The giver book report summary

the giver book report summary

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His parents inform him that he might lose touch with the friends he has now, and make new ones when he is training in his new career. Soon Lily comes back into the room. She is looking for her Comfort Object. It is a stuffed elephant that is issued by the community. The children know these are imaginary creatures and Jonas had had a bear. When their father brings the baby named Gabriel home to stay a few nights with them, lily points out that Jonas and Gabriel have the same eye color. This is actually a rude comment to make since it is considered rude to point out differences in people. But, most people have dark eyes.

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Every december the children are moved to the next year, regardless of when they were born in the year. So, every first year move up to two years, and so forth. Fifty children are born each year. New children spend their first year in the nurturing Center. At the ceremony of One the babies are assigned to a family unit and given a name along with the number they were assigned at birth. His father buyer reveals that he had taken a peek at the babys name, in hopes that it would help him develop faster. Although some older children will break rules and teach their younger siblings how to ride a bike before their Ceremony of Nine when they are given a bike, jonas is surprised his father would break even the smallest of rules. His parents tell Jonas not to be concerned with the career he will be assigned. The Elders keep an eye assignment on the Elevens while they are in school and doing their required volunteer work, so they can determine what their strengths are. Jonas is concerned also for his friend, Asher.

Her parents help her to understand that the boy probably felt out of place, which helps Lily to let go of her anger. Then Jonass father, who is a nurturer, speaks up about a baby that is not performing well. He thinks they may have father's to release. The family talks about taking care of the baby for awhile. They cant adopt it because every family is only allowed to have one boy and one girl. Married couples are matched by the community, too. Jonas reveals his feeling of apprehension about the upcoming ceremony ceremony of Twelve when he will be assigned a career and begin life as an adult.

the giver book report summary

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Jonass community is barbing very structured. Loud speakers throughout give out orders all day. Since his society value accurate language, jonas decides he is apprehensive about what is going to happen in December, not frightened. That night, after dinner, jonas and his family observe their nightly ritual of discussing their feelings. His little sister, lily admits that she felt anger toward a kid at school. A group of sevens were visiting and they didnt word follow the rules. Jonas and Lily both laugh when he asked if they were acting like animals since neither of them knew what the word meant. They just knew it described someone uneducated or clumsy, someone who didnt fit.

He and the giver plan to release the memories into the populace so they can find more compassion. But, the plan falls apart when Jonas is forced to leave early in order to save the baby, gabriel. Book summary, the giver is about an eleven-year-old boy who lives in a special community. When the story begins, he wonders if what he feels is fear. Then he decides it cant. Frightened is too strong a word. He remembers when the whole community was frightened because a pilot had flown over, last year. The man has turned away from the community or released, which is the worse thing that can happen to a person.

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the giver book report summary

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They also control the weather. With all these improvements they sacrificed love, passion, music, and color. There is no actual happiness, only contentment. Although there is kindness, it is not out of a place of goodness. The world is mediocre. Marriage choices are controlled by the government, as wireless well as births of children.

Less educated and lower class women are used as incubators for three years, then they are sent to hard labor. The more educated and higher class of women dont give birth. When they are given a husband, the couple is given two children, a boy and girl staggered in age. The calm Sameness of the community is achieved by having a receiver of Memories. Jonas goes into training with the old Receiver, who then becomes the giver, as he gives the memories to jonas. Soon, jonas sees the world, as it really. All the colors, and all the killing.

Topic Tracking: Rules 2, thinking back to this incident, jonas feels that "frightened" may be too strong a word to describe his current feelings. He has long waited this special December, and decides that he is "apprehensive.". Topic Tracking: feelings 2, after the evening meal, there is the evening telling of feelings. It is one of the routine rituals within the family dwelling. Jonas is hesitant to go first tonight, so he allows Lily, his little sister, to take her turn.

Lily announces that she felt angry that afternoon because a group of sevens had visited her Childcare group, and a boy had constantly cut in line in front of everyone else who had been waiting. Mother and Father suggest that perhaps the boy did not know the rules of their community too well because he was from another community. Topic Tracking: Rules 3, after listening to her parents, lily admits that she is no longer angry, but rather, sorry for the boy who must have felt awkward in a new place. Jonas thinks to himself that Lily's feelings are always "straightforward. Published in 1993, The giver is a young adult dystopian novel. The story is told through the limited eyes of an eleven-year-old boy. Jonas has a special gift that allows him to have flashes of color in a world that has done away with. In Jonass Community, people have eliminated crime, war, disease and all strong emotions. They have controlled population growth, environmental development, and even the terrain.

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An announcement was made through the speakers that it was a thesis training pilot who had made a mistake. The speaker had added that the pilot would undoubtedly be released. "For a contributing citizen to be released from guaranteed the community was a final decision, a terrible punishment, an overwhelming statement of failure." Chapter 1,. Riding on his bicycle home, jonas reminds himself of the fear that he had felt then. Always careful about language, he tries to think of the exact word to describe his feelings now. Jonas is different from his friend Asher who is careless with words. Asher is usually tardy to school, always having to make his public apologies in front of the classroom. He had made one earlier that day, apologizing to everyone and explaining his reasons for being late. In turn, the class had accepted Asher's apology in unison, and the instructor had corrected Asher's wrong use of the word "distraught.".

the giver book report summary

The giver, The maze runner, Insurgent more! Chapter 1, with December approaching, jonas feels frightened, but he immediately corrects himself. He was frightened when an unknown aircraft had twice flown over the community a year ago. It had been his first time seeing an aircraft fly over so closely because it is against the rules to fly over the community. Topic Tracking: feelings 1, topic Tracking: Rules. This aircraft had been different from the usual cargo planes that occasionally and delivered supplies to the community. Everyone had been confused, not knowing what to do until an order had been made through the speakers to enter the nearest building and stay there. Jonas remembers that he had been frightened. But the matter was soon resolved.

the absence of automobiles? Could you live well without having one for your family? Consider what possible reasons may have been given for getting rid of wild animals in the past. Then, give reasons why these reasons are not valid. The community never again mentions a failure such as the loss of the earlier Receiver. What would be a better way to handle a failure? Previous Page, table of Contents, the giver by lois Lowry - free booknotes Online book summary.

Explain why you believe as you. Does, the givers (referring here to the book as a whole, rather than to the character.) attitude toward euthanasia promote it or discourage it? Assume for a moment that the community did receive the memories that left Jonas and that they now know music, as suggested in the last paragraph. In your opinion, is the community happier than they were? Most rules in the community are seldom summary broken. But, there is one rule that is frequently broken, the rule against teaching children to ride a bicycle before their Ceremony of Nine. In your opinion, why do people break this rule more easily than the other rules? What do you think of the way the community takes care of the Old?

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Free study guide for The giver by lois Lowry. Previous Page, table of Contents, answer key 1) c 2) e 3) b 4) a 5) a 6) c 7) a 8) a 9) b 10) a 11) a 12) e 13) d 14) e 15) a 16) d, essay topics - book report ideas. Write your own ending for. What happens right after the given ending? Explain either why yours is the most logical ending, or why you prefer the ending you present. What parts of the community would fit in biography a true utopia? What parts would only be found in a dystopia? Do you think that twelve is the right age for the community members to be assigned their life-long job?

The giver book report summary
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  5. Book summary of " The giver " by lois Lowry. In every other house in the community, there are only three books, a dictionary, the community volume and a book of Rules. The giver he looks much. The giver audiobook by lois Lowry part.

  6. Summary and review) - minute, book, report. This is a quick book summary and analysis of, the, giver by lois Lowry. The, giver by lois Lowry book. The, giver by lois Lowry - free booknotes Online. The giver Author, setting, Theme, connection to self, connection Ot Another book read, conflict, Protagonist, Antagonist, And Summary. The giver by lois Lowry ( book summary and review) - minute book report.

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