I am a hardworking person essay

i am a hardworking person essay

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You may also want to develop a stock essay that you can tweak only slightly to demonstrate your commitment to academic excellence, as most state and local grants will be awarded based on merit. You have to really want to go to college in order to get many of these grants. Additionally, you need to be aware that you may only receive about 10 of all the grants for which you apply. Dont let this dishearten you, as the truth is, you are still receiving a significant amount of money for the time you spend. Think of writing applications for grants as an hourly job, and given the average grant of about 500, the average amount of time you spend per application of about 1 hour, and a success rate of about 10, youre still making 50/hour, on average, toward. This is a significant amount of money, and you should definitely take the time to.

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These grants will likely represent the majority of your knowledge college funding. State and Local Grants. Local and state grants will tend to make up the other half of your college fund. These grants consist of offerings by businesses, charity groups and government advocacy programs found within your state. They typically only apply to schools within the state theyre baisakhi given, and oftentimes money will only be applied to particular colleges or types of college,. State schools or community colleges. State and Local government Grants, many state government programs offer grants for disabled students to attend state colleges. These programs are much like federal and national programs in that they tend to be needs-based and require the completion of many official forms. These grants are for varying amounts of money, depending on the scope of your states particular disability advocacy program. Private State and Local Grants, while these grants tend to be for relatively small amounts of money, your goal is to try to receive a lot of them so you can fund your college education. You do this by applying to grants for specific programs, colleges or fields.

National grants tend to be easier to get, because they tend to be awarded based on needs rather than based on merit or the real quality of a grant application essay. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but in general, national grants are more about filling out extensive forms and documentation. Federal National Grants, federal national grants are usually strictly based on how well you meet and can prove your eligibility as well as how much financial need you have. It may be difficult to find all the necessary paperwork to send these forms in, but once you have it all on hand, they are quite easy. You dont usually need to express your creativity in any way through essays or short answers the way you might with a private or locally based grant organization. Private national Grants, these grants are given by national corporations or non-profits interested in maintaining a positive relationship with or advocating for disabled students. While many non-profits and charity groups are based within a particular state, many are also national, making them a good choice when applying for disabled student grants. They tend to be merit-based in addition to requiring extensive forms, so get out that essay and put on your thinking cap to answer questions on the application form in a way that shows off your best sides. Private grants tend to require relatively good grades and may also need you to list examples of extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership qualities.

i am a hardworking person essay

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These come gps from a variety of organizations, from the federal, state and local governments to private organizations and non-profit advocacy groups. If you are disabled, experiencing financial hardship, and wish to pursue higher education, you should consider looking at some of these grants and scholarships. An education is an important part of getting ahead in the world today, especially if you suffer from a physical or mental disability, and having that degree will get you farther in life than you might otherwise be able. It may be difficult to find information on these grants and scholarships online. Read on for a full summary of all the grants you may be eligible to receive. National shredder Grants, these grants are available to anyone living anywhere in the United States. They are not college- or state-specific, and are given either by the federal government or national organizations. These grants will likely make up about half of the total money you receive for your college education, and each grant is generally a good chunk of money.

In the spirit of fairness i also tried to highlight the problems both these approaches encounter. I think this is an important thing. There is no perfect argument, as of yet, establishing libertarianism as the best, or most just, political order. By doing exercises like this—by presenting various arguments in support of libertarianism while also being open and honest about their weaknesses—we can hopefully make philosophical progress through constructive discussion, and, at times, through trial by fire. In the end, libertarianism as a whole will be better off. SubjectAccountingAccounting Auditact englishact mathact readingact scienceActuarial Scienceadd/adhdadobe FlashAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe lightroomAdobe Photoshopafoqtalgebra 1Algebra 2American HistoryAnatomyAnthropologyap english Language and Compositionap english Literature and Compositionap german historyArt Theory sharpCCCalculusCareer developmentcbestcfachemical counselingComputer EngineeringComputer ProgrammingComputer justicecssdentistryDesktop PublishingDifferential EquationsDiscrete mathdosdreamweaverDyslexiaear EngineeringElementary (k-6th)Elementary mathElementary ScienceEnglishESL/esoleuropean HistoryExcel computerGeneral of accessMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Outlookmicrosoft. In-Person Tutors, online tutors. There are many grants for college available to disabled students.

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i am a hardworking person essay

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As such, does the inclusion of thick economic liberties coupled with the fair value criterion require us to redistribute so we can allow the fair value of our new thick economic liberties to be realized? If the answer is yes, then it seems like we would be in the peculiar position of having to violate our newfound thick economic liberties in order to, in a sense, realize them. These problems are not incorrigible, though. Two solutions come to mind: we can lexically order the basic liberties as study we did the two principles of justice, or we can get rid of the fair value criterion, and only require that we protect basic liberties in a formal, less robust sense. Here is the second way we can marry rawlss political philosophy with libertarianism: we can keep the basic structure of the two principles of justice the same, and simply make an economic argument. We can argue that the political order best satisfying the second principle of justice is a free market capitalistic order—that, as a matter pointer of fact, the worst off will be best off if we let the market run its course. This would essentially result in libertarians echoing Milton Friedmans pithy line that a rising tide raises all boats.

As someone who lacks formal economic training, there is not much I can say about this type of argument. This, though, is actually one of the arguments weaknesses: given the incredible lack of agreement we see among professional economists, it is doubtful that we can ever be sure what economic system will indeed best satisfy the second principle of justice. Thus, there will always be indeterminacy as to whether this argument is correct or not due to its reliance on empirical facts—an indeterminacy that could (presumably) be avoided with a knock-down philosophical argument, as the above approach requires. In this essay i presented two ways one can reconcile rawlss political philosophy with libertarianism. As someone who broadly endorses the rawslian approach to political philosophy i also endorse the two arguments presented in this paper.

Thus, in shifting the content of the first principle we protect economic liberties while limiting the significance and scope of redistribution. This approach is not without problems, though. One key feature of Rawlss understanding of the basic liberties (particularly the political ones) is that it is not sufficient that we simply have them; we also must be able to realize their fair value. By this, rawls means that we must be able to meaningfully exercise these rights. As an example, it is true that I have the right to run for political office. But given that i am a poor graduate student, and given that running for office costs a great deal of money, it is probably true that I cannot exercise this right in a meaningful way—that is, the fair value of my right is not realized.

One of the reasons, cites Rawls, that the fair value of rights is often not realized is due to wealth inequality: While it may appear that citizens basic rights and liberties are effectively equal social and economic inequalities in background institutions are ordinarily so large. Justice as fairness: a restatement, 148. ) And hes probably right about this: massive wealth inequalities allow some individuals to exercise their rights more effectively than others. As such, there is a tension between wealth inequality and the realization of the fair value of the basic liberties enumerated in the first principle of justice. The problem here is that if we are to achieve fair value for everyones basic liberties then we will probably need to do something about massive wealth inequalities—but we cant, because we have just included thick economic liberties as basic liberties, which would mean that. This would mean, to put it in Orwellian terms, that some basic liberties are more equal than others. And the problems dont stop there. Can a poor person realize the fair value of their right to own private productive property (if we are to include thick economic liberties as those whose fair value must be realized)? Probably not—after all, it costs a lot to buy a factory.

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Given these two principles of business justice, how can we go about marrying Rawlsian political philosophy with libertarianism? There are two ways, both of which i endorse, both of which, to be fair, face problems of their own. First, we can take a route similar to john Tomasis in his excellent parts new book. Free market fairness, though I do diverge with him in significant ways. This approach argues that Rawlss list of basic liberties enumerated in the first principle is lacking. What should also be included is thick economic liberties, which includes (by my estimation) the freedom of contract, the right to own private productive property, as well as the right to keep most of the fruits of ones labor. If these liberties were included then—given the lexical ordering of the principles of justice—it would follow that the pursuit of the satisfaction of the second principle through setting up redistributive institutions would be greatly handicapped, for we cannot do anything that violates our now-present economic.

i am a hardworking person essay

a theory of Justice,.) Second (and this is an incomplete summary social and economic inequalities are to be arranged so that they are to the therapist greatest expected benefit of the least advantaged. (Ibid.,.) This principle requires that we think about economic inequalities by first imagining a perfect state of equality. Deviation from this perfect state of equality is justified only if the least advantaged in this new state of inequality are better off than they would be in the original state of perfect equality. As a final note, we need to recognize one more salient feature of the two principles of justice: namely, that they are in lexical order. By this Rawls means to say that infringement of the basic equal liberties protected by the first principle cannot be justified, or compensated for, by greater social and economic advantages. (Ibid.,.) In other words, we cant go about messing with peoples basic liberties in order to make those worst off in society better off, as required by the second principle. The basic liberties are fixed.

Rawlss overall argument from. A theory of Justice. Rawls saw himself as continuing the social contract tradition found in Locke, rousseau, and Kant, though with a higher level of sophistication and abstraction than his historical predecessors possessed. In doing so he saw the social contract as a hypothetical contract: the principles of justice are the principles we would agree to if faced with an original bargaining position subject to certain constraints. The major constraint of the original position is that we consider potential political orders while behind a veil of ignorance: that is, we cant know our particular position in society—whether were rich or poor, black or white, insanely talented or disappointingly average, hardworking. In doing so we get rid of features Rawls considers to be morally arbitrary while also removing personal bias: after all, there is something suspect about billionaires arguing that capital gains taxes are unjust, as there is when the impecunious argue for radical egalitarianism. The resulting principles of justice agreed to in the original position are as follows: First, each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive basic liberties compatible with a similar scheme of liberties for others. Rawls says those basic liberties are the right to vote and hold office, liberty of conscience and freedom of thought, freedom of speech and assembly, as well as the right to hold personal (not productive) property.

The cons- you tell an untrustworthy person and they tell others. So be sure you can trust some one and tell them how you feel. If you have a best friend they will care and they will be there to listen and hug you. Ill admit it: Im a rawls guy. A theory of Justice to be one of the most compelling pieces of political philosophy ever written, grounded in one of the most convincing justificatory arguments ever crafted. But Im also a libertarian. This presents something of a problem: although Rawls is part of the liberal tradition, he is arguably the pinnacle of the high liberal tradition, which is a far cry from the classical side Im more comfortable with. Indeed, rawls maintained that out of five possible political orders—laissez-faire capitalism, welfare-state capitalism, state socialism, liberal (market) socialism, and property-owning democracy—only two such orders would be justified by the argument he sets forth: market socialism and property-owning democracy.


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I am a guy and Cut myself across the thighs. Depression hits me everyday and i am suicidal at some points, but what I remote did was told one person. You'd be surprised at what other people have gone through. I know how you are feeling but lets look at the pros and the cons. The pro- would be that anytime you get worse or anytime you are sad you can just text them or call them saying. The understanding of what you are going through will be enough. Even if they don't understand being there for you is a large help, i almost killed myself. Because i had told a close friend that i know I just texted hi to them. That conversation saved my life.

I am a hardworking person essay
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  4. The women in my family were hardworking matriarchs. She was trying to work within her own personal llama hell. But this takes nothing away from this essay which, i will now share with everyone. Thanks again for this thought-provoking essay. Array ( 0 array (. Person array ( 0 array ( name.

  5. Ultimately, going to college and finding a successful job should be the dream of every hardworking, american citizen. Geneva., hardworking individual who will fulfill your tutoring needs. english Tutor: Rdg, Wrtg, act/sat, common App. Here is what King said in Why. I was Bachman, the essay that accompanies the 1985 omnibus volume The bachman books collecting the first four of Richard Bachmans novels.

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