Blood type essay

blood type essay

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People that do not have the protein classify. The origin of the name Rh factor is related to the fact that the research that discovered this blood antigen was carried out in rhesus monkeys (. How are antibodies against the Rh factor formed? Anti-Rh antibodies are produced by a humoral immune response. When an Rh- individual comes into contact with the Rh factor, it is recognized as foreign agent (antigen the primary immune response begins and small amounts of anti-Rh antibodies and memory b lymphocytes are produced. In future contact with the antigen, antibodies will already be circulating, and memory immune cells will be prepared to carry out an intense and effective attack against the Rh factor.

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By using abo blood typing, it is only possible to exclude paternity, maternity or brotherhood/sisterhood. But it is not possible to come to positive conclusions about these relationships. For example, if an individual has type o blood, ii genotype, he or she cannot have biological parents of the type ab (iaib genotype since one of his/her alleles has necessarily come from the father and the other from the mother. Another example: a couple of individuals of the type o (ii) in turn can only generate direct offspring of type o blood, since they do not have alleles that condition antigen A nor antigen. Is abo blood compatibility enough for the safety of blood transfusion? Besides abo blood compatibility, the compatibility of the Rh painting blood system must also be checked. In addition, it is of fundamental importance for the safety of blood transfusion to perform tests to detect the agents of the main blood-transmitted infectious diseases, such as hiv (aids hepatitis b and c, syphilis, Chagas disease, etc. What is the Rh factor? The Rh factor is a protein in the red blood cell plasma membrane that behaves like an antigen in blood transfusions, triggering a humoral (antibody-based) immune response. Most people present the protein in their red blood cells and are part of the Rh group.

The inheritance of the abo blood system is a form of multiple alleles inheritance. There are three alleles involved, ia, ib and i which combine in pairs to form the genotypes. Concerning dominance, the allele i is recessive in relation to the alleles ia and. Between ia and ib, however, a lack of dominance is established and the heterozygous pair (iaib) has its own distinct phenotype. What are the genotypes and respective blood types of the abo system? Since the alleles are ia, ib and i, the possible genotypes are iaia or iai (blood type a iaib (blood type ab ibib or ibi (blood type B) and ii (blood type O). Is it possible investigate natural paternity, maternity or brotherhood and sisterhood father's using abo blood typing?

blood type essay

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(Any transfusion must be studied, planned and supervised by doctors.). What are universal donors and universal recipients in the abo blood system? Universals donors of the abo blood type system are the individuals of the type. Type o blood does not have a or b antigen in its red blood cells and can be donated to individuals of any abo type. Universal recipients of the abo blood type system are the individuals of type. Type ab blood does not contain anti-a or anti-b antibodies and people of this group can receive blood from any of the abo types. What type of genetic inheritance determines the abo blood group system? What are the relations of dominance among the involved alleles?

What is the logic of the transfusion compatibility in the abo blood group system? The transfusion compatibility for the abo system takes into account the antigens present in the red blood cells of the donor and the antibodies that the recipient can produce. Whenever the recipient is not able to produce antibodies against antigens of the red blood cells of the donor, the transfusion is compatible. Therefore, regarding abo compatibility, type a can donate to type a and to type. Type b can donate to type b and to type. Type ab can donate only to type. Type o can donate to all abo types.

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blood type essay

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The abo blood system includes the erythrocytic antigens thesis a and B that can be attacked by anti-a and anti-b antibodies. A and b antigens are agglutinogens and anti-a and anti-b antibodies are agglutinins. Blood Types review - image diversity: abo system. What are the blood types of the abo blood system? The blood types of the abo blood system are type a, type b, the ab and type.

What are the antigens and antibodies of each blood type of the abo blood system? Type A: A antigen, anti-b antibody. Type B: b antigen, anti-a antibody. Type ab: a and b antigens, does not produce a or b antibodies. Type O: does not contain a or b antigen, has anti-a and anti-b antibodies. (Obviously, antibodies are produced by b lymphocytes and not by red blood cells.).

A nurse or technician will wrap a band around your arm to make your veins more visible. They will use a needle to draw several samples of blood from your arm or hand. After the draw, gauze and a bandage will be placed over the puncture site. In order to determine your blood type, a lab technician will mix your blood sample with antibodies that attack types a and B blood to see how it reacts. If your blood cells clump together when mixed with antibodies against type a blood, for example, you have type b blood.

Your blood sample will then be mixed with an anti-Rh serum. If your blood cells clump together in response to the anti-Rh serum, it means that you have rh-positive blood. Your blood type can be determined in a matter of minutes. Once you know your blood type, you can donate blood and receive transfusions from donors in the compatible blood groups. Why is it important to determine the blood types of the donor and the recipient in transfusions? Red blood cells have different antigens in the outer surface of their plasma membrane; for example, the antigens a and b of the abo system are glycoproteins of the membrane. If a donor has red blood cells with antigens not present in the red blood cells of the recipient (a lack of transfusion compatibility the immune system of the recipient recognizes these molecules as actual antigens (or rather, foreign substances) and triggers a defense response. The transfused red blood cells are then destroyed by these antibodies and the recipient may even die. What are the antigens and the respective antibodies of the abo blood group system?

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Blood typing is especially important for pregnant women. If the dates mother is Rh-negative and the father is Rh-positive, the child will likely be Rh-positive. In these cases, the mother needs to receive a drug called Rhogam. This drug will keep her body from forming antibodies that may attack the babys blood cells if their blood becomes mixed, which often happens during pregnancy. You will need to have your blood drawn in order to have it typed. Having your blood drawn carries very minimal risks, including: bleeding under the skin (hematoma) fainting or feeling lightheaded infection at the puncture site excessive bleeding, no special preparation paper is needed for blood typing. If you think you might feel faint during the test, you may want to have someone drive you home afterward. The blood draw can be performed at a hospital or a clinical laboratory. Your skin will be cleaned before the test with an antiseptic to help prevent infection.

blood type essay

While type o-negative has long been considered a universal donor, more recent research suggests that additional antibodies are sometimes present and may alaska cause serious reactions during a transfusion. Austrian Karl Landsteiner discovered blood types in 1901. Before that, blood transfusions were risky and potentially lethal. Landsteiner made the process much safer, and he was awarded the nobel Prize for his work. Blood typing is done prior to a blood transfusion or when classifying a persons blood for donation. Blood typing is a fast and easy way to ensure that you receive the right kind of blood during surgery or after an injury. If youre given incompatible blood, it can lead to blood clumping, or agglutination, which can be fatal.

other ab individuals, but can receive blood of any type. Blood types are further organized by Rh factor: Rh-positive : people with Rh-positive blood have rh antigens on the surface of their red blood cells. People with Rh-positive blood can receive rh-positive or Rh-negative blood. Rh-negative : people with Rh-negative blood do not have rh antigens. People with Rh-negative blood can receive only blood that is also Rh-negative. Together, the abo and Rh grouping systems yield your complete blood type. There are eight possible types: O-positive, o-negative, a-positive, a-negative, b-positive, b-negative, ab-positive, and ab-negative.

Type ab has both a and b antigens. Type o has neither A nor b antigens. If blood with antigens that you dont have enters your system, your body will create antibodies against. However, some people can still safely receive blood that isnt their blood type. As long as the blood they receive doesnt have any antigens that mark it as foreign, their bodies wont attack. In other words, donations work as follows: O : Type o individuals can donate blood to anyone, because their blood has no antigens. However, they can only receive blood from other type database o individuals (because blood with any antigens is seen as foreign). A : Type a individuals can donate to other type a individuals and type ab individuals. Type a individuals can receive blood only from other type a individuals and type o individuals.

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Blood typing is a test that determines a persons blood type. The test is essential if you need a blood transfusion or are planning to donate blood. Not all blood types are compatible, so its important to know your blood group. Receiving blood thats incompatible with your blood type could trigger a dangerous immune response. Your blood type is determined by summary what kind of antigens your red blood cells have on the surface. Antigens are substances that help your body differentiate between its own cells and foreign, potentially dangerous ones. If your body thinks a cell is foreign, it will set out to destroy. The abo blood typing system groups your blood into one of four categories: Type a has the a antigen. Type b has the b antigen.

Blood type essay
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  2. Knowing your blo od type is important for blood donations and transfusion, and pregnancy health.

  3. Blood Groups and Transfusions essaysWhen Europeans first experimented with blood t ransfusions in the 17th century, so many patients died that the procedure. Review blood types, the abo, rh and mn blood group systems and the genetics of blo od transfusion. The answer: It can be helpful to know your blood type for a number of reasons. Let s review how your blood type is determined to understand. Blood typing is a test that determines a person s blood type.

  4. Essays from bookrags provide great ideas for Blood type essays and paper topics like essay. View this student essay about Blood type. Sheehan biology, period 6 January 12, 2015 biological Cheating The re are four types of blood types in the abo blood group (a, b, ab, and O). Blood type, in medicine, classification of red blood cells by the presence of spec ific substances on their surface. Typing of red blood cells is a prerequisite for.

  5. Blood might look the same and do the same job, but tiny cell markers mean one pers on s body can reject another person s blood. Find out how blood types work. Advanced E ssay 3- The Blood Type Theory. In 2018, we live in a world where. Free essay: experiment 3 blood typng abstract the purpose of thi s lab is to determine the blood type of two samples.

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