Ways to promote tourism essay

ways to promote tourism essay

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The recovery of the world economy, and in particular of the economies of major American and European generating markets, together with the strength of the Asian economies, strongly contributed to the extraordinary results of tourism in 2004. Fears of the impact of the oil prices faded as time went by, as the price increases were being absorbed by the economy, and were not affecting consumer confidence. With regards to tourist preferences, a large proportion of these holidays are spent on international trips, especially during the summer season, when people from northern climates traditionally visit southern resorts in order to enjoy the warm weather and waters. These leisure products are widely referred to as the 4Ss, which are the sun, sea, sand and Sex (Lowry 1993,. Leisure 4Ss products are packaged together and consumers purchase a combination of transportation, accommodation and activities packaged together by tour operators. In addition, several other types of demand emerge, especially for short-break holidays, which tend to concentrate on sports and educational activity, hobbies and visiting cultural attractions. This kind of tourism is generally domestic and often takes advantage of resources located in urban environments (such as theatres, cultural centers) or rural areas (e.g. Agriculture or heritage) in close proximity to the main residence of consumers.

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In fact, many would argue that, with the current level of media and technology available, advertising and the mass media have become more powerful than other institutions such as education, religion, and even the family (Pollay, 1986). With advertisings ability to yield both economic and cultural power, it is important for advertisers and consumer researchers to understand how it is by and influences individuals in society. This point is particularly true in light of the major demographic shifts occurring in the United States. For example, people over 50 years of age will soon makeup the largest age group in the United States, writing and ethnic minorities are predicted to account for close to 50 of the population by 2050 (U. Information on how individual characteristics affect the sending, receiving, and processing of communication is crucial for marketers to communicate and serve tomorrows consumers in an increasingly diverse marketplace. Tourism: Industry on the rise, the structure of the travel and tourism industry is complex because it is made up of a wide variety of interrelated commercial and noncommercial organizations. Thus, before venturing to advertising and marketing, the need to know on how these organizations work together and how the main components that make up the travel and tourism industry interact to provide the tourist experience. The components of the industry include: tourist attractions (for example paraphrase natural, built) accommodation and catering (for example serviced/self-catering) tourism development and promotion (for example tourist boards, tourist information, guiding services) transportation (for example land, sea, air) travel agents in terms of multiples, independents and functions. The world tourism Organization (WTO) reported that after three years of stagnant growth, international tourism experienced a spectacular rebound in 2004 with the great majority of destinations reporting positive results and many breaking records. World tourism was above all marked by the strong rebound of Asia and the pacific after the sars-induced setbacks suffered in 2003, and by the return of the Americas to positive results.

OBrien (1996) explains that the west European leisure travel thesis market is undergoing structural and cultural changes. These changes are critical to the future demand for, and supply of, leisure products both to consumers and to intermediaries who distribute travel products. The european market has experienced a certain level of maturity as the vast majority of North Europeans take annual holidays abroad. In contrast the majority of south European tourists as well as people in North America have traditionally consumed domestic tourism products for a variety of reasons. In promoting tourism destinations, advertising comes in with significance. Advertising is a powerful social and cultural force in American society (Jhally, 1995). Advertising has been attributed as being both a mirror of societal values and a molder of our beliefs and norms (Holbrook, 1987).

ways to promote tourism essay

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Tourism demand evolved rapidly in the 1990s altering conventional wisdom and changing a whole range of factors influencing tourism planning and management. Attempting to daddy interpret tourism phenomena and forecast the future of international activity is similar to reading the crystal ball (Buhalis 1994,. Tourism has grown enormously in the last half century and become the worlds largest industry. It has also developed a multidimensional and multidisciplinary character making the analysis of both demand and supply a complex task. The globalization experienced alters the competitiveness of destination regions and provokes a whole range of new activities and requirements from the demand side. Increasingly people are becoming more aware of their limited time and are looking for both their value for time and value for money. Predicting international demand trends is therefore a very challenging task, as the dynamic nature of these developments clearly demonstrates that the only constant in tourism is continuous change. Nevertheless, successful tourism management and planning will increasingly need to identify the factors changing demand trends. The industry should therefore offer meaningful tourism products and also provide strategic and operational tools, which can delight consumers and enhance the competitiveness of destinations and enterprises within the global market.

Conclusion, efforts have been made time and again to improve upon the quality of services provided by the tourism industry. Various concerns have been raised as well as many an article written and studies undertaken on the development and promotion of tourism to realize its full potential. The question however is, how much effort has been made to consider and implement these concerns and recommendations made in articles and researches? There are and will always be lots of people wanting a place to visit. How many of these people are willing to visit our beloved country with all its rich reserves? How are potential tourists seeing Ghana and its tourist attractions? It behooves every Ghanaian to view it as a responsibility to contribute one way or the other towards the proper array of tourism in order to better contribute towards development. The prospects of the effectiveness of marketing methods to promote tourism destinations could spell a huge difference, if done with careful planning and research.

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ways to promote tourism essay

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The result of this is the deployment of the additional revenue that the government could have obtained from taxes and loyalties to bollywood finance development. Sustainability in the tourism industry can better be explained in the light of sustainable development. Sustainable development, defined by the world Commission on Environment and development, is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In light of the above, the world tourism Organisation also puts it right when it envisions Sustainable tourism as leading to management of all tourism resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological. The benefits of tourism are not confined only to the present generation. It is therefore prudent to ensure that the tourism needs of the present are provided leading to an improvement in living standards without compromising its ability to contribute towards future development. The development of small scale industries and the application of appropriate modern technology leading to a sustained development and promotion of tourism imply the generation of employment and general improvement in living standards through revenue and income generation.

A sustained development and promotion of tourism puts the sector in a better position to receive potential investments. In order to better address the development issues of tourism in the light of small scale industrial operations and proper advertisement and marketing towards sustainable tourism, Ghana needs to;? Bring under one umbrella all small scale industries which contribute towards tourism and encourage them to share ideas as to how their activities can be developed to better contribute to tourism promotion. The capacities of these operators should also be improved and further developed through practical training workshops and provision of incentives? Better adopt the e-tourism Initiative by the United Nations Conference on Trade and development (unctad) to present to the world economy the tourism product of Ghana holistically and competitively. By this, tourism in Ghana would be developed such that everything pertaining to tourism would be taken care of as one package and marketed as such using the electronic media and it as the driving force, ensuring the availability of periodically updated tourism information.

This is to ensure ease of circulation and acquisition of information necessary for the development of the world economy at large. As a result, many an issue of economic, social, cultural, environmental, scientific and political significance is being published on the internet. People can now sit in the comfort of their offices and places of abode and buy, sell, interact with others and transact businesses across the globe. The use of computerized systems and ict (Information and Communication Technology) in the operations of tourist facilities in Ghana is an area yet to be fully developed. Many tourist sites in developed countries have gained their recognition as a result of modern technological know-how in their operations. These sites have gained their worldwide recognition through the employment of Information and Communication Technology and tourism Technology in their development, advertisement and marketing.

According to the korea tourism Organisation, tourism Technology is a term that encompasses all social, cultural, managerial and value-adding activities of the tourism industry. Tourism Technology incorporates and encourages technological advancements and economic development in the tourism industry. The messages to be portrayed or imparted to tourists about sites are sometimes not properly relayed. This is because sometimes these sites receive tourists from non-Anglophone speaking countries making it almost impossible for tour guides to communicate with them since these guides are trained to communicate with tourists in either English or the local dialects. The tourism industry in Ghana is yet to approach a time when information would be translated to diverse international languages via electronic medium at tourist sites to be accessed and fully understood by tourists from all walks of life. Policy Implications, a holistic approach to coordinate the activities of all involved in tourism implies an improvement in quality, extent and means of marketing of services offered by the sector, bringing about further development of the economy. It follows that; the disjointed nature of activities in the tourism industry would bring about less quality and a slow rate of development in the tourism industry leading to decreasing rate in income realization. The tourism industry when properly developed could further employ significant portion of the nations population. However, the activities of the small scale industries are done in such a way that it leaves less room for expansion and increase in the intake of employees as this would lead to an encroachment on existing inputs of production, especially with respect to physical.

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They deal with the tourist. What they like to do, how much they spend and what they think of places are common topics one finds in almost all professional tourism journals. What is not so common is the supply side which focuses on firms engaged in providing touristic goods and services. Yet it is these very firms that often provide the basis for an individuals trip satisfaction evaluation. Modern Technology and tourism Promotion, globalization diary has seen the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) increasingly become an issue of much importance. Its use is encouraged in all spheres of operation. Ict brings a sense of association mini and oneness into the world economy via the internet.

ways to promote tourism essay

Small Scale Industries and tourism Promotion. A tourist visiting any tourist site in a country or community spends money on accommodation, transport, food, entrance fees and souvenirs among others. The rest of the auto stay of tourists after visiting tourist sites is left to the care of small scale industries. Alongside the tourism sector, many industries have been established by people, especially at tourist sites, to ensure the provision of certain complementary services as mentioned above. Usually, these industries are small in nature. The services provided by these small scale industries add up to the growth and attractiveness of the tourism industry hence their inclusion in the scope of promoting tourism is vital in developing the tourism sector. Most literature available on tourism is demand side focused.

demand for better quality product when it comes to tourism. Ghana as a country has many breathtaking tourist attractions as a result of it natural resource endowments and also rich cultural heritages. Examples of which are the cape coast and Elmina castles, kakum National Park and Canopy walkway, mole national Park, paga Crocodile ponds, buabeng fiema monkey sanctuary, just to mention but a few. However, like many other African countries, Ghana has not realized the full benefit that can accrue or be derived from these attractions. It is important to note that tourism is deemed as one of the promising sectors of the national economy. In Ghana, there has been little effort to holistically coordinate the activities of the industries that form part of the tourism product, which is the totality of tourist attractions, facilities and services. These include basically transport, accommodation, restaurants/food providers and producers/sellers of souvenirs. Each of these industries are treated as separate entities and marketed as such.

Moreover, a medical tourist can reap the benefits of both a vacation and a treatment. Beside a visit to database the hospital, they also visit a different country, enjoy its scenery and get an opportunity to relax in a different social milieu. Tourist can get an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Secondly, malaysia can make more international level of entertainment event such as culture festival, international competition like lima, firework competition, monsoon cup and Formula. Events and festivals is one of the fastest growing forms of tourism. They are becoming increasingly popular in rural areas as a means to revitalize local economies. Festivals and special events play important roles in destination development, image makers, animators of static attractions, and catalysts for other developments. Lastly effective promotion of tourism sector achieving sustainable development by enhancing public participation. Opinions of Thursday, columnist: Appiah, Grace, promotion Of tourism In Ghana: The contribution Of Small Scale Industries And Modern Technology.

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Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to my lovely lecture, miss Nadia reviews yahya and to my beloved classmate. Today, tourism becomes more and more important sector in the worlds economy. Even in Malaysia, tourism has become third largest source of income from foreign exchange, and accounted for 7 of Malaysia's economy as of 2005. In 1999, malaysia launched a worldwide marketing campaign called Malaysia, truly Asia which was largely successful in bringing in over.4 million tourists. As of 2011, malaysia has ranks 9th among the top most visited countries in the world, after Germany. We can see that how important tourism industry to malaysia, therefore it is useful to promote it and today i will discuss how can we promote our tourism industry. Firstly, we have to improve on accommodation and health services in order to attract the tourists. For example, malaysia can promote attract tourist by expanding the medical tourism such as providing dialysis centres, so that people who has a kidney problem can also go for healthy vacation.

Ways to promote tourism essay
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  2. In comparison to other sectors of Industry, the tourism industry i s well developed at Malaysia. This industry effects in a positive manner in giving. Below is an essay on how to Promote tourism Industry f rom Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Tourism is an important pillar in almost every country s econom. While some countries are really good at promoting themselves, others need.

  3. Keywords: promoting tourism, tourism promotion. In the 1960s, inte rnet was used to applying computers for sharing information on research. Consider what makes your town or city unique. One way to do this is to make a list of all the activities and attractions currently available in the town. The prospects of the effectiveness of marketing methods to promote tourism destinations could spell a huge difference, if done with careful.

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