Writing to an ex

writing to an ex

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Interglosa was later modified and the name shortened to Glosa in 1978, three years after Hogben's death. (2) In poetry, a glosa is a genre or poetic form in which a later poet writes a poem commenting on or "glossing" a famous quatrain written by another poet. Page defines it as consisting of an opening quatrain written by another poet, four ten-line stanzas, each with concluding lines taken consecutively from the quatrain, and the sixth and ninth lines rhyming with the borrowed tenth line (Page, "forward. Grk glossa "language adopted into latin as glosa and becoming a verb by backformation as glosare, " to comment or explain in writing As a verb, to gloss is to write a scholarly or explanatory commentary on another text. This practice was common among medieval scribes and writers, particularly those commenting on biblical texts, who would write extensive glosses in smaller handwriting in the margins of bibles. Modern editors of scholarly editions often add their own glosses to literary works in the form of footnotes. As a noun, a gloss is the actual written commentary itself.

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These sounds are classified as on-glide or off-glide. For instance, algeo notes the word mule myule contains an on-glide. In contrast, the word mile maIl has an off-glide (319). Globe : One of the theatres in London where Shakespeare performed. Shakespeare's acting company built it on the bankside south of the Thames-an area often called "Southwerke"-which was notorious for its brothels and taverns, since it lay outside the jurisdiction of London proper. Technically polygonal rather than a perfect sphere, it was sufficiently circular to earn its name. The area above the stage, which contained a small orchestra for playing music and a small cannon for making explosive sound effects, was referred to in actor's slang as "the heavens." The cellarage, or the area directly underneath the stage, accessible through a trapdoor called. was known as "hell." glosa : The term has two meanings. (1) In linguistics, a synthetic language intended to be used as a communications tool amongst scientists across the world. Originally called interglossa, the language originates in the work of Great Britain's Lancelot with Hogben. He first published the language as a whole in 1943.

Fear of and revulsion toward such dead bodies is a survival trait-obviously something dangerous to one's species-a predator, a poison, or a pathogen-killed the dead body. So, a strong desire to avoid the body and the surrounding area (i.e, a feeling of nausea or terror) would encourage others to keep their distance. The creators of ghost stories rely intentionally or unintentionally on this instinctive reaction toward the dead as one of the emotional engines to shape a reaction in their audience. Contrast with business ghost characters, above. Gimmal : A term coined by zireaux for a type of rhyme consisting of two words, and only two words, which rhyme perfectly in double or triple rhyme, and which appear related in meaning; additionally, no other standard English word can rhyme with them, making. Examples include beautiful / dutiful, achievement / bereavement, meager / eager, and cupid / stupid (Zireaux). Not to be confused with gimel, a letter of the hebrew alphabet. Glide : Also called a semivowel, a glide is a diphthongized sound that accompanies another vowel.

writing to an ex

Write an, email to an, ex, spouse

Shakespearean scholars use the word "ghost characters" to refer to characters listed in the stage directions or the list of dramatis personae but who appear to say nothing, take no explicit part in the action, and are neither addressed nor mentioned by any other characters. For instance, some quarto editions of Much Ado About Nothing list such characters in the first stage directions and again in Act iii. Ghost story : Any book liteary or folklore narrative dealing with supernatural beings that return from the dead to haunt the living. Ghost stories appear in the traditions of a wide number of peoples and places including Amerindian and Polynesian tribes, the middle east and Asia, and Europe. They may date back to prehistoric times and even today remain popular on " reality" television series, in horror films, and in online creepypastas. Ghost stories are often told with the explicit or implicit goal diary of evoking fear, suspense, and "goosebumps" in the listener. Many gothic novels are ghost stories. Anthropologists suggest that, as is true with the current fascination with zombie apocalypse narratives, the fear implicit in a ghost story may originate in the instinctive revulsion and dismay humans (and many other animal species) feel when confronted with a dead body of their own.

The three broadest categories of genre include poetry, drama, and fiction. These general genres are often subdivided into more specific genres and subgenres. For instance, precise examples of genres might include murder mysteries, westerns, sonnets, lyric poetry, epics, tragedies, etc. Bookstores, libraries, and services like redbox or Netflix may label and subdivide their books or films into genres for the convenience of shoppers seeking a specific category of literature. Geographical dialect (also called a regional dialect a dialect that appears primarily in a geographic area, as opposed to a dialect that appears primarily in an ethnic group or social caste. Germanic : The northern branch of Indo-european, often subdivided into (1) East Germanic or Gothic, (2) West Germanic, and (3) North Germanic. Old Norse fits in the north Germanic sub-branch while Old English falls in the west Germanic sub-branch. Ghost characters : This term should not be confused with characters who happen to appear on stage as ghosts.

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writing to an ex

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Generative grammar : Another term for transformational grammar. Genetic classification : A grouping of languages based on their historical development from a evaluation common source. Genitive : A declension in any synthetic (i.e. Heavily inflected) language that indicates possession. In many Old English singular nouns, an -es declension attached to the end of that noun would indicate the genitive case.

For instance, in the phrase " Godes wrath " (God's wrath the -es indicates that the word wrath belongs to god. That ancient -es genitive declension survives today in fossilized form as the apostrophe followed by the letter. For instance, the boy 's ball. The use of the apostrophe is the result of a renaissance misunderstanding. See his -genitive for more information. Genre : A type or category of literature or film marked by certain shared features or conventions.

Gatherers : Money-collectors employed by an acting company to take money at the admissions or entrances to a theater. Geasa (also spelled geisa or geis, plural geissi a magical taboo or restriction placed on a hero in Old Irish literature. For example, cuchulainn in the tain is forbidden to eat the flesh of a dog because his own name means "hound of Ulster." (On a symbolic level then, eating a dog's meat would be an act of autocannibalism.) Such restrictions are almost archetypal-compare with Sampson. Also compare with the tynged in Welsh literature. Gemel : A final couplet that appears at the end of a sonnet. See couplet and sonnet.

Gemination : In linguistics, the doubling of a consonant sound under certain conditions, a trait common in Germanic languages including English. An example of gemination in English is the way the /t/ doubles in the word hot when we add the -er suffix for the comparative form of hotter. Gender, grammatical : A grammatical category in most Indo-european languages. Three genders commonly appear for pronouns, nouns (and in inflected languages adjectives masculine, feminine, and neuter. Note that these categories are only vaguely related to biological gender. General semantics : According to Algeo, "A linguistic philosophy emphasizing the arbitrary nature of language to clarify thinking" (319). Generalization, linguistic : As Algeo defines it, "A semantic change expanding the kinds of referents of a word" (319). E., in generalization, a word picks up broader meaning instead of becoming specialized, focused, and narrower in meaning.

Should you ever write a letter of apology to an ex?

Literary terms and Definitions: g, this page is under perpetual construction! It was last updated April 24, 2018. This list is meant to assist, not intimidate. Use it as a touchstone for important concepts and vocabulary that we will cover during the term. Vocabulary terms are listed alphabetically. D e, f g, h i, j k, l m, n o,. R s, t u, v w x y z gair llanw : book In Welsh poetry such as the strict meters ( cynghanedd a common technique to fill out the necessary syllables in a line is to add a gair llanw, a parenthetical word or phrase-often. Gallery : The elevated seating areas at the back and sides of a theater.

writing to an ex

Tonya is shown smoking many times in the film and in the promotional posters and videos to portray her as different or a rebel or cool, but for an asthmatic athlete to smoke is simply profoundly stupid. (The film skates over the asthma thing.). Harding received tens of thousands of dollars for her training from the figure skating association and from george Steinbrenner, then more from nike head Phil Knight for her legal defense. (Not mentioned—doesnt fit the poor little tonya narrative.). Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. We are engaged on requirements the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the eu market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

headed to norway to report on the Olympics. So i thought i knew what to expect with i, tonya and the first half of the film pretty much sticks to the story (Hardings mom, lavona "Sandy" Golden, has denied beating her). But when it came to figure skatings establishment and the kerrigan attack the film veers into fantasy. Two fictional scenes where tonya confronts snooty judges are completely unbelievable (but crowd favorites in the screening i attended) and the movie asserts that Harding and Jeff Gillooly knew nothing about the planned attack other than it might involve some threatening letters. The blame is all put on hapless bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt, who, in actual life, is conveniently dead.1-31, paul Kitagaki., The Oregonian, in reality, that bleak january 1994 Jeff Gillooly told the fbi that planning for the attack included discussions of killing Kerrigan, or cutting. (makes Tonya a tad less sympathetic, no?). The Oregonian's photo of the asthmatic Tonya harding smoking evoked scorn and shock when it was published. Brent Wojahn, The Oregonian/Oregonlive, i, tonya treats Kerrigan as comic relief; the movie crowd burst out laughing for Kerrigans brief appearances on screen, but my stomach was turning.

Tom Treick, the Oregonian, in 1986 I was a reporter for Sports Illustrated and attended my first figure skating event in New York, which was also tonya hardings first national championships. As a writer for The national Sports daily i covered the 1991 national championships when Harding landed a triple axel, and in 1993 became lead sports columnist for The Oregonian in Portland. My third column, about the scrappy little local skater, led to the creation of the official Tonya harding Gillooly fan Club. G, shawn Eckhardt with Tonya harding upon her return to portland International Airport in January 1994 following the. Figure skating Championships in Detroit. Brent Wojahn, The Oregonian. Of course, colleague abby haight and I were in Detroit when Nancy kerrigan was attacked dates by a club-wielding thug, and we reported on all the madness to follow back home in Portland.

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Posted January 27, 2018 at 03:00 pm updated January 29, 2018 at 10:38 am 1994 the Press Photo skater Tonya harding. Tonya harding talks to the media before leaving for the 1994 Winter Olympics. Michael Lloyd, The Oregonian,. Vader, Special to The Oregonian/Oregonlive. It was painful to hand over the money for a ticket, knowing that some of it would go to an unrepentant felon, and knowing all too well how much money means to her. Still, i, tonya is an award-winning film with big stars, glowing reviews and Oscar buzz, so of course i had to see it, even if the story is all too familiar. Tonya_G, tonya was all smiles in the 1991. Nationals just after landing a historic triple axel in the competition.

Writing to an ex
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1971 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, rhode Island / Area of Specialization: Art Education with the emphasis. The pulp papermaking process is said to have.

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  4. Donald Trump's lawyer goes nuts on reporters for writing controversial story about Trump and his ex -wife. Jan 08, 2018 new York ; Disgraced nypd '. Cannibal Cop' releases 'extremely violent' horror novel, hopes to make a living off writing. Jan 27, 2018 you know the story: Figure skater Tonya harding's ex -husband, jeff Gillooly, hired a thug to brutally kneecap the working-class Oregon skater's rival, the prettier and more popular Nancy kerrigan. This webpage is for.

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