Phd thesis in vlsi design pdf

phd thesis in vlsi design pdf

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Globally, this publication list is ordered in reverse chronological order. Within a given year, the ordering is alphabetical (by author name). We are grateful to the following sponsors, who have supported the research in Maryland dspcad research Group at large: Agilent Technologies; Angeles Design Systems, Inc.; the austrian Marshall Plan foundation; coolcad electronics; the. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; the department of Homeland Security; the fulbright Specialists Program of the council for International Exchange. Scholars; the laboratory for Physical Sciences; the laboratory for. Telecommunication Sciences; Management Communications and Control, Inc.; the.

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Raskar, "Advances in ultrafast optics and imaging applications in spie commercial Sensing 2016 (oral, invited). Raskar, "Locating Fluorescence lifetimes Behind Turbid layers Non-Invasively Using Sparse, time-resolved Inversion in osa cleo 2014 (poster). Raskar, "Single-Shot Ultrafast fellowes Imaging Using Parallax-Free alignment with a tilted Lenslet Array in osa cleo 2014 (oral). Raskar, skin Perfusion Photography, in ieee international Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays, (CCD) 2014 (poster). Thesis Patents Online talks iccp 2018 AutoSens 2017 tedxBeaconStreet 2016 Contact guysatat (at) philosophy mit (dot) edu. Selected publications of the maryland dsp-cad research Group. This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. A, bibtex file containing bibliographic information for all publications listed here is also available.

Raskar, towards Photography Through realstic Fog, ieee international Conference on Computational Photography (iccp) 2018. Raskar, Identi-wheez — a device for in-Home diagnosis of Asthma, ieee international Conference on Engineering in assignment Medicine and biology society (embc) 2016 (poster). Raskar, skin Perfusion Photography, ieee international Conference on Computational Photography (iccp) 2014 (oral). Friedman, "mrl - memristor Ratioed Logic Proceedings of the International Cellular Nanoscale networks and their Applications 2012. Raskar, "Imaging Through Volumetric Scattering with a single Photon Sensitive camera in osa imaging Conference (cosi) 2018 (oral). Faccio, "Compressive ultrafast Single pixel Camera in osa imaging Conference (cosi) 2018 (oral). Raskar, "All Photons Imaging Through layered Scattering Materials in osa imaging Conference (cosi) 2017 (poster). Raskar, "Computational Laser Speckle contrast Imaging in Endoscopic System in osa imaging Conference (cosi) 2016 (poster). Raskar, "Imaging Through Thick turbid Medium Using Time-resolved measurement in osa imaging Conference (cosi) 2015 (oral).

phd thesis in vlsi design pdf

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Publications For most updated list visit my google Scholar page. Raskar, "Object Classification through Scattering Media with deep learning on Time resolved measurement Optics Express Vol. Raskar, "Lensless Imaging with Compressive ultrafast Sensing ieee trans. Raskar, All Photons Imaging Through Volumetric Scattering, nature Scientific Reports, vol. Raskar, locating and Classifying Fluorescent Tags Behind Turbid layers Non-Invasively Using Sparsity-based Time-resolved Inversion, nature communications, vol. Weiser, "magic memristor Aided logic ieee transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, vol. Weiser, "Memristor-based Material Implication (imply) Logic: Design Principles and Methodologies ieee transactions on Very large Scale Integration (vlsi), vol. Refereed Conference Proceedings (full papers).

The original tool was developed by Andrew Adams, and here we added more design capabilities and sensing modalities (as a visiting student in Camera culture group). Multi-threaded Switch on event cpu architecture with Memristors we defined and developed a new cpu architecture utilizing Memristors as a large and near memory. Having such a large and fast memory enabled in this case a new multi-threading architecture that allows many threads to run efficiently in a long cpu pipeline. We built the architecture using Verilog to evaluate its performance (part of undergraduate research project). Logic with Memristors Memristors are usually considered memory elements (due to their non-volatile varying resistance). In this work we explored ways to implement logic circuits with Memristors. This may allow in-memory computation which is an exciting new computation architecture. We explored different ways to implement logic using imply gates and mrl gates, and suggested a new method called magic (part of undergraduate research project).

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phd thesis in vlsi design pdf

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This work started at the mit media lab Engineering health class and later continued in several redx workshops in India. Skin Perfusion Photography In this work we developed a new computational imaging technique to measure the speed of blood flow in skin tissue (known as perfusion). We produce speed maps where color indicates the speed of flow. The method is based on a standard camera, a laser source, and a simple algorithm. Its novelty is in a new illumination scheme that enables a robust measurement process. Single Shot Ultra fast Imaging we modify the photography optics of a streak camera to enable single-shot ultrafast imaging.

With this technique we can capture videos of non-repetitive phenomena at a trillion frames per second. For example, we imaged a plasma discharge from a single laser pulse. Glasses Free display the goal of this project was a display that would correct eye aberration instead of glasses,. A person who usually wears glasses would be able to see information on a display clearly without the need of glasses. The display would show an image that is pre-distorted (for specific eye conditions but would be perceived as a sharp image by a person standing in front of the display. While other works solved this problem with a combination of hardware and algorithms, here we tried to use a pure software solution with a regular display (as a visiting resume student in Camera culture group). Lenstoy - an Online Optics Design tool Lenstoy is a ray tracing program written in Flash that allows the user to easily manipulate optical elements and design simple optical systems.

We quantitatively show that our global-direct separation technique rejects scattered light that corrupts traditional speed measurement techniques. Towards In-vivo biopsy a new method to detect and distinguish between different types of fluorescent materials. The suggested technique, with many biomedical applications, provides a dramatically larger depth range compared to previous methods. It uses fluorescent probes, which are commonly used in medical diagnosis since they can be engineered to attach to tissues or change their emission parameters when interacting with specific types of tissues. This approach may be used to indicate the location of a tumor in deep tissue, and classify it as malignant or benign according to the fluorescence lifetime, thus eliminating the need for X-ray or biopsy.

The method is not limited to biomedical applications and can also be used in industrial and general remote sensing applications, such as inspection, identification and flowmetry. Identi-Wheez: a device for in-Home Asthma diagnosis we built a child friendly device composed of a stethoscope array and developed algorithms that allow physicians to listen to any point in the lung volume. This will allow parents to diagnose the severity of Asthma at home and alleviate part of the burden of Asthma on the society. Reinventing the Stethoscope we built a device for automatic diagnosis and screening of patients with potential cardiac problems. The device is composed of a synchronized digital stethoscope and an ecg. The two signals allow signal processing algorithms to overcome significant challenges in automatic classification of heart murmurs.

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We suggest a framework for imaging with single (or few) ultrafast pixels. These are pixels that have pico-second time resolutions and time tag photons as they arrive to sensor. This framework enables efficient recovery of scene reflectance from a few compressed measurements. Imaging Through Scattering with All Photons Imaging we demonstrate a new method that enables us to see deeper and better through tissue with near-infrared wavelengths. Compared to other methods (e.g. X-ray and ultrasound using near-visible wavelengths for imaging provides more information about the type of materials they interact with. Our approach is a based on time-resolved sensing coupled with an business algorithm that is utilizing the scattered photons to overcome the optical scattering. Robust movement Imaging in an Endoscopic System built on the previous speed imaging technique (see skin perfusion photography below). Here we demonstrate an endoscopic imaging system capable of measuring speed in the scene (like blood flow speed).

phd thesis in vlsi design pdf

Demonstrating 6 times better contrast. Mind reader Mind reader is an online game played against abortion the computer, which is trying to predict the user's next move. The algorithm is based on an online learning framework that learns the user's behavior in real time. Think you can beat the algorithm? Calibration Invariant Imaging with deep learning deep learning allows imaging through paper without lengthy calibration. This method classifies objects hidden behind a scattering layer with a neural network. Training on synthetic data with variations in calibration parameters allows the network to learn a model that doesn't require calibration during real world experiments. Femto-pixel - singe pixel Lensless Imaging with Ultrafast Compressive sensing A time-of-flight based lensless compressive imaging technique that captures scene reflectance with only 50 patterns.

journal club (Jul 17) New paper on calibration invariant imaging using deep learning in Optics Express (Jun 17) Present a poster on All Photons Imaging Through layered Structures in cosi (may 17) Visit Prof. Daniele faccio group at Heriot-Watt (may 17) Talk at Auto-sens conference in Detroit, link to slides (may 17) Talk at nes osa (may 17) Presented a poster on "Lensless imaging with compressive ultrafast sensing" in iccp (Mar 17) New paper on lensless imaging accepted. On Computational Imaging, mit news (Feb 17) Talk at Amazon Israel (Feb 17) Talk at Technion Pixel Club (Feb 17) Talk at Ben Guriun University (nov 16) my tedx beacon St talk is live (nov 16) Talk at Bose (nov 16) Talk at tedx beacon. (Aug 16) Presented in the embc 16 conference - on using signal processing to identify Asthma (Jul 16) Presented in the cosi 16 conference - on our method to measure perfusion in an endoscopic system (Jun 16) Started a summer internship at Qunatlab (may 16). The technique, based on visible light, uses hardware that is similar to lidar to recover the target depth and reflectance. For example, we show recovery of objects 57 cm away from the camera while the visibility is only.

(Apr 18) Talk at, mit ai 2018 on computational imaging and autonomous vehicles. (Mar 18) New paper on seeing through realistic fog accepted to iccp, mit news, cnbc, engadget, smithsonian. (Mar 18) we're mini hosting a tutorial on, computational Imaging for Self-Driving Vehicles in, cvpr 2018. (Feb 18) teaching a new class: mas. S65 Society of Autonomous Vehicles. (Dec 17) Tutorial on, computational Imaging for Self-Driving Vehicles in cvpr 2018, more details soon. (Dec 17) Talk at the boston Vision meetup.

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Guy satat, news (Jun 18 interview with abc wcvb listing on All Photons Imaging. (Jun 18) Invited talk at the. Ccd workshop cvpr ). (Jun 18 cvpr tutorial on, computational Imaging for Self-Driving Vehicles (Jun 18) Two talks in, cosi : 1) Compressive ultrafast Single pixel Camera, 2) Imaging Through Volumetric Scattering with a single Photon Sensitive camera. (may 18) Started a summer internship. (Apr 18) Received the, ai influence rising Star Award at mit ai 2018. (Apr 18) Graduate winner of the. Lemelson-mit student prize for 2018.

Phd thesis in vlsi design pdf
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  1. Karkooti, semi-parallel Architectures For real-time ldpc coding, masters. Thesis, houston, tx, may 2004.

  2. Eecs 427 vlsi design. No frames link to programs. Cps 108 software design and implementation. My research area is Designing. Vlsi, architectures for Wireless Communications.

  3. Vlsi, design, january 2006. Weiser, memristor-based Material Implication (imply) Logic: Design, principles and Methodologies, ieee transactions on Very large Scale Integration (. PhD thesis, department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Maryland, college park, 2015. Pdf ) journal of, vlsi, signal Processing Systems for Signal, Image, and Video technology, 40(3 289-299, july 2005. Could not connect to database.

  4. Musuvathy,., a virtual Environment for Legacy mechanical Systems Engineering, master s thesis, school of Computing, University of Utah, 2006. pdf, phD thesis, department of Computer Science, university of Utah. Zhifeng Sheng worked on three dimensional simulation and modeling of electromagnetic (EM) field. Vlsi circuits, numeric solution for systems of linear equations and model order reduction techniques. Simon Hollis and Simon. Moore, an Asynchronous Interconnect Architecture for device security Enhancement, 19th International Conference.

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