Expository writing notes

expository writing notes

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Without many complications, these essays present fair and balanced analyses of different subjects based on facts, without any references to the authors opinions or emotions. One of the typical expository essay prompts to a writer is to use the words explain or define. This expository essay prompt makes the writer explain in a simple, plain and direct manner. Expository Essay outline, the common method of writing an expository essay is a 5-paragraph approach. However, this is not the only formula for writing expository essays but it provides a basic and clear outline for easy reading. This format gives the expository essay an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion, hence the name is a 5-paragraph approach.

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And your own, as your first draft shows, is none too clear." From 9,.228: " Rewriting is nothing english but able tinkering Only an apprenticeship under a vigilant critic will gradually teach a would-be writer how to find and correct all the blunders and obscurities. By andrew Sterrett maa notes, number 16 Mathematical Association of America, 1990, 139 pages isbn handbook of Writing for the mathematical Sciences Nicholas Higham Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1993, 241 pages isbn, qa42.H54 a primer of Mathematical Writing Steven Krantz American Mathematical Society. Williams Addison Wesley longman, 2000, 309 pages isbn the modern Researcher, 3rd Edition Jacques Barzun, henry. Graff Harcourt Brace jovanovich, 1977, 378 pages back to top of Page go to richard Delaware home page. Here youll get the basic information on how to write an expository essay. What Is an Expository Essay? Assigned to write an expository essay? First look for the expository essay definition to make clear what expository writing is: An expository essay is a type of written discourse that serves the purpose of explaining, describing and providing information to the reader. This is a simple expository essay definition. Expository essays can also be accurately termed the information or informative essays. An expository essay serves to explain a topic in a logical and straightforward manner.

Does the paper look inviting? Do the key ideas stand out?" From 7,.90: "There is a place for rigor in every kind of learning. All of us need to sharpen our thinking, and when we are challenged we should have to become more precise about what it is we are saying, how we are saying it, whether we are marshalling good arguments, and the like." From 8,.11: "Experienced. And when you understand your ideas better, you express them more clearly, and when you express them more clearly, you understand them even betterand so it goes." From 9,.31: "Care lavished on expression is not some optional embellishment bestowed upon your work;. Your research turns up raw materials very raw. Writing and rewriting make them into finished, usable products. Until brought out in full view by the best possible arrangement of words, your results remain incomplete, doubtful, hidden from every mind but your own.

expository writing notes

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Your first attempt can always be made clearer, more concise, more forceful. Effective revision is a skill that is acquired through practicePut a draft aside for a few days, so that you can examine it with a fresh mind. Then analyze the draft in different ways. Read it aloud and listen to the rhythm. Read it at high speed. Does the text flow? Are the sentences of varying length? Read at the page level, focusing on the shape and the density of ink on the pageIs there a good balance between equations and text?

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expository writing notes

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Reading your words aloud forces you to make sense of what you have written, and to deliver it as a coherent whole. If you have never tried this technique, then your first experience with it will be a revelation.". From 6,.92: "Envision your reader sitting on a park bench reading your expository paper, or putting his feet up and drinking a cup of coffee while reading. Do not imagine your reader with a pencil gripped in his fist, slaving away over each detail of your paper.". From 2,.8: keep the reader informed of what you are doing and of how things stand. I have always enjoyed reading sierpinski: first he tells you what he is going to do, then he does it, then he tells you he did.

If you use a key term or symbol after a long spell without it, recall its definition or refer to where it was introduced. Your readers paper will be grateful." From 2,.20: " Write simple unaffected prose. Writing is harder than speaking because your tone of voice isnt available to help make your point clear. Keep sentences crisp think of what you want to say and say. Mathematics is hard enough to read without convoluted writing that makes it harder." From 5,.94: " All writing benefits from revision.

Ii-12: Use definite, specific, concrete language: "deal in particulars and report the details that matter.". Ii-13: Omit needless words. Ii-15: Express co-ordinate ideas in similar form. Extremely important in mathematics. Ii-16: Keep related words together.

Also, keep related pictures together with related words. V-5: revise and rewrite. V-6: Do not overwrite. V-7: Do not overstate. V-16: Be clear. From 6,.10: "all the best writers whom i know read their work aloud to themselves.

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Consider written Internet sources suspect. Such work has usually not passed through the referee, review, and editorial scrutiny that all scholarly articles and books must. However Internet sources can provide useful lists of references, and often enlightening illustrations or golf visualizations. I will be happy to look over anything you print off such sites. Back to top of Page, writing Advice from the Experts. From Strunk and White, the Elements of Style, 1972 edition: ii-10: Use the active voice. Ii-11: Put statements in positive form.

expository writing notes

Translate sources into a single language. Theorems, definitions, lemmas, Proofs, constructions, etc. Should be indented and set off from the rest of your writing as in the following examples: Theorem: A pentagon can be constructed with unmarked straightedge and compass. Proof: Construction: Lemma: Definition: An isometry is a transformation of the plane which preserves the length of segments. I know that mathematical typography can be tedious on standard money word processors, so do the best you can. If necessary, write out expressions by hand rather than make a valiant effort with your software, only to produce clumsy approximations. End your proofs with some sort of symbol, such as a black box, or a pair of slashes / as i often use at the chalkboard. Work with original sources (in translation) as much as possible. Youll find original mathematical authors and other scholars not difficult to read, and well worth the effort.

paper should be as self-contained as possible. If you omit arguments and linkages, or "wave your hands" too much, your reader will justifiably abandon any attempt to follow your argument. Use standard conclusory terms with variety. For instance choose from words or phrases such as "thus, so, therefore, hence, whence, then, it follows that, we see that, we have, etc." when stating the many conclusions that appear in a mathematical argument. Otherwise, you risk putting your reader to sleep with repetition. If you draw from different sources, as you probably will, you must unify the notation, sketches, and even the style. The reader should not have to switch for no reason from one set of variables or expressions to another set which symbolize the same ideas. This is sloppy writing, and only obscures your mathematical argument.

Or pdf worse, in geometry sources you will often find a single massive detailed and frankly almost unreadable picture associated with a theorem or proof. In your explication of the proof expand the number of such figures, letting them evolve from the simple to the complex. As the proof proceeds, delete auxiliary aspects of figures once they have served their purpose, repeat pictures as needed so that your reader does not have to turn back several pages to follow your visual argument, and end with the completed result as your dramatic. Pictures should be near what they illustrate, and should only be numbered if you plan to refer to them from some other page. If not, phrases like "see above" or "see below" suffice. I realize that your software may not allow you to draw the pictures you need. Drawing them by hand will be fine. Use the language of mathematics correctly.

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Richard Delaware Writing, richard Delaware, writing Expository mathematics (math 464 on This Page: go to richard Delaware home page. Notes on Writing Expository mathematics, your paper should tell a story, whether of a particular problem, result, or theory. So, include some history, tell us who did what when, share why your topic is important or interesting, and give us a beginning, a middle where the proof(s) go, and an end! The proofs you will find in your research will be correct (usually!) but not necessarily as clearly explicated as an expository paper for your peer group (or me) requires. It is your job to provide written or mathematical clarifications, simplifications, added pictures, and other commentary to make the argument as clear as possible. One goal should not be the short, elegant, yet unenlightening father's proof, but rather a (possibly) longer, lucid, and revealing proof. You will find that figures, diagrams, graphs, and visual explanations of most kinds are sorely lacking in your sources.

Expository writing notes
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  4. Students use expository writing to give directions, sequence steps, compare one thing to another, explain causes and effects, or describe problems and solutions. The proofs you will find in your research will be correct (usually!) but not necessarily as clearly explicated as an expository paper for your peer group (or me) requires. Write for a variety of purposes: to entertain, persuade, inform, describe, demonstrate knowledge, answer questions, respond to literature, acquire knowledge (e.g., clarify thinking, take notes, synthesize information, enhance communication). Expository, essays: Expository, writing, tips!

  5. Circular Flow Charts - worksheet for charting a process. Expository essays serve to explain, inform or describe something to the reader. To better convince the audience, they need to use information from reputable sources. Provide a baseline for measuring students progress from the beginning to the end of the expository writing unit. Write an expository essay naming what you are good at and explaining how you.

  6. Brigham young University (BYU) we aren t endorsed by this school. Writing : Expository and Argumentative / Persuasive! Examples, notes and quizzes will be given to aid you on your learning. Ela: English Language Arts. Expository, writing - general Worksheets for K-12 English Education.

  7. This great 7-page expository writing worksheet teachers your students to write non-fiction that informs, explains or compares something - by offering simple step-by-step instructions and. How to Write. Expository, essay on the history of Art. Tags: art essays, expository essay help, expository essay writing. Eng 313, expository, writing for El Ed Majors.

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