Type notes or write notes

type notes or write notes

Typed notes: is there a difference?

Here are some tips to help you out: Throw Out Unnecessary Slides. Some slides dont really add much to the content of lecture โ€” maybe they represent a minor tweak on a different slide, a digression, or some administrative details โ€” erase these from the slide show file. The less slides you print, the quicker youll be able to study later. Consolidate notes for sequences of slides. If a several slides in a row expand on the same basic point, consolidate your notes onto the first of these slides. This reduces the number of pages of notes you have to review even if you cant throw out all the slides. Study by replicating the lecture.

Is Writing Notes by hand Better Than Typing?

The notes view can be selected from the print menu as shown below: If you novel dont have the Slides in argumentative Advance, mark the page numbers. Sometimes the professor makes the slides available only after the lecture. In this case, take notes in a word processor on your laptop as usual. This time, however, whenever the professor changes the slides mark the new page number in your notes. Later, when you get your hands on the slide files, load them up in Power point. Use the page numbers in your notes to copy and paste the text right into power point in the notes window under the appropriate slides. You can now print out the two together in notes view as before. Studying Power point Slides, the alert reader will remark that some professors use a huge number of slides. The thought of having to review every single slide presented during the semester is enough to drive many to despair. In this case, you might considering cleaning up your notes in Power point before printing them for review. Even after youve done some cleaning, its still not obvious how best to study from this material.

In this post, i describe simple rules for taking effective notes diary in a power point lecture. I also describe how to later use these notes to study as efficiently as possible. Dont Print the Slides Before lecture. Professors will often post their Power point slides before the lecture. Many students assume they should print the slides and bring them with them to class. Dont do this, instead, load the files on your laptop. While the professor lectures, follow along with the slides on your laptop. Take notes in the notes window that appears at the bottom of your screen in Power point. This is demonstrated in the following screen shot: When the class is over, you can then print out your slides in notes view โ€” which will show, on each page, the slide along with the notes you recorded.

type notes or write notes

voa learning English

Password protection - prevents unauthorized access to program Password protection for single note/group - protects your notes even more strongly Encryption - allows all your notes to be stored as encrypted files Visual encryption - allows you to encrypt your notes' text, making it absolutely. Option to import mail contacts from ms outlook, gmail and ibm notes (former Lotus Notes) Synchronization - stay synchronized local and via ftp protocol Synchronization with cloud storage services - via plugins (including ftp and sftp) Images and smilies - you can add images. Also you can manually make a full backup copy of all notes Pin-to-window - ability to pin notes to selected window Ability to save notes as desktop shortcuts - to show hidden notes or to run the program if it is not running. Searching - search for (or replace) text fragments in all notes, including hidden or in each separate note, or find statement notes with specified title, or notes modified within specified interval, or notes with specified tags quick search in web - searches the web for any. I hope that you will enjoy using pnotes as i enjoy developing it! November 19th, comments, the rise of Power point, its increasingly common for professors to lecture with the help of Power point slides. Whether or not this is a good development is an database argument for another time. What is clear, however, is that the modern student needs to know how to best take notes on this style of lecture.

Overdue notes tracking - keeps you alerted even with overdue reminders. Spell checking - using Hunspell library may be improper for some eastern languages. Speaking notes - instead of alarming by sound files you may force the notes to speak with you, reading their text aloud. Notes' exchange over local network - keeps you in touch with your colleagues and friends. Storing undelivered notes on server - when either t is not running on recipient's computer, or his/her computer is off (experimental, requires pnotesExchangeService installed on any local network computer). Posting on social networks - allows you to post a part of note or entire note on social networks (there are currently plugins for Facebook, twitter, linkedIn and vkontakte available). Import posts from social networks - allows you to insert your posts from social networks into notes. Hot keys - allows you to access frequently used function with your own hot keys.

A learning Secret: Don t take notes with a laptop - scientific

type notes or write notes

S.Typing Notes - soar study skills

Net framework.5, rich text - full set of formatting options. Tables - organize your note's content into customizable tables. Special symbols - for formulas, schemes, equations and other special content. Subscript, superscript, lines and paragraphs spacing - additional formatting options, free drawing student - don't want to type your notes? Write them or draw them.

Transparency - allows you to set transparency level for all notes or for each of notes separately. Skins - there is a variety of skins for pnotes but if you wish, you can run the program in skinless mode, in which case you can stretch notes to any reasonable size. Pnotes Control Panel - central command post, all management is put into effect here. Groups - allows you to divide notes into groups of your choice, create new groups and subgroups, control all by mouse click or drag-and-drop. Scheduling - use various schedule types to be reminded about significant events by many different ways.

First, create a template for Microsoft Word. Open a blank page and add box shapes of the same dimension as the sticky note. Print out this template and then stick a note on each of the boxes. Next, type notes inside the boxes in Word and then delete the boxes but not their contents. Place the sheet with stickies affixed in a printer and then print the prepared Word document.

Managing your day-to-day life is not an easy job. There are so many things to concern for - housekeeping, shopping, children. And what about cousin's birthday you always forget or important phone numbers? Undoubtedly your working place is covered with dusty yellow (or blue, or pink) sticky notes. If so - pnotes is right for you. Throw the physical stickies away and replace them with virtual ones on your desktop. Pnotes (Pinned Notes or Portable notes, use what you prefer) exists in two different editions: pnotes - the older one, written entirely in plain c and Windows api (with. Pelles C for Windows ide t - the newer one, written in c requires. Here is the comparison table of two products: feature, pNotes, t Portability - the program does not require installation and can be started from any drive (fixed or flash) on any computer requires.

Is it better to handwrite or computer type revision notes and why

How Many pages are in a post-It Notepad? The number of pages in a post-it notepad varies widely. Some are as few as 45 sheets while there are pads with up to 400 sheets. Regular 3x3 inch Post-it notes typically have 90 sheets in each pad with as many as 48 pads in a pack. What are super Sticky, notes? 3M introduced Post-it repositionable business notes in 2003 to adapt stickies for home users. They have a stronger adhesive that helps them stay up longer when posted on vertical surfaces like mirrors, walls and refrigerators. The extra sticky glue also makes these notes adhere firmly to uneven surfaces. How do you print on Post-It.

type notes or write notes

stickies for making lists, planning meals and scheduling calendar events. These notes are bigger than regular-sized Post-it notes and have specially marked pages. What is the size of a sticky note? The regular sticky note is a square page measuring 3x3 inches. It usually comes in single or multi-colored stacks containing multiple pads. In addition to this standard dimension, 3M also offer alternative square sticky sizes, including 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8 inches as well as rectangular ones in sizes varying from 3x5 to 25x30 inches.

Besides this novel bonding agent, there are other ways that 3M and other sticky note brands differentiate their repositionable notes. These include offering them in a lot more colors than yellow and in more shapes than square. They are also available in various year sizes and styles. Lastly, users can find lined and printed stickies in addition to regular plain ones. All of these variations make the notes highly adaptable. Improve productivity with Post-It, notes. While plain stickies are suitable for writing quick notes, lined Post-it notes are even better for certain writing needs.

Should students take notes on paper or laptops?

Sticky notes make it easy for anyone to write notes, add indexing tabs, leave reminders and organize their thoughts. These iconic small writing sheets are beloved by highly productive individuals and help with multitasking. There are more types of Post-it notes than the traditional yellow notes associated with the brand. You can find a wide selection of these margaret adhesive-backed notes on Staples. Get Creative with Sticky, notes, the unique part of a post-it note is the low-tack adhesive strip at the back. This makes it possible to stick it on any flat surface, remove it and re-post it somewhere else. The adhesive is pressure-sensitive and does not leave residues.

Type notes or write notes
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  2. The equals sign or equality sign is a mathematical symbol used to indicate was invented in 1557 by robert an equation, the equals sign is placed between two ( or more) expressions that have the same value. Sticky notes make it easy for anyone to write notes, add indexing tabs, leave reminders and organize their thoughts. These iconic small writing sheets are beloved by highly productive individuals and help with multitasking.

  3. Notes, each class has notes available. Most of the classes have practice problems with solutions available on the practice problems pages. Alas, i must disagree. As readers of Straight-a know, Im a big proponent of taking notes on your laptop. There are three reasons: (1) you type much faster than you can write.

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