) to coordinate project systems testing, installation and support Junior Project Manager TexTec, dallas tx september 2004 - december 2007 reviewed, evaluated, formulated and executed project plans,   schedules and budgets for small to mid-size it and organizational projects coordinated software design and. The detailed project manager job description will help you. Use facts and figures from the specific projects you have managed to show what you have accomplished. Give details about the different projects you have run in your project manager resume. Project Manager Duties Project Manager cover Letter Sample Project Management Interview questions Resources for Project Manager Resumes Sample Production Manager Resume manager Resumes Project Manager Resume template resume keywords Resume verbs Job Interviews sample resumes project Manager Resume Use the search box to find exactly. To top of Page by julia penny, copyright 2018.

Your phone numbers, your email address, objective. Project manager in broad based technology and business process deployments. Profile Statement, certified project type management professional with x years experience in project planning, implementation and execution. Proven ability to support multiple projects with medium to high complexity. Consistent track record of on-time and on-quality delivery. Offers the following excellent skills: efficiently synthesize project information and accurately establish project scope set project costs and productivity benchmarks successfully manage and control budgets up to x develop good working relationships with stakeholders at all levels to build consensus effectively lead and coordinate project. Thorough knowledge of: cross-functional project management concepts, methods and practices information technology applications, processes, software and equipment business systems design and business process management testing techniques and methodologies, a results-driven professional with strong client-centric skills and an agile approach to project management. Work Experience, project Manager.

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User: luu created: October 23, 2009 karma: 52497 about: m / m/danluu, mini resume: cpu design@Centaur - sabbatical@recurse - tpu@Google - smartnic bing@Microsoft - let me know if you have something interesting :-) submissions comments favorites. Project manager resume template. Use the format and guaranteed structure of this sample project management resume to create your own professional resume. Project manager duties and skills will according to the environment and organization. Whether your project manager experience is in it, construction, marketing or commerce you can make use of this sample resume to develop your own relevant resume. The resume covers all the information a prospective employer wants to know including your profile (a convincing snapshot of your strengths to capture the reader's attention your achievements and experience, your technical skills and your competencies. Highlight the value you can bring to the employer by quantifying your accomplishments. Project Manager Sample resume, your full name, your mailing address.

Systems worked on in resume
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Mouse traps were also set outside vice. Created a c translator for Cobol mainframe records to and from c or java classes.

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  1. This resume was written in the Swim markup language which I created based on the pegex parser framework which i also created.

  2. The standard job application of cover letter plus resume is a phenomenally weak way to introduce a candidate.based on keywords, so they usually have a section of their resume. Hey great format, you can find more sample Engineering. Worked closely with product and marketing groups to launch new products and features. Mini resume : cpu design@Centaur - sabbatical@recurse - hardware/software co-design@Google - hardware/software co-design@Microsoft. I make systems meet unreasonably high performance demands. Worked on many Open source projects.

  3. Business systems design and business process management. Worked on, requirement Analysis, database design, develop debug Program Unites, testing, query Optimization, etc. Worked on, cube (database) and Financial Report Dashboard design, Excel Add. From October 2000 till July 2003, i worked for Zope corporation as Director of PythonLabs. From 19 I worked in the multimedia group at cwi, headed by dick bulterman.

  4. He/she doesnt need a resume, written according to the rules of design that only you seem to know. Visit the calendar tab above under events for individual resume review options through ecs. Keep in mind that resume writing is not rocket science ! but neither is it simple. Develop your own resume using the framework of this project manager resume sample.

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