Book review the girl on a train

book review the girl on a train

The girl on the Train by paula

Just goes to show. I was sent this book by the lovely. Alison Barrow, and I was hooked instantly. I used to commute into london from rural Buckinghamshire everyday for around 3 years, and reading this book took me right back to that point in my life. Spending hours on the train going back and forth, and imaging these whole identities and back stories for the people you see on your journeys its what kept me entertained and stopped my brain from falling asleep. We start out meeting Rachel, who does just what I have outlined above on her train journey everyday.

The girl on the Train (movie tie-in

Her work in, the girl on the Train is no less remarkable; its a decidedly un-Hollywood turn, as she spends the majority of the movie weathered, with raccoon eyes and day mumbled drunk-speak. Its a raw and effective performance, making you feel at times that she may actually be out of the movies league. Purist fans of the book might be disappointed (as purist fans are oft wont to be but theres enough done right. The girl on the Train to make the film an overall success. And though it may not as haunting and ultimately memorable. Gone girl, it successfully manages to avoid going off the rails. And heck, what more could you want in a train movie? The girl on the Train paula hawkins. To everyone else in this carriage i must look normal. Im doing exactly what they do: commuting to work, making appointments, ticking things off lists.

Director Tate taylor the help ) does an admirable, though uneven, job bringing the book to life. By jumping back and forth between the womens narratives and presenting the story in a time-hopping format, he keeps the audience off-kilter, adding to the suspense. Too often, though, tate relies on thriller-flick clichés like jerky slo-mo and too-close close-ups of the comely cast (often weeping) to get his point across, making. The girl on the Train occasionally feel like a made-for-cable flick. If it write werent for Blunt and her captivating performance, the movie might actually have been considered a bland disappointment, but Tate rides her coattails all the way to the finish. Over the years Blunt has proven her worth many times over, whether its outshining Tom Cruise as an action star. Edge of Tomorrow, as a hilarious rom-com lead. The five-year Engagement, or, in what may be her best performance, as the over-her-head fbi agent in last years.

book review the girl on a train

Review : The girl, on The, train, west

Chloe ) had her work cut out for her, and though the film isnt an unqualified success, it still manages to accomplish its purpose. The girl on the Train is a rock-solid, keep-you-guessing thriller, carried almost single-handedly by Emily Blunts riveting performance. Blunt is Rachel Watson, an unemployed sloppy alcoholic who sucks on a water bottle full of vodka as she rides the commuter train through the posh suburbs into new York city every day. Those suburbs used to be her suburbs before she was divorced from her cheating husband Tom (Justin Theroux who still lives there with his new wife and baby, leaving Rachel to glimpse them from the train window, fixated on the life she used to have. A young couple living a few doors down from her old house also catches Rachels attention, and she begins to envy their seemingly blissful existence. But when the woman, golf megan (Haley bennett is found murdered, the serpentine story kicks into gear. Everyone is a suspect, including Rachel herself who was in the neighborhood that night, blacked-out drunk with no memory of anything that happened.

To see the girl On The Train breaking records and achieving quite this level of success is true testament to the exceptional talent. Paula hawkins and the intoxicating novel she has written. Riding the, gone girl wave of female-driven, dark thrillers, paula hawkins. The girl on the Train became an instant number-one, new York times bestseller in early 2015. It was such a gripping yarn, in fact, that Dreamworks snapped up the movie rights almost a full year before the book even saw the light of day. A bleak and suspenseful story, powered by first-person narratives from three of the most unreliable narrators in modern fiction, The girl on the Train clearly invited a big-screen adaptation, even as its avid readers may have wondered how all the interior monologue would translate. Theres no doubting the fact that screenwriter Erin Cressida wilson (.

The woman in the window Nods

book review the girl on a train

The girl on the Train (2016) - rotten

Hawkins novel sold 7,280 copies last week, to keep its top position in original fiction, almost double the second-placed Pretty girls, by karin Slaughter. Publisher Transworld said that it has sold more than 800,000 copies since The girl on the Train was published in January. It added that the only adult book to have spent more time in a no 1 slot in the uk is Browns The da vinci code, which topped paperback rather than hardback charts for 65 weeks. Even el jamess Fifty Shades of Grey spent just 19 weeks at no 1, also in the paperback charts. Waterstones buyer Joseph Knobbs called the novels performance an old-fashioned publishing success story.

Whats been astounding about its continued success is that its entirely natural. No squad of jet fighters sky-writing its name in the air; just an old-fashioned story of a talented author, impassioned publisher and enthusiastic booksellers, he said. Hawkinss editor Sarah Adams said that when she first read the novel, she felt paula was speaking directly to me as a commuter just what would I do if I saw something untoward out of the train hoot window? Could I be certain I wouldnt step out of my comfort zone, out of my everyday existence, and become involved? It is a concept that has chimed with countless readers worldwide, and propelled the exceptional word-of-mouth sales, she said.

True, hawkins book, written from the perspective of its three female characters and layered with flashbacks, is a difficult one to translate. The immediate casualty is Anna, leaving the dyed-blonde ferguson a virtual bystander. More impressive is Haley bennett, who captures the restless spirit of the art gallery employee-turned-nanny megan. While justin Theroux is rather too mannequin-like as Tom, luke evans is credible as the frantic, temper-frayed Scott. The support Édgar Ramírez as Megans shrink, allison Janney as the lead cop also offers some texture. While transposing the action from London to new Yorks outskirts doesnt jar as much as some readers feared, what does distract is the taylors direction.

The biggest sticking point? A key scene set in a tunnel, where repeated use of slow motion feels like an amateurish attempt to replicate the workings of a befuddled mind. Fortunately, blunt keeps the film anchored. Playing drunk convincingly is no mean feat, but she cracks it, maintaining our sympathy for a character who has gradually slipped towards becoming a functioning alcoholic. Looking blotchy and unsteady on her feet, she never plays it for laughs but with an air of desperation, as if solving this mystery may be her last chance. A record set six years ago by dan Browns The lost Symbo l was broken this week by paula hawkinss dark thriller The girl on the Train. Browns Robert Langdon thriller, set in Washington dc amid a world of Masonic secrets, held the no 1 slot in hardback fiction for a record-breaking 19 weeks when it was first published in 2009. Even jk rowlings first adult novel The casual Vacancy, and her crime novels written as Robert Galbraith, failed to reach Browns 19-week marker. But Hawkinss novel, in which a commuter inveigles her way into the lives of a couple she has watched daily from her train, believing something dreadful has happened to them, has just done so, after sitting in the top spot in nielsen bookscans hardback fiction.

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Fantasising about this mystery pair, rachel also cant stop calling her ex much to the chagrin of Anna. But everything changes the day rachel glimpses Megan on her balcony kissing another man. Shortly afterwards, she disappears the very same night Rachel is blind-drunk. When she wakes up the next day, bloody, bruised and unable to remember anything clearly, night rachel starts trying to piece together events. Was she a witness to megans demise? Is she a possible suspect? Scripted by Erin Cressida wilson (. Secretary the girl on the Train london struggles to find an elegant structure.

book review the girl on a train

Where this is heading may not be completely unexpected, but the film is much more engaging because of the thoughts and feelings these three women experience along their haunting personal journeys. Rich Cline, watch the trailer for The girl On The Train). Taken from the runaway bestseller by paula hawkins, tate taylors (. The help, get On Up ) film is a faithful take perhaps /too/ faithful on this marital mystery tale. For the uninitiated, like christopher Nolans. Memento before it, it centres on an unreliable memory-addled paper narrator only here its booze not a blow to the head thats left our lead in a foggy cloud of unknowing. Emily Blunt plays Rachel Watson, an increasingly alcohol-dependant New York commuter who rides the train to work every day, glancing wistfully at two houses on her journey. One belongs to her ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux) and his former mistress/now wife Anna (Rebecca ferguson and their baby; the other to a couple she doesnt know Scott (luke evans) and Megan (. The magnificent seven s hayley bennett).

And there are smaller but pivotal roles for the gifted. Alison Janney (as a detective laura Prepon (as Rachel's flatmate) and, lisa kudrow (as an old friend). By comparison the men are a bit simplistic. But then, that's the point of this story, which circles around in a swirl of flashbacks that are unnecessarily and confusingly labelled (we lose track of what was "four months ago. This fragmented plotting allows screenwriter. Erin Cressida wilson to play with the puzzle pieces, dropping in clues and red herrings until the full picture finally emerges. Best of all is how the truth catches most of the characters by surprise too.

Justin Theroux ) and his new wife Anna (. Rebecca ferguson who live just a few doors down. And Rachel has a history of stalking them. Then she spots Megan with another man (. Edgar Ramirez just before megan goes missing. So best when Rachel emerges from yet another black-out drunken stupor, she begins to worry about what she might have done. This is another challenging role for Blunt, who plays the shattered Rachel with raw grit. This is a woman who doesn't trust her own mind, knows that she drinks far too much and feels incapable of getting over her past mistakes.

Orphan Train by Christina baker Kline

As the director of The help, tate taylor may seem like an odd choice to make a movie based on paula hawkins' sexy mystery thriller bestseller. While the film features three central female characters, it also has a dark and twisty plot. Taylor daddy manages to bring out plenty of insinuating textures in the characters to keep the audience intrigued, but he never quite gets a grip on the hitchcockian elements of this story about identity and life expectations. The title character is Rachel (. Emily Blunt who commutes into manhattan every day, observing life in the suburban homes along the train line. She's particularly fascinated by one house and the blonde woman (. Haley bennett ) who lives there with her lusty husband (. But the fact is that Rachel knows this woman: she's Megan, the nanny who takes care of the infant daughter of Rachel's ex-husband Tom (.

Book review the girl on a train
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  2. The girl on the Train is a rock-solid, keep-you-guessing thriller, carried almost single-handedly by Emily Blunts riveting. to read the girl on the train twice - once to enjoy, and another to appreciate how well Hawkins has crafted the twists, turns and. Home / Film reviews / the girl on the train : a thriller Plagued by unconstrained Direction performances. Tate taylor's adaptation of the best-selling paula hawkins novel ' the girl on the Train ' stars Emily Blunt as an alcoholic who becomes. Alison JanneyEmily BluntJustin TherouxLaura PreponLisa kudrowmovie review paula hawkinsRebecca ferguson review The girl On The Train.

  3. more distracting once The girl On The Train becomes a whodunit and the frazzled Rachel finds herself at the centre of the investigation. Girl on the Train The central character is Rachel Watson, a woman in her early thirties coping with a divorce and an alcohol addiction. The girl on the Train paula hawkins Ann Ronald a novel of neuroses, The girl on the Train will drive a sane reader mad. Desperate to find lives more fulfilling than her own, a lonely london commuter imagines the story of a couple she's only glimpsed. Taken from the runaway bestseller by paula hawkins, tate taylors ( The help, get On Up) film is a faithful take perhaps /too. director of The help, tate taylor may seem like an odd choice to make a movie based on paula hawkins' sexy mystery thriller bestseller.

  4. Thanks For viewing The, the girl on the Train review Based on another bestseller, The girl on the Train, which I never read; its very. Book review The girl on the Train by paula hawkins review by mark david Major. Check out Matt Donato's review of The girl On The Train, a film starring Emily Blunt that 's based off a paula hawkins novel of the same. girl on the train, paula hawkins, read, reading, review, thriller, Transworldleave a comment on review The girl on the Train. The 1 New York times Bestseller, usa today book of the year, now a major motion picture starring Emily Blunt.

  5. First off, i really appreciate that every single character in The, girl on the, train is flawed. Girl on the, train by paula hawkins review a skilful memory-loss thriller. The girl on the train by paula hawkins is a spellbinding Psychological Thriller. This book is based on the narratives of three women. Emily Blunt is masterful in a movie that doesnt live up to its star. Girl on the, train : the dark way to do gone.

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