Al gore presentation

al gore presentation

Presentation, zen: Al, gore : another presenter

That looks likethe fake treasure from our smuggler's denphoto room. That's right, and. Yeah, weput it there for kids to taketheir picture with. All in all, i'd saythat treasure is worth about fourteen dollars. You made uspull you to safety because youate treasure? Don't you think i'mhurting enough kyle? Well, my workhere is done. And noust save the worldfrom something else.

Al, gore, sounds Global Warming Alert: npr

No, no, i'm fine! I just jordan need to geest. Cartman, seriously, you need to seoctor! Naw, i just need toget toilet. See you guys, i- haba. Did cartmanjust crap treasure? It's mine, you hear me? I got pay itout of the cave! It belongs to me! Keep yourgreedy hands away!

Kids, i saved you! Just stay awayfrom us, asshole! I was nice to you becausei felt sorry for you, because diary you don'thave any friends. But noee whyyou don't have any friends. You just usemanbearpig aay to getattention for yourself because you'roser! Yeah right, the manwho single-handedly killed manbearpigioser. We need to get our friendtospital right away!

al gore presentation

Al, gore s climate presentation, hold

We are gathered hereto say goodbye to four kids whomwe all tried dates to help but in the end, could not. But where there is loss, there is hope. For manbearpigis no more. Oh jesus, here we go again. We have beatenmanbearpig, and we will neverforget the names of the brave young kidswho lost their lives: kid one. And of course, kid four. I remember how kid oneused to laugh and play. And how kid two was alwaysthere wheeeded him. It's the kidsthey're alive!

Ahahgh leave them aloneyou goddamn manbearpig! Damn you manbearpigthey're just children! Out of the cave. Kenny, heretake my hand! Hurry kyle, the water's rising! Kick with your legs. I can't kick, youjust have to save. I need your help! No, you justhave to save.

My three days with

al gore presentation

Al, gore, loma Prieta Chapter

Kids, kidsover here, look! I'll bet this iswhere he hiding. This looks likemanbearpig central. Come on, this is wheremanbearpig is- i'm cereal! In certain areasof the online cave the wind actuallyblows through, causinoundyou can hear. ( wind whistling ) ooooh!

Takictureof the sound, steven. Gorhink we shouldstay with the tour group. Be ready totie him up! I've got you nowyou son oitch! What are you doing?

Here we are in themain chamber of the cave. It was discovered in 1892, and first used aideoutfor smugglers of the old west. Have you noticedhigh deposits of sulfur oalmon-like odorcoming from the caves lately? Now, as you can see, the cave is filled withstalagmites and stalactites. Water drips from the. Alright kids, i need youall to keep an eye out for manbearpig droppings.

What do manbearpigdroppings look like? Similar to pig droppingsbut more manbear-like these rocks often makeinteresting shapes, which we like to name. For instance, this one here we named "the hanging mushroom". And over here we have "man with helmetand two bowling balls" and finally, of course, "the two sisters". Now the cave itselfis millions of years old, and haonstant temperatureof 57 degrees- gwoooooon! Alright, everyoneif you'll step this way, you'll see how the cavegets its name.

Al, gore s Call to Action

Bueel kind ofbad for him, dad. I don't thinkhe has any friends. Our tour is going to take usthrough two chambers. Of one of the most elaboratecavern systems in colorado. Before we get started, i do understand we havea general special guest in our group today. The ex-vice president,. Gore asked me to make sureyou all knew he was here. Now, once weenter the cave we do ask that youfollow two rules: stay on the path anddo not touch anything. Alright, are we ready?

al gore presentation

He was just trying towarn us about manbearpig. He's half manand half bearpig. No, dude, he's half man, half bear and half pig. That doesn'tmake any sense. He could be half bearand half manpig. Boys, there's no such essentials thingaanbearpig. The vice president is justdesperate for attention.

where you firstheard about manbearpig? It's tting late, boys, why don't you get in the carand i'll drive you all home. I don't want you, hanging out the ex-vicepresident anymore, okay? Aw, he's alright dad.

Alright, check it out. This iotal kobe bryanti'm about. Just takhot orpass the ball, asshole! Let's see you get the ballthis time, jew boy! Kyle, knock it off! Cartman stop hoggingthe goddamn ball! Don't worry, it'snot really manbearpig, it's me, al gore.

Al, gore compares climate change deniers to birthers

Season 10, south Park s10e06 south Park Trey parker Matt Stone. Check outthis sweet move. Kyle you can'tblock like that! Just play the game, fat ass! Pass it to me, cartman. Hang on, i'm gonnado something super-killer. God dammit, stop it, real kyle!

Al gore presentation
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  3. After viewing Gores most recent movie, an Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to power, and after reading the book version of the movie, i was more than a little astounded. The new movie and book are chock-full of bad science.

  4. ( ring ) hello? Hello, thisis al gore. I was thevice president. Can you and yourfriends make. An emergency manbearpigmeeting tomorrow morning? Al Gore has provided a target-rich environment of deceptions in his new movie.

  5. Al Gore, billy west, george bush, george. Filmmaker davis Guggenheim follows. Al Gore on the lecture circuit, as the former presidential candidate campaigns to raise public awareness of the dangers of global warming and calls for immediate action to curb its destructive effects on the environment. A very inconvenient masseuse: How saint. Al Gore, the sanctimonious eco-crusader, lost his halo (and his wife!) by zoe brennan for the daily mail and Annette witheridge.

  6. Al Gore, the 45th Vice President of the United States under President Bill Clinton, began when he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States in Carthage, tennessee on June 16, 1999. Al Gore is a former us senator who served as the vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, and is co-winner of the 2007 Nobel peace the 1980s and 1990s, he promoted legislation that funded an expansion of the arpanet, allowing greater. In this brand-new slideshow (premiering on m Al Gore presents evidence that the pace of climate change may be even worse than scientists recently predicted. The reason this post is here is because i received a chain letter story featuring Irena sendler that seemed to be more of a way to discredit President Obama and former Vice President. Al Gore than educate the world about this wonderful heroic woman. Directed by davis Guggenheim.

  7. Al Gore former Vice President Al Gore is co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management. He is a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins caufield byers, and a member of Apple, inc. S board of directors. With the same humor and humanity he exuded in An Inconvenient Truth, al Gore spells out 15 ways that individuals can address climate change immediately, from buying a hybrid to inventing a new, hotter brand name for global warming. The 2000 presidential campaign.

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