Time for andrew book report

time for andrew book report

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Chapter 6: The Clever Chameleon The following chapter focuses on Samaranch's change from a fascist politician to an international sports politician, and his rise to the top of the International Olympic Committee. Samaranch lost his Sports Minister position because some senior members of Franco's regime regarded him as being "too pushy 73). Samaranch began to realize in the early seventies that Franco and his movimiento were going to die out soon, which is what made him launch his "alternative career abroad 75) in sport politics. When Franco died in 1975 and his fascist regime collapsed, samaranch had already reached the position of ioc's vice president and chief of protocol. Juan Antonio samaranch had "re-invented himself" and therefore is nicknamed the "clever chameleon" by the authors of this book. He set up an alliance with Horst Dassler and joao havelange, and began "canvassing every ioc vote on offer 80) especially the votes from the east Bloc and Russia. Samaranch persuaded the Spanish soccer World Cup organizing committee to expand the number of participating teams, in order to help havelange to keep his election promises.

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According to the authors, he used sports as "a vehicle for working his way up the pinnacle of the dictator's hierarchy 60). Samaranch won sporting prestige for Spain and Franco's. Movimiento, using his "life-long habit of making gifts - and waiting to call in progress the favour 65). Thus he managed to climb up the political ladder in fascist Spain. After achieving the membership of Barcelona's City council and the presidency of the catalan Regional council he reached the climax of his political career when Franco appointed him (temporarily) Sports Minister. Jennings and Simson also mention how Samaranch made it through military life in the republican army, which was completely opposed to his political beliefs, during the Spanish civil War. According to a former comrade, he used his 'lifelong habit' during his time in the army of democracy, before "he deserted and went into hiding 63) in Barcelona, until he was 'liberated' by Franco's nationalist armies. In connection with the takeover of Franco's regime. Movimiento, the authors tell about hundreds of thousands of executions and a million of refugees leaving the country, to reflect the significant contrast between Samaranch's fascist. Movimiento and his later presidency of the democratic Olympic movement. After joining the "fascist controlled Spanish Olympic committee in 1956 70) he began to promote himself within the Olympic family, which resulted in his entering into the ioc ten years later.

Through this 'beneficial' move he could "develop very solid relationships with dates 57) a variety of federations and promote his marketing idea through his attractive example of fifa's worldwide (economical) success. In addition he could build a relationship with the rainiers who sought to "build up the image of the principality by associating it with prestige international events 55). Another contribution to the principality's prestigious image created by dassler and Nally was their joint company societé monegasque de Promotion International (smpi which was located in Monte carlo, of course. They used smpi to work with the different federations, which gathered for gaisf sessions in Monac. Chapter 5: With Arm raised I salute you. This chapter discusses about juan Antonio samaranch's political career in Franco's fascist Spain until he started his alternative career in world's sport politics. The fascist politician Samaranch was, in his own words, "a hundred per cent Francoist 59) until the very end of Franco's regime.

time for andrew book report

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The fourth chapter tells the reader how Dassler and Nally kept their fingers in the pie of the Olympic family. Jennings and Simson focus on the time between the montreal Games '76 to the establishment of the gaisf headquarters in Monaco in 1977. During this period of time and particularly during the games in Montreal, horst Dassler gave "compulsory Adidas dinners 49) for numerous members of the ioc and the ifs, entertaining and making 'modest' gifts to his valuable guests. For this kind of manipulation he had a "dedicated team of political intelligence gatherers 48) who were building files on the world's sport politicians and officials. Through such intelligence he also became aware of Tommy keller, the president of the International Rowing Federation, who set up the general Assembly of International Sports Federations (gaisf). The gaisf was supposed to be a counterweight to the power-seizing ioc, due to the growing value of the Olympic Games, as a result of the increasing payments made by American tv companies. When Dassler's intelligence team realized the importance of the gaisf horst provided them a headquarters in Monte carlo.

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time for andrew book report

Time, report andrew

Chapter 3: Dassler takes coke, in the third chapter the authors and Patrick nally, reveal why dassler persuaded Coca-cola to enter a sponsorship with fifa. Horst Dassler wanted to help the promising newcomer joao havelange, who had just become fifa president, "to live up to his election promises 41). Of course, this would secure horst important influence on south American and Third World votes for elections within both the if and the ioc. Also, nally states that, "he wanted to make himself indispensable 41). As a consequence nally and Dassler approached Coca-cola, "the biggest and best-known Olympic sponsor in the world 43).

After tough negotiations Coca-cola started pouring millions of dollars into havelange's fifa budget. Dassler and Nally also "set up the new events, the development progress. And youth competitions 45) for the Third World, which had been promised by havelange before his election. As a result Horst - and Adidas - was "taking over world soccer 45). Havelange became the official benefactor while dassler was holding the strings in the background, and Adidas increased its popularity. The authors' conclusion is that "coke's money was being used by horst for his own benefit refutation 47). Chapter 4: From Montreal to monaco.

This chapter tells the reader how Horst Dassler, the german owner of Adidas. Sportschuhfabriken, created the powerful system around the ioc. Dassler paid individual top athletes and teams to wear his shoes, or use other Adidas sport equipment in order to promote the three-stripe and trefoil motif. Dassler's long-time partner Patrick nally, who has contributed a lot to this book, is introduced in this chapter and he tells how he and Horst started the sport marketing that slowly put Dassler in control over world sports. By 1974 Dassler changed his strategy and began working with Olympic federations and national teams.

Dassler supplied Third World and East Bloc countries with free adidas equipment, and began funding travel expenses for ioc athletes and officials. By entertaining and giving presents to these sport officials he could manipulate and later control the emerging power of the International sporting Federations (IF) and the ioc. Dassler's basic strategy was to re-call favors, which secured votes for any nominees he personally preferred in any major election within the world of sports. Meanwhile he and Nally used "sport as a commercial message and started to "bring companies to sport sponsorship 29) in order to develop sport worldwide, and of course for their own financial benefit. "By cleverly manipulating the 'needs of sports assistance' dassler created the structure of today's world of business-orientated international sport. In the process he also turned his sports equipment company, adidas, and his marketing company, isl, into two of the most influential sporting institutions in the world.

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Next they introduce the powerful International Olympic Committee (ioc referring to it as The Club. The most powerful members of The Club are; president juan Antonio samaranch, fifa (Federation of International football Associations) boss joao havelange, the president of the iaaf (International Amateur reviews Athletics Federation) Primo nebiolo, anoc's (Association of National Olympic Committees) president Mario vazquez rana, the world teakwondo. Un Yong Kim, along with Dick pound and Robert. The next topic dealt with, is the rising value of the Olympics "as a global brand 11) combined with the increasing amounts of money collected through the sponsorships of multinational corporations and official suppliers to the Olympic Games in Barcelona. In the second part of this chapter the authors use the annual meeting of the ioc, which was held in Birmingham in 1991, as an example for the "constant and glittering round of first- class travel, five-star hotels, champagne receptions, extravagant banquets, mountains of gifts. Officially the annual ioc meeting (behind closed doors) is supposed to "debate and vote the on the policies to be carried out in the name of the Olympics 18). Jennings and Simson conclude that the ioc members' lives are "a constant round of meetings, trades and deals in the now lucrative, powerful and high profile world of international sports 20). Chapter 2: Horst's System.

time for andrew book report

Chapter 17: Alarm Bells, chapter 18: The benevolent Dictator, chapter 19: The Shoe size of the second daughter. Chapter 20: Destroy the Olympics,. Reaction to the content,. Topics and daily Different Approaches,. Chapter Summaries, chapter 1: Welcome to barcelona: The authors vyv simson and Andrew Jennings begin their documentary with a background of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. Since The lords of the rings was published in '92, the barcelona games are the most recent example of the glamorous and commercialized modern-day olympics. The authors give an impressive statistical background of the world's biggest and most sumptuous sport spectacle, the Olympics.

in the Crown. Chapter 8: isl rules the world. Chapter 9: Flotsam and Jetsam, chapter 10: Olympia's Black gold, chapter 11: The bumps on the logs. Chapter 12: Twenty million Dollars, chapter 13: The Cheats, chapter 14: Scandal. Chapter 15: Before your Very eyes. Chapter 16: a lawyer From Des moines.

Full Answer, the main character in "The report Card" is Nora rowley, a precocious girl who taught herself Spanish and takes online college astronomy courses. From a very young age, she remembered and analyzed everything and knew she was smart, much smarter than her brother and sister and her friends. However, nora hid her intelligence because she wanted to fit in with the rest of her peers. In fourth grade, when she observed her good and kind friend, Stephen, become distraught over his poor grades and low test scores, she decided to get all Ds on her report card and average scores on the state standardized test. She thought it was unfair that Stephen, and her other classmates, thought their test scores were not representative of what they knew; they just tested poorly. Nora's story forces teachers and school administrators to look closely at the way grades are determined and the effects scores have on students' self-esteem. Learn more about Fiction.


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Time for andrew book report
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  5. Book "The report Card" by Andrew Clements? Who Are the top 10 Mystery Writers of All Time? The book, time for Andrew is about Drew not wanting to go to a camp and since his parents are going on vacation he is going to have to stay at aunt.memorable speeches of all time. Andrew carnegie and the rise of big business book available study guides and summaries for Andrew Carnegie and the rise.

  6. Discourse of Italian Cinema and beyond. This book is about a kid who gets the creeps at his aunt's house. Time for, andrew : a ghost Story. Book report : vyv simson, Andrew, jennings - the lords of the rings. Dassler's long- time partner Patrick nally, who has contributed a lot to this book,. What Is the Theme of the.

  7. Andrew, jackson remains one of AmericaÕs most extraordinary, influential and at times controversial. Heroes of Black history (A, time for. The report card by andrew clements book review. Book, review of Jane langtons The, time. Bike - jane langton wrote a very interesting book. Clements, andrew (en report, card.

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