Advantages of online shopping essay

advantages of online shopping essay

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Certificate Of Authenticity, this is to certify that shant Chand Katoch, bearing Enrollment Number :,student of mba 3rd semester of rukmini devi institute Of Advanced Studies, has worked under my supervision on the assignment and completed the same to my total satisfaction. I wish him all success in his career. Try a service you have never tried before on internet. Analyze the benefits of this service. Was enough information provided to make the service easy to use? How would you compare this service to other methods of obtaining the same benefits? Online shopping, online shopping is the process of buying goods and services from merchants who sell on the Internet.

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They are the survival need. Hedonic needs can be regard as on the opposite side of plan utilitarian needs. They are in the pleasurable side. The needs of purchasing of fashion wear, cosmetics and expensive sport car can all be classified risk into hedonic needs. Shopping motivation in utilitarian dimension is mission critical, rational and goal oriented while in hedonic dimension is for enjoyment and happiness. In the case of online shopping, research suggested that consumers motivations to shop online include both utilitarian and hedonic dimensions (Childers, carr, peck carson. Consumers may view utilitarian shopping is as a task. Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, i, nishant Chand Katoch, would like to express my sincere gratitude to epika varshney, who always gave valuable suggestions and guidance for completion of my assignment. This assignment has been a success only because of their help and guidance. At last I would like to express my expressions for all those people around me who directly or indirectly associated with this assignment.

According to wolfinbarger (n. many consumers find enjoyment through shopping father's online. They even like to visit and browse the shopping websites although they do not have something want to buy in mind. Some advantages of online shopping are presented. Those advantages may relate to consumers motivation to shop online. The starting point of motivation is needs. Needs can be classified into the utilitarian needs and the hedonic needs. The utilitarian needs are in the practical side. For example, the needs of basic foods and cloths are utilitarian needs.

advantages of online shopping essay

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Us online retail sales raised an average of 11 in the first three months of 2009 (us online sales Up, 2009). The growth of online sales may due to the growing number of consumers who shop online. In the case margaret of Asia, survey reported.6 of Internet users have online shopping experiences in 2003 (as cited in to, liao lin, 2007). Online shopping is very different from traditional shopping. Consumers cannot touch and check the product before purchasing it, which means they are at show more content, while in the internet, consumers can use online tools to compare product price and features. It takes less effort for consumers to make better decisions. Another advantage of online shopping is it is enjoyable and fun.

Customer perceptions of e-service quality in online shopping. International journal of Retail distribution Management, 33(2 161-176. Internet shopping and buying behavior of college students. Services Marketing quarterly, 27(2 123-138. Influence of consumers online decision-making style on comparison shopping proneness and perceived usefulness of comparison shopping tools. Journal of Electronic Commerce research, 11(4 342-354). 1041 Words 5 Pages, the Information revolution is changing our daily lives. With the rapid development of computer and internet, online commerce become quite common and plays an important role in the modern world. The online business has booming development in these few years.

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advantages of online shopping essay

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The main disadvantage of online shopping is insecure shopping. Insecure shopping means the scams and frauds by gaining the personal and financial details of the buyers and utilize it in a bad way. If someone obtain your details regarding your personal and financial information, that can harm your personality (respect) and on other hand it can become a cause for the loss of the money. Online shopping is widely used for shopping but has worries about sending their financial details such as credit cards (Horrigan,. There are number of scam and fraud websites that offer very attracting offers but websites like this can loot you. So abled scam websites make online shopping a chaos for the user.

It can be concluded that online shopping have advantages but have disadvantages as well. Online shopping provides us variation that means comparison shopping but on other hand online shopping companies charge extra for delivering. It saves times on shopping but takes time on delivering. It is available every time but have insecurity of being scammed and looted. But in last it can be easily concluded that if buyer have time for waiting they can use online shopping from registered and legal website which can decrease the fear of online shopping frauds. So, it can be easily concluded that online shopping can be a best method for shopping. Pew Internet american Life Project Report,.

Online shopping doesnt require visiting the shopping places as you can do online shopping by sitting at home or anywhere. Online shopping services are available to anyone throughout the day, which it allows us to use these services anytime of the day. Online shopping websites are available on every day of the year, public holidays as well. We will write a custom essay sample on advantages and disadvantages of online shopping specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now. We will write a custom essay sample on advantages and disadvantages of online shopping specifically for you.

For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on advantages and disadvantages of online shopping specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, so availability of online shopping makes it convenient for everyone to use. Online shopping is considered as a convenient method to find those things which are hard to find made it a time saving method (Horrigan,. The other most important disadvantage of the online shopping is the additional cost and waiting time that Companys takes to deliver the product. The additional cost for delivering the product is also an important reason why people used to buy from their local outlets. A product can take up to weeks to deliver the product which make it the most frustrating factor for online shopping. The online shopping can be frustrating factor for those who dont have patience and time to wait. So it becomes better for the buyer to buy the product from local shops instantly. The price on online store is usually low but delivery charges of the product make the charges similar or higher than local outlets.

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This allows us the freedom of price flexibility and choice. So in that way, it makes easier to summary select and discard the product with his own choice. Many consumers like to explore before purchasing any particular product from different websites which offers different prices and different offers from other website at the same time. Comparison shopping affects the buyers trend to buy any product. The trend of comparison shopping is influenced by the dimensions of decision-making style of the consumers (Park,. The comparison shopping also become beneficial for the buyer as it allows the consumer to save money as well. Another main advantage of the online shopping is that it saves time. Todays in this fast pace world everybody expects the work to be done faster. So, if anybody have busy life who have no time to buy the grocery are using online shopping as a way to fulfill their basic needs.


advantages of online shopping essay

But nowadays online shopping is the the one of the best method considered for shopping. Now it allows the buyer to buy anything by just a click of mouse. Now online shopping offers a variety of products and services, as it allows us to buy clothing, airlines tickets, a car and even your grocery to shop. Websites like m, m are among the list of most popular websites being used these days. This essay will discuss advantages; (comparison shopping and save time) and disadvantages; (additional costs and waiting time and insecure shopping). One of the main advantage of online shopping is; comparison shopping in which products can be compared and contrast on the basis of their prices and multiple outlets. Today everybody wants the freedom of choice, so the marketers have to present the variety of product to choose from. Read more: Importance of English language essay, there are number of online shopping websites, for example m, m, m etc. That offer variety of products and services with different offers based on prices.

piece of furniture my sitting to make sure it is comfortable, making sure the painting is indeed by the artist, or even try on clothes to make sure they fit. Another disadvantage of online shopping is the returns. Online shoppers would have to pay a return shipping fee, repackaging, and stocking fee, unless it is a store or manufacture problem. Citations, mla citation "Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping Online". 2018 ml apa citation, advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping Online. Retrieved July 10, 2018, from the world Wide web:. Just year before, online shopping was not popular as it is today.

Online shoppers can compare prices with different merchants using Price Grabber, biz rate, or ebay. These three websites will compare the price for an item with online merchants worldwide. Traditional shoppers have to put a lot of time and golf effort into comparison shopping. They have to drive from store to store or walk to the find the items with the best sale price. The first disadvantage of shopping online is receiving your products purchased. With online shopping you will have to wait between one to two weeks before receiving your item purchased. With traditional shopping you do not have to wait, can take the item you purchased home immediately.

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Below is an essay on "Advantages and Disadvantages of daddy Shopping Online" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping Online. July 18, 2012, today the internet so readily accessible to us and more people are turning to online shopping. Shopping online is totally different from traditional shopping at your local mall or a franchise store such as Wal-Mart or Target. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online. The first advantage of online shopping is the convenience. Some fight traffic and long waiting lines, and online shoppers are relaxing at home. Online shoppers go to different stores with just a click of a mouse, while traditional shoppers walk or drive to the stores they want. The second advantage of online shopping is comparison shopping.

Advantages of online shopping essay
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Essay about Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online essay about academic writing for graduate student advantages and disadvantages of shopping).

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  1. Essay, on, advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Essay. Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping Online Essay. Below is an essay on " Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping Online " from Anti Essays, your. Band 9 Essay samples Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping. By ielts practice december 2, 2014.

  2. I, nishant Chand Katoch, would like to express my sincere gratitude. This essay will discuss advantages ; (comparison shopping and save time) and disadvantages; (additional. One of the main advantage of online shopping is;. Advantages and Risks of, online, shopping, essay. Online, shopping : Effectiveness and Convenience.

  3. Speech of, online, shopping, advantages and Disadvantages, essay. Advantages and Disadvantages of, internet. Shopping, the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages, of, online, shopping, marketing, essay. Published: 23rd March, 2015.

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