Feasibility and viability report

feasibility and viability report

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Mining and Processing The feasibility Study provides the basis for the buriticá project execution and operating plan, which includes a multiple ramp access underground mining operation, whole ore cyanide leach processing facility, dry-stacked filtered tailing and related infrastructure. The operating plan includes mining and processing beginning at 2,100 tpd, with ramp-up to 3,000 tpd by year three. The mine is designed to develop two high grade zones initially, in order to minimize pre-production development time and capital as well as maximize early revenues. The mining methods selected for Buriticá were chosen to maintain mining flexibility and selectivity for the various anticipated ground conditions. Most of the mineral Reserve will be mined by long-hole open stoping (58 stoping plus 25 stope development) on 15-metre sublevels, and overhand cut-and-fill (15) with average mining costs.21/tonne over the.8 year expected mine life. . Some shrinkage stope extraction will be used for narrower, isolated veins. Paste fill made from a mixture of tailing and cement will provide the primary backfill material, with unconsolidated waste rock used in cut-and-fill stopes. An internal raise system will direct ore and waste to the existing Higabra tunnel, which is the main haulage level daylighting adjacent to the planned process plant location.

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Total Resource tonnes to be mined 13,717,000, processing Rate (tonnes per day) 2,100, increasing to 3,000 by third year. Mine life 14 years, planned Dilution(1) 36, gold Grade.4 g/t, silver Grade.3 g/t, gold Recovery rate.1. Silver Recovery rate.9, total Gold Ounces Recovered 3,492,000, total Silver Ounces Recovered 6,425,000, initial Project capex 389.2 million, contingency (included within Initial Project capex).4 million, lom sustaining Capital Costs 272.5 mobile million. Mining Costs.21/tonne, processing Costs including tailing Storage facility.16/tonne g.13/tonne cut-Off Grade.0 g/t au (Veta sur).8 g/t au (Yaraguá) royalty.20 Effective tax Rate.0 (1) Dilution calculated as below cut-off grade tonnes divided by total tonnes mined. Financial Analysis The feasibility Studys base case uses a gold price of 1,200 per ounce of gold and generates an after-tax net present value (NPV5).86 billion, an Internal Rate of Return.2, and an average after-tax cash flow from operations of 133. Summary of Buriticá Project Economics by Precious Metal Price base case gold Price oz) 1,000 1,100 1,200 1,300 reassignment 1,400 Silver Price oz) After-Tax Net Cash Flow 991 million.22 billion.44 billion.67 billion.89 billion After-Tax npv5(1) 560 million 710 million 860 million.01. All dollar amounts are. Mineral Reserves Mineral Reserves from the feasibility Study are derived from the mineral Resource Estimate for the yaraguá and Veta sur vein systems set out in the technical report entitled buriticá Project ni 43-101 Technical Report feasibility Study Antioquia, colombia dated March 29, 2016 with. The mineral Reserves are based on 271,003 metres of drill core sampling and 7,215 metres of underground sampling (as at may 11, 2015). Combined Yaraguá and Veta sur Mineral Reserve estimate reserve grades Contained Metal Category tonnes Gold g/t Silver g/t Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Proven 677,400.1.0 459,000 1,307,000 Probable 13,039,400.8.5 3,251,000 9,412,000 Total p p 13,716,800.4.3 3,710,000 10,719,000 Notes: Based. Rounding of some figures may lead to minor discrepancies in totals.

Mineral Reserve statement and economic analysis demonstrating project viability, and highlights that the buriticá project will be host to an economically robust, high-grade underground gold mine, which includes a mineral reserve for the combined Yaraguá and Veta sur biography vein systems totaling.7 million ounces. Within This Page: feasibility Study highlights (all dollar amounts in us dollars). After-tax Internal Rate of Return.2 at 1,200/oz gold and.8 at 1,400/oz gold. Payback period.3 years at 1,200/oz gold and.8 years at 1,400/oz gold. Estimated project capital cost, including contingency, of 389.2 million. Average annual gold production (first 5 years) of 282,000 oz and 494,000 ounces of silver, at a total average cash cost of 387 per ounce of gold (including silver credits). Lom production will average 253,000 ounces of gold and 466,000 ounces of silver annually, at a total cash cost of 411 per ounce of gold (including silver credits). Lom ore production.7 million tonnes grading.4 g/t gold and.3 g/t silver 14-year mine life that will produce 3,492,000 ounces of recovered gold and 6,425,000 ounces of recovered silver. Feasibility Study summary, gold Price 1,200 per ounce, silver Price 15 per ounce.

feasibility and viability report

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Determining how to properly reach the tragic audience is a vital step in creating a viable business in any region. The location of the business and how accessible to the target audience will also be a factor. A late night pizza delivery business would not perform well if based out of a mall that closes at. Finding out if your product or service is wanted, if the consumer is capable and willing to spend on it and will they have access to it when they want is can all be determined with a feasibility study. If a business skips this step in the development of their product, they very well could be throwing their investment dollars away. On February 24, 2016, the company released results of an independent NI 43-101 feasibility Study for the. The feasibility Study contains the companys initial.

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feasibility and viability report

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What has come out of the debate is there are those that think they know what the public wants and those that actually check to make sure their assumption is true. By conducting a proper feasibility study, the target audience can be clearly identified along wallpaper with their purchasing power. This process will determine the economic studying prowlness of a proposal by a business. This is an important part of a business case that should be done after a business idea is created but before it is technically developed and long before the production of any product is started. In essence, a feasibility study is to determine the viability of a business venture in a specific area or sector of business. This is the process that will identify any possible problems that might occur between the acceptance of the product with the consumer and how profitable the business venture might. Just because a business has a great and needed product for a region, does not necessarily make it a good business opportunity.

Not all ideas that make sense are great business opportunities. Like selling water in a desert, since there is a shortage of water, it sounds like a great idea. But since there is very little water present, there is not a population that sustains a living there and sales would not exceed the cost of importing the water to the arid region, this is not a good and viable business venture. What can be learned from a feasibility study can better help a business and a project manager deciding if the business venture will be profitable. In the study, the logistics of the business should be determined. If there is a problem, can it be overcome in a cost effective manner? The right marketing strategy can also be uncovered with a feasibility study.

Not only this, but the reports also look into the materials, labour and time required to fulfil the project. All of this is studied before a decision is made on whether the project will be financially viable and if it is worth undertaking or not. Breaking this down into laymans terms, there are five aspects of a feasibility study which make up the whole body of the report: technical, economical, legal, operational and scheduling (telos). Technical this area assesses how the company will deliver the project based on the hard materials, labour, resources and any other practical requirements such as transport. Economic loss and profit considerations are an integral area of a feasibility study as, ultimately, the overall goal is that the profit outweighs the cost.

Legal the legality of a project needs to be looked at to assess whether the construction company will be able to meet the legal requirements of the project. Operational to effectively complete a project, there needs to be a plan of action in place. This area of the feasibility study assesses whether the construction company has the ability to manage and execute a complex project. Scheduling this area outlines whether the company can execute and deliver a satisfactory product to the client without the quality of the work suffering due to the time constraints laid out. As outlined above, a feasibility study is necessary to the completion of a project and a construction company should supply you with a reasonably assessed decision taking everything into consideration for the viability of your project. Here at Green Structural Engineering we are experts in feasibility studies and work with architects and other professionals to identify and potential pitfalls or costs to your project from an engineering perspective. The importance of a feasibility study has been debated within many companies for years.

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You may also like. Admin, april 25, 2017, many construction companies will conduct a biography feasibility study to assess the viability of a construction project. A feasibility study will give grounds to a project and evaluate it in terms of the strengths, weaknesses, resources, finances and how realistic a project. Simply put a feasibility study assesses the potential, as well as the limitations of an idea. So why is a feasibility study so important? Taking on a project, within the construction industry, a feasibility study is undertaken to assess whether a company can realistically take on a project. This means night that the financial situation and reputation of the company is evaluated, the strengths and weaknesses of the business are taken into consideration, whether any unforeseen societal issues may have an impact on the project (such as economic instability or reasonable competition within the.

feasibility and viability report

Protecting your financial situations are important, us money reserve is just one program that can help with your assets. Based on cost estimates, this document includes financial information essential for initiating the project. The study may include the following information: Total start-up costs required for beginning the project. Operating costs, including wages, rent, and interest payments on outstanding debts. Financial credit standing of the company to determine possible sources of funding. Revenue expectations, possible sources of project financing, expected project profit. If the cost estimates presented in the feasibility study prove that the project choice is economically viable, then the sponsor can proceed with developing the business plan.

produced upon project completion and exploring ways for differentiating the product in the market. This means that a need for the project will be established if an adequate level of demand exists for the product. Market opportunities determination is also about analyzing the competitive environment and defining key players on the market who will be major competitors to the proposed venture. Requirements, this component represents two groups of requirements, including technical requirements and organizational requirements. The first group covers requirements for equipment technology to produce the product; costs involved in purchasing and installation; operational costs of running the equipment, and others. The second groups identifies the following: qualifications are required for managing operations. Sources of supply, key staff positions to be filled. Type of experience the management should have. Others, financial overview, feasibility study of a project allows focusing on the investigation of the overall financial situation around the project.

A feasibility study allows avoiding unfounded spending of effort, time and money, so it is a highly effective tool of project investment evaluation and planning. It forces investors to put their ideas on paper to conduct analysis and assessment and then find out whether the ideas are worth investing or not. Before initiating a project it is an important step to perform a feasibility analysis that helps in developing and maintaining the project efficiently within budgeted costs and under desired benefits. The importance of writing a feasibility study consists in the next major benefits that the business organization will gain: Analysis. An example of feasibility study contains all the analytical information being used for father's investigating project requirements and business need completely. A project feasibility study helps in identifying risk factors that affect the development and implementation of the project. It helps in identifying staff training needs and developing training programs. The study is a kind of initial project reports that give the senior management information required for making well-grounded decisions on cost estimation and project funding.

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By, eric McConnell, published Updated, for each project passing through the Initiation Phase, a feasibility study should be developed in order for investors to ensure that their project is technically feasible, cost-effective and profitable. A project feasibility study allows exploring and analyzing business opportunities and making a strategic decision on the necessity to initiate the project. It is the right way to answer the question: Is the concept of apple my project economically reasonable and technically feasible? definition, feasibility Study is a formal project document that shows results of the analysis, research and evaluation of a proposed project and determines if this project is technically feasible, cost-effective and profitable. The primary goal of feasibility study is to assess and prove the economic and technical viability of the business idea. The outcome of the study will determine if there is economic sense to take the project initiative and proceed with the development of the implementation plan. A project feasibility study helps investors identify and analyze all the opportunities they can gain upon successful completion of the project. If the document did not prove the economic viability, then the proposed venture should not be pursued.

Feasibility and viability report
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This program emphasizes critical thinking, leadership, management, research, physical assessment, and health promotion across a variety of community-based healthcare settings. If yes, here is a complete sample v business plan template feasibility report you can use for free.

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  3. Many construction companies will conduct a feasibility study to assess the viability of a construction project. A feasibility study will give grounds. The importance of a feasibility study has been debated within many companies for years. The general consensus is the right thing to do for economic reasons. How to do a feasibility Study. Do you have a great idea for a new product?

  4. Market and feasibility Studies Market studies evaluate general market conditions of supply, demand, timing, pricing, and demographics to determine the suitability of specific uses for a site. Feasibility studies are performed to test various investment scenarios. Project feasibility study should be developed in order for investors to ensure that the project is technically feasible, cost-effective and profitable. Meeting of Legislative budget and Finance committee to release the following reports: (1) feasibility of Establishing a water Use fee in Pennsylvania, (2) An Interim Report on the Establishment of the northern Pennsylvania regional College, (3) pa game commission Compliance with Its Strategic Plan, and. On February 24, 2016, the company released results of an independent ni 43-101 feasibility Study for the buriticá project. The feasibility Study contains the companys initial Mineral Reserve statement and economic analysis demonstrating project viability, and highlights that the buriticá project will be host to an economically robust, high.

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