Library internship report

library internship report

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5) Complete a final report, a 15 minute power point presentation, updated. And an evaluation of the supervising librarian, and slo assessment Worksheet. You may turn these in at the exit seminar. An evaluation of Student Intern by the supervising librarian also must be. Please submit your PowerPoint Presentation the previous night using laulima. Forms can be downloaded from the 690 homepage. Please submit your final report and cv, both as using laulima and a paper copy.

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See laulima for details. All papers should be checked for spelling and grammar. Poorly written papers will not meet the texting course requirements. Students are required to: Attend a mandatory internship orientation seminar. 2014, 1-2 pm, hamilton 2K ) Students graduating in Spring or Summer 2014 should plan on attending an Oral Exam Orientation, which will immediately follow this first class session. Others are welcome to attend. Complete a task table and Mid-Term Progress Report and upload using laulima by (. 3) via e-mail, schedule an afternoon time for the coordinator to meet onsite with you and your supervisor. 4) Attend an exit seminar scheduled on the session of the semester (. from 1:00-3:40 pm, hamilton 2K ). Plan to remain in class the entire session to hear all of the internship presentations in your session.

Signed application/approval form is returned to lis 690 instructor, who authorizes the lis office to input lis 690 in Banner database prior to registration. Assignments and Grading Students are graded Credit/no credit. To receive credit, students must complete all of the course requirements below and all of the internship requirements as specified in the proposal in a timely manner. Students should be aware that the mere completion of the hours of fieldwork does not assure they will receive credit. This is only awarded to those who, in the professional judgment of the instructor and the supervising librarian, have performed online at a satisfactory level while fulfilling the agreed upon hours, assignments, and activities, and who have comported themselves in a professional manner throughout the internship. All papers should be submitted using laulimas Assignment function by the deadline indicated. All assignments should be saved as ms word doc files with your last name and the assignment name in the file name.

library internship report

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Technology requirements This course requires students to use a computer to produce all written assignments. Students also are required to use their uh e-mail account for correspondence with the instructor and supervising librarians. Students are also expected to be able to present their internship experience using PowerPoint. Some internship positions would require additional abilities to use other ict tools. Course Approval Procedures (to be completed before the Spring 2013 semester ends). Student consults adviser for lis 690 approval for the upcoming semester. Student attends a mandatory orientation meeting, completes the internship application form and obtains advisers signature on the form (the form can be downloaded from the 690 homepage: ). Student interviews for a position and gets signed approval of supervising librarian.

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library internship report

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Ala core competencies The following competencies have primary emphasis in this course: Professional Ethics Knowledge dissemination-Service technological Knowledge Knowledge Accumulation-Education lifelong learning. Student learning Outcomes (SLOs) slo 1 : Understand, apply and articulate the history, philosophy, principles and ethics of library and information science and the related professions. Slo 2 : develop, administrate, assess, and advocate for information services by exercising principled communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Slo 3 : Organize, create, archive, preserve, retrieve, manage, evaluate, and disseminate information resources in a variety of formats slo 4 : evaluate and use the latest information technologies, research findings and methods. Slo 5 : Engage in projects and assignments assignment dealing with multicultural communities and representing diverse points of view vii. Professional Expectations: All students in the Program are expected to become familiar with and adhere essay to the Professional Expectations policies found at viii.

Research Methods: While formal research methodologies are not part of the major assignments in this course, students will apply several research methods in order to achieve their goals. Such research methods will vary depending on internship. The following are some examples: Information retrieval : research involving techniques from machine learning and other theoretical models, together with an extensive experimentation to develop more accurate and efficient information retrieval and search techniques for a variety of applications. Instructional design : systematic process of translating general principles of learning and instruction into plans for instructional materials and learning. It is the entire process of analysis of learning needs and goals and the development of a delivery system to meet these needs, including the development of instructional materials and activities and tryout and evaluation of all instruction and learner activities.

Understand the history, philosophy, principles, policies and ethics of library and information studies. Apply basic competencies and knowledge that are essential for providing, managing, and designing information services in a variety of information environments. Demonstrate basic competencies required for program development in particular information environments. Demonstrate the professional attitudes and the interpersonal and interdisciplinary skills needed to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and information users. The student will be able to:.

Follow codes and principles of professional ethics of the field. Articulate the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the library/information center. Analyze the activities and programs of the library/information center in relation to the objectives of both the library/information center and the larger organization of which it is a contributing and supportive part. Assist with a range of professional activities in some of the following areas: Information literacy/ reference services/ programming, program marketing/ advocacy/ community outreach, collection development and management. Digital library construction, technology for management and patron use; Synthesize and apply skills, concepts, and theories so that competencies gained can be used in an entry-level professional position. Demonstrate professional attitudes and values including: taking initiative, managing and allocating time well, consulting with supervisors for feedback and improvement. Being dependable and prompt with deadlines. Learning and adopting the practices and procedures of the site. Working effectively in a team Working effectively independently Showing respect for users, colleagues and supervisors.

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Course description, the internship biography program provides field experience in a library setting under the supervision of a professional librarian. This course is available to classified lis graduate students only. Students must first obtain approval from their advisers, and apply for and be admitted into a position before registration. Prerequisites, lIS 601 and lis 663. There may be other requirements for specific internship positions,. G., lis 605 for cataloging internships, see individual internship descriptions for details of prerequisites. Program learning Objectives, this literature course addresses the following objectives of the lis program enabling students to:.

library internship report

The report should also contain recommendations, in which proposed plans of action for the pdf future are written. In doing internship reports, the student must plan what to write well early in order to avoid making last minute reports which usually result in poor writing quality and an unsatisfactory grade. Planning is key to writing a good internship report. Be sure to check out our guides on writing an internship cover letter and resume along with examples. Lis 690, library Internship Program, spring 2014, instructor : Andrew Wertheimer,. Tel: 956-7321, fax : 956-5835, email: websites : http laulima. office hours : by Appointment (please send e-mail).

name, report title, employers name and location, and date of report. The acknowledgement and endorsement should state that the document was written by the student and that it has not already received any academic credit from any other institution. The executive summary summarizes the body of the report, its scope, purpose, recommendations and conclusions. The table of contents should include all sections and sub-sections of the report. The main text of the report should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction defines the report and should prepare the reader for what is in the body. The body is where all main information of the report is found, and is the longest part of the report. The conclusion should answer any question raised in the introduction and must state how the goals of the internship were met.

The third component is the major focus of the report, and is referred to as the analytic component. It is so called because the student will not only gather information on the internship but also interpret them. This helps the student to develop written and analytic skills, and to present ideas and information in a clear and organized manner. Ideas and information should be laid out in a logical manner, so it is suggested to divide all information gathered and group them into categories. Each category can reviews be put under headings or subheadings, and may be ordered or rearranged. Some information may be discarded, while others may be merged into other categories. When this is done, the student will have a good basis for the outline and ultimately for the reports table of contents. While there is no strict rule for writing internship reports, a typical report contains three main sections: Preliminaries, main text.

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After completing an internship, interns must provide a written account of their experience in order to receive school credit for the completed internship. Most of the time, the completion of the internship requirement rests solely upon the internship report submitted, so year it is necessary that the report should be a document that is concise and well-written and also points out experiences that the student has gained from the. Writing a good and coherent internship report also helps in practicing ones writing ability, which is a very important asset in the workplace today. An internship report example will include three components: Outline and basic information of the company in which the student interned with. Summary of the work done, discussion of the specific aspects of the internship term that are relevant to the students field. In doing so, the report should demonstrate the students ability to properly communicate what was done during the internship and how those activities relate to the students field in the bigger picture. The first two components can be brief and can be included in the reports introduction.

Library internship report
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  1. The library Intern reports directly to the Assistant Director. Find internships and employment opportunities in the largest internship marketplace. Search paid internships and part time jobs to help start your career. Mattijs Korpershoek's internship report. Libraries helps you find new open source libraries, modules and frameworks and keep track of ones you depend upon.

  2. One cannot submit the same report as the other students, each report has to be different, even if the company is same. Guideline ul-hrg18 Library Internships. Paid interns are covered under Workers Compensation (contact Len White to report the injury). Finally, a special thanks goes to Angie mcHodgkins, my fellow is intern and partner in library crime, who made the summer extra fun. Ii 2010 is internship report table of Contents 1 Introduction. 177 Academic Library Internship jobs available.

  3. Be sure to select "Smithsonian Institution Libraries " as the unit and "Smithsonian Institution Libraries Internship Program" as the program. The law Library of Congress provides a highly rewarding and flexible experience, with the opportunity to conduct legal research and prepare reports. Internships will be unpaid with the expectation that. Writing a good and coherent internship report also helps in practicing ones writing ability, which is a very important asset in the workplace today. Internship report is an individual task.

  4. Internship report template can give your mentor or superior the highlights of what you have learned in your stay and what are the fields that you need to improve. The internship program provides field experience in a library setting under the supervision. Others are welcome to attend. Complete a task table and Mid-Term Progress Report and upload. The central Library internship program gives preference to graduate students pursuing a masters degree in library science or museum studies.

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