Justfly booking reviews

justfly booking reviews

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We also loved that Cheap Tickets includes customer reviews of particular rental agencies, with a spectrum of easy-to-spot smiley and frowny faces plus a five star system. (These arent fully fleshed out with customer feedback, but the system is in place and we expect it will only get more helpful.) we were a little disappointed with the map feature, however. It shows location, but doesnt bring along with it the list of cars or any filtering options. To make changes to the map, Cheap Tickets required us to leave the map view, add a filter, and then go back and look at the map to see how our preferences affected our options. We also found that Cheap Tickets doesnt allow you to search using a discount code — unlike orbitz, expedia, or Travelocity. Youll need to jump over to one of those sites if you have one to use. However, with its flexible customization options, upfront details and clear, colorful iconography, cheap Tickets is easy to understand and easy to use. Priceline earns this spot thanks to its famous Name your Own Price tool.

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Even though all of our travel sites searched the most popular car rental agencies for cars, we found cheaper prices when we searched directly on avis, budgets, and Thriftys home webpages. If youre looking to earn points with a particular company, double-check prices before committing to a booking. Our Picks for the best Car Rental Travel Websites you cant go wrong with any of the sites of the Expedia group (CheapTickets, Expedia, orbitz, and Travelocity) — we were impressed with the whole suite, and aside from some color changes, theyre all identical. We recommend starting either with Cheap Tickets or Expedia. The only major difference between them is that Expedia automatically sorts your results by recommended (with the option to switch over to total Price or Distance) and Cheap Tickets only offers sorting by total Price or Distance. We were particularly impressed with CheapTickets for giving us the most options when it came to choosing a rental car. If you know exactly the type of car you want, CheapTickets is your guiding beacon in finding. In addition time to choosing where and when you pick up and drop off your rental car, you can choose to only search for cars rented by a specific company, and request special equipment — right off the bat, without having to sort through results first. Once you have your results, youll also be able to specify whether you prefer a manual or automatic transmission, how important air-conditioning is to you, and whether you need to have an unlimited or limited mileage policy. We particularly liked how, in addition to specifying the car type youd like, you can look at cars within a given daily price range, whether its less than 25, 25 to 49, 50 to 74, and beyond. If you have a specific neighborhood youre trying to rent a car in, or return a car to, cheap Tickets can search for that too.

The other two — priceline and skyscanner — also came back with the same price (133). The only exception was kayak, who offered the same car rental for 123. However, this 10 savings ended up costing us a bunch more. Booking through any of the Expedia websites or through Priceline guaranteed us a free cancellation — something not included when we plan went through kayak directly to the fox Rent a car page. Additionally, we werent thrilled that Fox Rent a car places an extra 150 charge on our credit card just in case we incur additional damages, and refunded only after theyve assessed the car after return. Even though kayak found the cheapest price, we ended up cutting them because they were the only website to make it difficult to compare prices. You wont know if youre getting the lowest price until you click through to make your booking and see what amenities are involved. Sometimes, a more expensive car will have a free cancellation policy automatically included, justifying spending a little extra to choose that booking than deal with extra fees upon checkout. If you have a preferred rental car company, check its website directly.

justfly booking reviews

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All seven websites had passed the initial hurdle of finding any available cars to rent. To make sure that they were tracking down prices from the right websites, we took it a step further and verified that all the top rental car companies with high customer satisfaction ratings were represented. While we wanted to see low rates, we also wanted to be getting them from reputable agencies. All seven passed with flying colors. Once we knew we were getting quality results — cars that we would feel safe renting — we set to tracking prices to see which one served us the lowest offer. All seven found the same economy-class car available from Fox Rent a car for the location and dates we chose, and six of them for the exact same price (133 for our four-day trip). Again, we werent exactly surprised, since four of the identical sixtuplets were all from the Expedia group.

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justfly booking reviews

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While some features seem out of touch with modern society — almost all new cars have air conditioning, so sorting for it doesnt cut down your choices — many were useful. Our survey results indicated that people value the details: choosing unlimited mileage, finding the right type of car, or making sure to rent from a particular agency. Again, most of our websites hit the mark here — though selecting for car type can give you anywhere from 9 options (kayak) to 13 (Orbitz). On every website that made it to this round, you can specify both car type and rental agency. However, if you want to search for unlimited mileage, youll need to choose from one of the Expedia cluster, or skyscanner. Priceline lists in each car description whether the price includes unlimited mileage, but its not a feature you can search for. Kayak also lacks the option to search for unlimited mileage, and doesnt list it in the rental description — youll need to click through to the actual booking site to learn whether unlimited mileage is something youll have to pay extra for, or if its.

Of the seven sites, we preferred Expedias filtering and sorting options. While it doesnt get points for originality — all of its sister websites have exactly the same search tool, just with different urls and color schemes it had the most filter options, which helped make it easy to navigate. In addition to filtering cars by car type, rental car company, and unlimited mileage, we could also specify daily price restrictions (less than 50, or 50 to 74, for example and distance. And then we made sure our top picks offered the best prices. Finding the best price for a car rental is a combination of combing through enough car rental agency websites and other search sites to make sure youve tracked down every option available, and offering history that price at a markup comparable to or cheaper than your.

Kayaks map allowed us to compare total trip prices by location. We loved being able to adjust our search parameters on the left and see the results change both in the list and on the map itself. By contrast, we werent thrilled with maps that only displayed information about the rental agency located at each point, or forced us to zoom in before showing any information at all. Instead of prices, last Minute Travel displays the name of each rental agency on its map, and clicking on a flag only results in seeing the agencys address — nothing about the price or cars available. We were unimpressed by FlightHubs blind-date approach in using a map to search for the right car rental. No further information is displayed until you zoom in, within a five block radius, which defeats the purpose of having a map to compare prices across a city.

What we cut, cheapoAir, Flighthub, hipmunk, justFly, lastminutetravel, liligo, momondo. The best car rental sites had to make it easy to fine-tune our searches. This left us with seven travel websites, including four websites from the Expedia group: Cheap Tickets, Expedia, orbitz, and Travelocity; two sister websites Priceline and kayak; and lone wolf skyscanner. For these remaining sites, we wanted to find out how easy it was to find not just any car, but the right car. Almost all offered sorting options, allowing you to organize your entire search results by price, distance, or recommended — where the travel website has constructed an algorithm to calculate what they think your best rental options are. Skyscanner was the only exception, defaulting to sorting by lowest price. If youre searching for an airport-based rental, not having a sort by distance option isnt too much of a hinderance. But if youre searching for the closest rental agency to your hotel, youll need to make use of the sites map feature. Travel websites make it easy to fine-tune your results by providing filters, so you can prioritize which features are must-haves for your rental.

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This was particularly odd given that fourteen other travel sites had found cars for the dates and location we requested. Cheapair similarly told us no cars were available, while farebuzz and OneTravel failed to load a results page at all — no matter how long we kept our browser running. What we cut, airTkt, m, m, Cheapair, Cheap Flights, CheapFlightNow, farebuzz, hotwire, oneTravel ShareTrips, Smart Fares, StayDrivefly, travelOPod, Travomint,. We first looked for maps that made it easy to compare prices at a glance, and see how far the rental location. We also wanted the best car rental sites to give us a map of possible locations, and we wanted the map to be useful. We liked having a map when we looked for rental agencies within a city (and could real visually see whether a company was on the north or south side of seattle) and when we looked specifically at rental agencies near the airport. We loved kayaks map feature because we could see at a glance where the cheapest rentals were prices were available even when we looked at the entire seattle area, and not just when we zoomed in on a particular block. We could also filter results on a side-by-side basis — so we could choose to only look at economy cars or suvs, or filter for manual steering and see immediate changes on the map.

justfly booking reviews

The search process starts the same on most car rental sites — entering in dates, times, and pickup and dropoff locations — and the modifiers are the same — selecting your car type, preferred car rental agency, and your preferences on features. As a result, we were less forgiving on websites that were even slightly harder to use than their competitors. There are enough good car rental travel sites out there that you shouldnt have to put up with even the mildly annoying ones. We cut several websites for having an immediately off-putting design. A few sites inundated us with popups and banners to call for better deals, like stayDrivefly and CheapFlightNow. Others struggled to load pages in general, or couldnt let us update our search while looking essay at results — we had to go back to the main page and start over again. We cut an additional four sites for not being able to find or load results for car rental searches. As much as we loved m for finding us inexpensive airfares, repeated attempts to find a car in the entire seattle area resulted in no results found.

m, Cheap Air, Cheap Flights, CheapFlightNow, CheapTickets, CheapOAir, Expedia, farebuzz, flightHub, hipmunk, hotwire, justFly, kayak, lastMinuteTravel, liligo, momondo, m, Orbitz, travelocity, priceline, shareTrips, skyscanner, Smart Fares, StayDrivefly, travelOPod, Travomint,. Finding a rental car is a fairly simple process, especially compared to searching for the right plane ticket or hotel room: There are fewer modifiers that help narrow down the list of all car rentals available to the one rental perfect for you. And there are typically fewer car rental options available in a given city than there are hotels and plane tickets. This means that the majority of car rental sites are almost identical. So, to help us narrow things down, we asked people they wanted in their search: we conducted a survey, questioning more than 500 travelers about the features that are most important to them when booking a plane ticket, hotel room, or car rental. (Read more about this survey here.) The overwhelming result? Preferences varied from there, and we used the most popular results to filter down from 29 sites to our two top picks. We started by cutting any car rental site that wasnt intuitive to use or didnt load results.

We didnt find any better bargains when we comparison shopped between them and Cheap Tickets, but we preferred Cheap Tickets presentation. If youre willing to put in a little extra time to get a better deal, Priceline will appeal to true bargain hunters. The famous Name your Price tool lets you bid for how daddy much youre willing to pay, and see if a rental car agency scoops up your offer. Not the most streamlined if youre looking for one-click shopping, but potentially lucrative if youre planning ahead. We also experimented with kayak and skyscanner. Both were perfectly usable, but not quite as user-friendly as the Expedia group or Priceline. We got a little frustrated with the necessity of manually entering a lot of search restrictions.

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Editor's Note, february 28, 2018 - since this review was published, multiple travel sites have been acquired by giants Expedia and Priceline. To ensure our recommendations are up-to-date, we tested 45 travel websites to find the ones most capable of finding you the right car for the right price. Despite the added competition, our top picks CheapTickets and Priceline are still our favorite database go-to travel websites for car rentals, with user-friendly search features, and competitive prices. The best Car Rental Travel Site. Renting through an online car rental site should be quick, painless, and cost-effective. We tested the search functions of a slew of popular sites, and found two that should be saved in your bookmarks for when youre getting ready to roam: Cheap Tickets and Priceline. CheapTickets, part of the, expedia family, is a sure bet. With phenomenal customizability, insightful rental company ratings, and intuitive iconography, cheap Tickets should be your go-to car rental site. If you arent comfortably buying until youve surveyed the landscape, any of the other sites in Expedias lineup — expedia, orbitz, and Travelocity — offer great functionality.

Justfly booking reviews
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  5. We tested 45 of the most popular travel websites to find the car rental sites that should be at the top of your list when searching for your perfect car. We booked a hotel through. We thought it was the best deal. But it turned out it would be 50 cheaper if we booked directly through the hotel. Booking a flight can be one of the most stressful parts about travel!

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