Bike essay

bike essay

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This task that appears impossible to achieve causes me to surrender, and retreat into my bedroom to nurse my wounds. Alone in my room, i fight with the idea that turning this dream into reality is just not plausible when Justina strolls. I hide my tear-stained face, ashamed that I had failed to reach my seemingly easy expectations and possibly her own. The beast had won the battle; I have waved my little white flag and uttered my defeat. "Don't cry sister; it's okay". The gashes left by the beast's strong and unforgiving claws increasingly ache with pain and oddly some fear. She tries again, "look, i got a bruise from falling off my bike yesterday." Curiosity causes me to look up, big eyes taking in the injury.

Learning to ride

A vision of me racing down the street on my new bike like a tiger going after its prey plays in my head during the hours leading up to the last school bell of the day, when finally there is only so little time between. This vision of mine is brimming with joy and ease, no hint of hard work or failure. I stand stiffly in all my armour in the early sunny morning of a saturday, the birds singing an with ominous song that suggests of the brutal day ahead. I mount the bike with little confidence, oblivious to my incoming introduction to the world of effort. My mother holds me steady, my hands foreign-looking on the crisp white handlebars, my rear in an uncomfortable new position; this is a challenge in itself. My mother starts to push, and off. My body having no prior skill or strength to tame the beast allows for my fall to be easily predictable-i gain my first bruise, the beast has fought back. Confusion wracks my body, my perfect vision now vanishing like fog on an early morning. Countless attempts after attempt only add to the growing realisation that my dreams are just too far to reach-hopelessness builds up inside me after every passing scrape and bruise, suffocating me with its weight. I push through my damaged ego, and try again, but i once again meet with icy unforgiving road, the road of hard work. The tears finally pour out like a dam exploding open to give way to the powerfully gushing water that washes away any last hope of saviour.


However, in the end, my failures ultimately teach me that only through perseverance and hard work will I then achieve success. On Sunday, april the 16th, 2006 i awake to little chocolate eggs scattered around my room, and birds singing a light tune, perhaps an omen that today will be the start of a new adventure. My body oddly tingles with feelings of fear, nervousness, and excitement; the crucial components of a battle, although I had yet to admit to this. I enter the kitchen; the tension now like building blocks rising within. My eyes still encrusted with tiredness and sleep spring wide open as they land on a strange, shiny, blue beast. "Are you up for the challenge?" my mother asks. It had been one of my very first dreams as a child; to learn how to ride a bike and show off to others my success. But still, the word "challenge" did not affect my excitement or joy, for it was something that a seven-year-old child could easily disregard. My expectation and excitement the days leading up to the day of the bike lessons grows enormously within my small body, like a pot of water boiling, only two seconds away from spilling fuller over and causing a disaster for anyone around.

bike essay

Bike, essay by bopgirl

I firmly believed I had made a worthy investmest by the list purchaseof my bike. This was my first oppertunity to try out this awsome present. I wrote a narrative essay about how my falls and failures from learning how to ride my bike taught me perseverance and hard work. Some feedback parts on it would be really helpful. Hopelessness, frustration, and failure, the weight of all of these things mix into a concoction much too heavy to carry on anyone's shoulders-especially for a weak seven year-old whose dreams and desires crush easily with a bruised elbow and a hard fall. Perseverance, a much too big and scary word for a child to pronounce, illuminates over my head as i attempt to tame the unruly beast once more. This weight of failure gets left behind as i, on my blue and white new bike that I just got for Easter the weekend before, speed off unsteadily down the street, meeting success at the end, ultimately slaying the beast and achieving my goal. It's evident through my various bruises and scrapes that failure had hit me hard, and that an onlooker would comment that my attempts are just too numerous to show any real progress.

Creative writing: my bike, finally, the first day of decent weather after a long and rainy winter, had arrived. Id been looking forward to this day ever since i had baught my mountain bike last December. This would be the first ride that I would be taking, and I was had been really looking forward to this day. As I grabed my helmet and water bottle and made my way to the garage, i began thinking about where i would venture on my first ride. As I wipped of the seat and handle bars, i began to think that this bike would not only be a great form of enjoyment, it could also serve the purpose of being my transportation too and from school. Not being in the financial position of owning a car, this bike was my only form of transportation. This thought made me realize that taking a bike to and from school, was not only economical but also benificial to the environment, since the growing population in the fraser valley was also causing an increase in air pollution.

My first, bike, ride

bike essay

My first bike ride essay - buy research paper

Street bikes are faster in a straight line of course, but if the race were to go off road the roles would be reversed. Dirt bikes have more technology focused on suspension since that reviews is what keeps the riders on these bikes and not falling off on every jump. These bikes are very enjoyable more of an adrenalin rush for lemon people, but this is better than shooting up drugs for a rush. People think both are dangerous, they may be right, but there is no feeling like being in total control of a fine piece of powerful machinery. These bikes are the same in a lot of areas in materials. However, the look and feel of the bikes is very different.

Dirt bikes have knobbed tires so they can get traction on the dirt. Street bikes have a smooth surfaced tire so the rubber can make as much contact with the ground as possible. The look for these bikes are very different street bike are more arrow dynamic were dirt bikes are designed to just be rugged with some stream lined affects. Streets are prettier to look at, but in my opinion dirt bikes are a little more fun. Creative writing: my bike essay, research Paper.

Dirt bikes are for off road uses only were as street bikes are only for use on asphalt or streets. Street bikes, such as Honda cbr600, are extremely fast. There engine size is fairly small by street bike standards, but this size is made up for in the lack of weight increasing its horsepower and acceleration. Street bikes are more valued for lightweight and quick acceleration rather than suspension so much. Not to say that suspension is not important, but there is not as much focus on that besides braking, weight, and power. Dirt bikes, such as say a kx250, are not very durable.

These types of bikes are designed to take a lot of abuse. This abuse of the bike either comes from landing off a jump or in dealing with rugged terrain. The focus in racing dirt bikes is suspension setup and weather if you have enough power to clear jumps. Weight is very important in dirt bikes as well, this of course the lighter you are the faster you have to go with less power. Both of these bikes have similar characteristics, but there are some very distinct differences. Street bikes tend to have more than one cylinder, were as dirt bikes only have one cylinder.

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So i went into the remote restroom, washed the cut off with water, and then carefully placed it onto the cut. I was very upset that I couldnt engage in the activity with the rest of the guys, but I did learn something from all of this. People make mistakes, and the purpose of them is to learn from them in life. Because when it comes right down to it, no one is perfect; it is how we are different which is what makes life fascinating. Dirt bikes Versus Street bikes Essay, research Paper. Comparison between Dirt bikes and Street bikes. Most people believe street bikes are very similar to dirt bikes. I am here however to clear up that false conclusion. One major factor is even in the name.

bike essay

I had no clue what that was and where it was until a light hinted in my head and told me that it was on handles. I then I pressed it lightly and noticed I began to slow down, but what I didnt see is that I was running into a tree. So i shifted the direction in less money that two seconds and avoided the front of my body from being injured. I was then happy because i didnt break a single bone in my body and nothing hurt. Shortly i look at my leg and see that I have scraped the back end of my leg from the tree. Right when I began to notice this scratch is when everything began to start hurting. As I hurried back to the house, i noticed that the rest of the guys were playing basketball, so instead I just went inside and asked. Callahan if he had any band aids anywhere, which he did.

As I was riding the bike it was like i was taking my first baby steps to being able to walk. Although I couldnt do it by myself I felt as If I have accomplished something for today. As I was riding the bike and peddling it began to get to difficult. I was two blocks away from where i started. So josh finally notices how far I have gone and yells: louis stop! i then yelled: I dont know how! Josh how do i stop?, he said: louis use the hand brakes!

As I stood there with a mortified look on my face waiting for him to laugh at me but instead Josh said: For real? Well I guess we can teach it really quick? i was shocked because he was the better person who didnt laugh at me although my other friends were looking at me apprehensively. Josh then stepped back into the garage and pulled out a bike and I had begun to feel nervous and scared. It was the feeling I got when I first rode a rollercoaster my stomach began to get butterflies inside and I wasnt relaxed at all. Josh began to speak and said: Before barbing three o clock today, i will teach how to ride a bike without anyones help. With him telling me that it boosted my confidence level up by a little amount. Now after him telling me this he began the bike riding lesson. louis the first thing to learn about riding a bike is balance, so put both feet on the pedal while i push I felt like a little kid but I was most afraid of the other guys laughing at me while he was teaching.

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Looking back on those days when i use to diary sit inside my house while everyone else was outside playing on their bikes, skateboards, rollerblading, i was so jealous that It wasnt me on the skateboard or the bike; although there came one day that. I was helping out my pastor at the church on a saturday and he decided to let me and the rest of the guys come over to his house when we were through. When we got there the pastors son Josh was asking us if we all wanted to go outside? So everyone agreed including me, but what he forgot to mention is that we would be riding bikes. We will write a custom essay sample. Remebering Essay of First bike ride or any similar topic specifically for you. So i wouldnt look stupid I spoke up and said: Um Josh I dont know how to ride a bike.

Bike essay
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  3. Remebering Essay of First bike ride. Josh then stepped back into the garage and pulled out a bike and I had begun to feel nervous and scared. Dirt bikes essaysWith so many different types of motorcycles, bike essay and so many companies that produce dirt bikes, some classification is needed to distinguish between all.

  4. Bike essay by dominantly. How to ride a bike. We will write a custom essay sample. My daughter got her first bike when she was three years old, it was easy for her because the bike had training wheels. This essay talks about bike lanes. In Marin county alone, biker population has increased by 66 where as crashes have declined 2008 (Aschwanden).

  5. Informative essay topics, buy custom Informative essay paper samples, Informative essay cheap, Informative car vs bike essays essay paper online, informative essay service. Essay bike accident - bicycle Accident Story and Analysis. I looked around at the bike yard of his essay to see it had been unmanaged but sometimes yards get like that because of where one lives. But i keep an eye on the movement of cars and enjoy cycling. Riding a bike is one of my hobbies. If I didnt try to start, am i able to ride a bicycle now?

  6. Designed to take a lot of abuse. This abuse of the bike either comes from landing off. History Of bikes Essay research Paper. Creative writing: my bike. Finally, the first day of decent weather after a long and rainy winter, had.

  7. I wrote a narrative essay about how my falls and failures from learning how to ride my bike taught me perseverance and hard work. Some feedback on it would be really helpful. My first bike essay the first Time i rode a bike write my paper for school essays I remember the day when I first learned to ride a bike. Of course riding a bicycle is an excellent source of exercise and recreation, yet many bike riders choose to pedal in car lanes. These types of bikes are.

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