Are leaders born or made essay

are leaders born or made essay

Are leaders born or made essay, writing a good essay

If the nazi architect was Albert Speer, there was no more room for mies van der Rohe. Similarly, under Stalins rule, if Lamarck was right there was no room for Darwin. In Italy there were certainly fascist architects but close to their pseudo-coliseums were many new buildings inspired by the modern rationalism of Gropius. There was no fascist Zhdanov setting a strictly cultural line. In Italy there were two important art awards. The Premio cremona was controlled by a fanatical and uncultivated Fascist, roberto farinacci, who encouraged art as propaganda. (I can remember paintings with such titles as Listening by radio to the duces Speech or States of Mind Created by fascism.) The Premio bergamo was sponsored by the cultivated and reasonably tolerant Fascist giuseppe bottai, who protected both the concept of art for arts. The national poet was DAnnunzio, a dandy who in Germany or in Russia would have been sent to the firing squad.

Are, leaders, born or, made?

It was Italian fascism stand that convinced many european liberal leaders that the new regime was carrying out interesting social reform, and that it was providing a mildly revolutionary alternative to false the communist threat. Nevertheless, historical priority does not seem to me a sufficient reason to explain why the word fascism became a synecdoche, that is, a word that could be used for different totalitarian movements. This is not because fascism contained in itself, so to speak in their quintessential state, all the elements of any later form of totalitarianism. On the contrary, fascism had no quintessence. Fascism was a fuzzy totalitarianism, a collage of different philosophical and political ideas, a beehive of contradictions. Can one conceive of a truly totalitarian movement that was able to combine monarchy with revolution, the royal Army with Mussolinis personal milizia, the grant of privileges to the Church with state education extolling violence, absolute state control with a free market? The fascist Party was born boasting that it brought a revolutionary new order; but it was financed by the most conservative among the landowners who expected from it a counter-revolution. At its beginning fascism was republican. Yet it survived for twenty years proclaiming its loyalty to the royal family, while the duce (the unchallenged Maximal leader) was arm-in-arm with the king, to whom he also offered the title of Emperor. But when the king fired Mussolini in 1943, the party reappeared two months later, with German support, under the standard of a social republic, recycling its old revolutionary script, now enriched with almost Jacobin overtones. There was only a single nazi architecture and a single nazi art.

The article on fascism signed by mussolini in the. Treccani Encyclopedia was written or basically inspired by giovanni gentile, but it reflected a late-hegelian notion of the Absolute and Ethical State which was never fully realized by mussolini. Mussolini did not have any philosophy: he had only rhetoric. He was a militant atheist at the beginning and later signed the convention with the Church and welcomed the bishops who blessed the fascist pennants. In his early anticlerical years, according to a likely legend, he once asked God, in order to prove his existence, to strike him down on the spot. Later, mussolini always cited the name of God in his speeches, and did not mind being called the man of Providence. Italian fascism was the first right-wing dictatorship that took over a european country, and all book similar movements later found a sort of archetype in Mussolinis regime. Italian fascism was the first to establish a military liturgy, a folklore, even a way of dressing—far more influential, with its black shirts, than Armani, benetton, or Versace would ever. It was only in the Thirties that fascist movements appeared, with Mosley, in Great Britain, and in Latvia, estonia, lithuania, poland, hungary, romania, bulgaria, greece, yugoslavia, spain, portugal, norway, and even in south America.

are leaders born or made essay

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Why was an expression like fascist pig used by American radicals thirty years later to refer to a cop who did not approve of their smoking habits? Why didnt they say: Cagoulard pig, falangist pig, Ustashe pig, quisling pig, nazi pig? Mein Kampf daddy is a manifesto of a complete political program. Nazism had a theory of racism and of the Aryan chosen people, a precise notion of degenerate art, entartete kunst, a philosophy of the will to power and of the. Nazism was decidedly anti-Christian and neo-pagan, while Stalins. Diamat (the official version of soviet Marxism) was blatantly materialistic and atheistic. If by totalitarianism one means a regime that subordinates every act of the individual to the state and to its ideology, then both nazism and Stalinism were true totalitarian regimes. Italian fascism was certainly a dictatorship, but it was not totally totalitarian, not because of its mildness but rather because of the philosophical weakness of its ideology. Contrary first to common opinion, fascism in Italy had no special philosophy.

Nevertheless, even though political regimes can be overthrown, and ideologies can be criticized and disowned, behind a regime and its ideology there is always a way of thinking and feeling, a group of cultural habits, of obscure instincts and unfathomable drives. Is there still another ghost stalking Europe (not to speak of other parts of the world)? Ionesco once said that only words count and the rest is mere chattering. Linguistic habits are frequently important symptoms of underlying feelings. Thus it is worth asking why not only the resistance but the second World War was generally defined throughout the world as a struggle against fascism. If you reread Hemingways. For Whom the bell Tolls you will discover that Robert Jordan identifies his enemies with Fascists, even when he thinks of the Spanish Falangists. And for fdr, the victory of the American people and their allies will be a victory against fascism and the dead hand of despotism it represents. During World War ii, the Americans who took part in the Spanish war were called premature anti-fascists—meaning that fighting against Hitler in the forties was a moral duty for every good American, but fighting against Franco too early, in the Thirties, smelled sour because.

Essay : Are leaders made or born?

are leaders born or made essay

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Liberation was a common deed for people of different colors. In my country today there are some who say that the war of Liberation was a tragic period of division, and that all we need is national reconciliation. The memory of those you terrible years should be repressed, refoulée, verdrängt. But, verdrängung causes neurosis. If reconciliation means compassion and respect for all those who fought their own war in good faith, to forgive does not mean to forget. I can even admit that Eichmann sincerely believed in his mission, but I cannot say, ok, come back and do it again.

We are here to remember what happened and solemnly say that They must not do it again. But who are They? If we still think of the totalitarian governments that ruled Europe before the second World War we can easily say that it would be difficult for them to reappear in the same form in different historical circumstances. If Mussolinis fascism was based upon the idea of a charismatic ruler, on corporatism, on the utopia of the Imperial Fate of Rome, on an imperialistic will to conquer alpha new territories, on an exacerbated nationalism, on the ideal of an entire nation regimented in black. In the same vein, even though i am much concerned about the various nazi-like movements that have arisen here and there in Europe, including Russia, i do not think that nazism, in its original form, is about to reappear as a nationwide movement.

In my country today there are people who are wondering if the resistance had a real military impact on the course of the war. For my generation this question is irrelevant: we immediately understood the moral and psychological meaning of the resistance. For us it was a point of pride to know that we europeans did not wait passively for liberation. And for the young Americans who were paying with their blood for our restored freedom it meant something to know that behind the firing lines there were europeans paying their own debt in advance. In my country today there are those who are saying that the myth of the resistance was a communist lie.

It is true that the communists exploited the resistance as if it were their personal property, since they played a prime role in it; but I remember partisans with kerchiefs of different colors. Sticking close to the radio, i spent my nights—the windows closed, the blackout making the small space around the set a lone luminous halo—listening to the messages sent by the voice of London to the partisans. They were cryptic and poetic at the same time (. The sun also rises, The roses will bloom ) and most of them were messaggi per la Franchi. Somebody whispered to me that Franchi was the leader of the most powerful clandestine network in northwestern Italy, a man of legendary courage. Franchi became my hero. Franchi (whose real name was Edgardo sogno) was a monarchist, so strongly anti-communist that after the war he joined very right-wing groups, and was charged with collaborating in a project for a reactionary coup détat. Sogno still remains the dream hero of my childhood.

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In may we heard that the war was over. Peace gave me a curious sensation. I had database been told that permanent warfare was the normal condition for a young Italian. In the following months I discovered that the resistance was not only a local phenomenon but a european one. I learned new, exciting words like réseau, maquis, armée secrète, fuller rote kapelle, warsaw ghetto. I saw the first photographs of the holocaust, thus understanding the meaning before knowing the word. I realized what we were liberated from.

are leaders born or made essay

The first Yankee i met was a black man, joseph, who introduced me to the marvels of Dick Tracy and Lil Abner. His comic books were brightly leadership colored and smelled good. One of the officers (Major or Captain Muddy) was a guest in the villa of a family whose two daughters were my schoolmates. I met him in their garden where some ladies, surrounding Captain Muddy, talked in tentative french. Captain Muddy knew some French, too. My first image of American liberators was thus—after so many palefaces in black shirts—that of a cultivated black man in a yellow-green uniform saying: oui, merci beaucoup, madame, moi aussi jaime le champagne. Unfortunately there was no champagne, but Captain Muddy gave me my first piece of Wrigleys Spearmint and I started chewing all day long. At night I put my wad in a water glass, so it would be fresh for the next day.

kids hurried to pick up the shells, precious items, but I had also learned that freedom of speech means freedom from rhetoric. A few days later I saw the first American soldiers. They were African Americans.

In April 1945, the partisans took over in Milan. Two days later they arrived in the small town where i was living at the time. It was a moment of joy. The main square was crowded with people singing and waving flags, calling in loud voices for Mimo, the partisan leader of that area. A former maresciallo of the carabinieri, mimo joined the supporters of General Badoglio, mussolinis successor, and lost a leg during one of the first clashes with Mussolinis remaining forces. Mimo showed up on the balcony of the city hall, pale, leaning on his crutch, and with one hand tried to calm the crowd. I was waiting entry for his speech because my whole childhood had been marked by the great historic speeches of Mussolini, whose most significant passages we memorized in school. Mimo spoke in a hoarse voice, barely audible.

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By clicking Agree, you consent to Slates. Terms of Service and, privacy policy revelation and the use of technologies such as cookies by Slate and our partners to deliver relevant advertising on our site, in emails and across the Internet, to personalize content and perform site analytics. Privacy policy for more information about our use of data, your rights, and how to withdraw consent. In 1942, at the age of ten, i received the first Provincial Award of Ludi juveniles (a voluntary, compulsory competition for young Italian Fascists—that is, for every young Italian). I elaborated with rhetorical skill on the subject Should we die for the glory of Mussolini and the immortal destiny of Italy? My answer was positive. I was a smart boy. I spent two of my early years among the ss, fascists, republicans, and partisans shooting at one another, and I learned how to dodge bullets. It was good exercise.

Are leaders born or made essay
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  6. Of these graduates 2,079 were men and 252 were women; 50 percent. Of Northern- born college men come south to work among the masses of their people, at a sacrifice which few people realize; nearly 90 per cent. Of the southern- born graduates instead of seeking that personal freedom and broader intellectual atmosphere which their training has led. I think it is possible to outline a list of features that are typical of what I would like to call. Ur-Fascism, or Eternal Fascism. These features cannot be organized into a system; many of them contradict each other, and are also typical.

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