Power words to use in your resume

power words to use in your resume

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You quickly find that most of them use very similar phrases and terminology. Suddenly you come across a resume that reads a bit differently than the rest. It has the same type of things as the others, but its a bit more dynamic, more vibrant. You find you can better visualise what is being described, and get the strong feeling that the person who wrote it really took charge of what they were doing and owned. Back in the real world; our brains are wired to spot patterns and will quickly pick out the common words and phrases that 90 of resumes use. Repeatedly reading similar script quickly becomes boring. So, if you can offer something a bit more interesting and emotionally stimulating to bland rhetoric churned out in every other resume, youll stand out as someone with something extra to offer. Power words can also subtly change the meaning of a sentence, from one where you were a passive participant to one where you took charge and shouldered the responsibility.

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They can make us feel as if help were in the midst of a bustling city or alone on a misty mountaintop. Thats the power of words. Almost any word can be a power word, depending on how you use. Adjectives, adverbs, and words that express or evoke emotions are among these, but as weve seen, a simple haine word like again can add power to a phrase. (Photo courtesy of, reuben Whitehouse ). Awesome resumes use power words to offer something new and exciting, differentiating them from the dreary bland grey of your bog-standard resume. Resume power words engage the reader, drawing them in, encouraging them to keep reading. Even when the underlying message is found in every other resume, the best resumes find different and interesting ways to say. And there is a very good reason to do this. Imagine you are a resume reviewer. Imagine you have to read through dozens, if not hundreds of resumes.

Its not just people selling their services as employees and those who want to persuade you to buy their products or services that use power type words. Nothing could be more powerful than the carefully chosen words used in great works of literature. How do they sway your emotions? Why do you get sucked in so you simply cant put a book down till youve finished it? Its the power words that writers use that make us feel as if were part of a story. A good writer can stir us to want to make war or inspire us to love. They can make us laugh or cry, believe in their cause or identify with the feelings of fictional characters who never existed in reality.

power words to use in your resume

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Do i use it now? Take a guess for yourself. Power Words in your Resume, when youre writing a resume, you obviously have to be much more formal, but you still want to use power words. Its just the type of words that become powerful that differ. In resume writing, you want to highlight the things youve done, so doing words become more important. Most experts will tell you to start each sentence describing your work history with a past tense verb. For example, words like achieved, designed, conceived, coordinated, generated, exceeded, and implemented are all considered powerful when writing a resume. Some recruiters even have software that looks for them and draws them to hr managers attention. Power Words for Writers.

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power words to use in your resume

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Can you resume improve their social life? Will they be entertained or amused? Are they likely to have a better self-image if they choose what youre selling? What words will bring the feelings behind these needs across powerfully? Just be sure that what youre offering really can deliver on the promise your words imply.

For example, i once did some writing for a guy who had an invoicing service. One of his slogans was Get paid faster. Im all in favor of that! I especially like paid and faster. But he proved to be an excruciatingly slow payer, even when i used his own invoicing and reminder service to bill him.

Other power words marketers love are scientifically proven, innovative, or unique. But be careful how you use them. People are becoming suspicious of the most commonly used power words. For example, when I see the word innovative, im no longer convinced. 90 of companies will tell you that they or their products are innovative. How are they all innovative?

They may have some difficulty explaining. In fact, their business or its products may be very similar to their competitors. That means they arent innovative at all. Instead of using the same power words that everyone else uses, put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself what words would have an impact on them. What emotions relate to the need your product is trying to address? Will you relieve your customers worries and fears? Will you enhance their status?

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Lets make that gender more powerful: feel good about your body again. Now Im implying that you dont feel good about your body, but there was a time when you did, and that if you take action, youll feel better about. Suddenly, my slogan says a whole lot more. Our overweight couch potato is less likely to say, i feel fine about my body, thanks, and is more likely to say, yes, Id like to feel good about my body in the same way i used to when I was trim and active. One word engages the imagination. In our example, those who know they used to feel better about their bodies than they do now will remember that, and maybe theyll want to experience that feeling again. They have a reason to read on to find out how the fitness training can help them. Power words engage the emotions and the imagination in marketing. Have you ever noticed that marketers will say things like this could be you, or Imagine followed by some vision of loveliness that you definitely can imagine and certainly would want.

power words to use in your resume

V Vended, verbalized, verified, visited, w Waged, weighed, widened, won, worked, wrote. Little words can make a big difference as to how powerful and persuasive your writing. Although some bloggers have tried to make long lists of power words, almost any word can become powerful. It just depends on how you woodrow use. Power words forge an emotional connection, they indicate action and achievement, or they make people feel theyre right there with you. The reason you write has a lot to do with the power words you choose. Power Words in Marketing, lets suppose Im a fitness expert and on my website, my slogan is feel good about your body. Thats pretty strong already, but almost anyone can feel good about their body, even if they are overweight and a couch potato.

l  Led, launched, learned, leased, lectured, licensed, lobbied. M  maintained, managed, manufactured, matched, measured, mediated, met, modified, monitored, motivated, moved. N  Named, navigated, negotiated, o  Obtained, opened, operated, ordered, organized, overhauled, oversaw. P  Participated, patented, perceived, performed, persuaded, placed, planned, posted, prepared, presented, presided, processed, procured, produced, proficient, programmed, prohibited, projected, promoted, proposed, provided, published, purchased, pursued. Q  qualified, quantified, questioned, r  raised, ranked, rated, received, recognized, recommended, reconciled, recorded, recruited, redesigned, reduced, referred, regulated, rehabilitated, reorganized, repaired, replaced, replied, reported, represented, rescued, researched, resolved, responded, restored, revamped, reviewed, revised. S  saved, scheduled, screened, selected, served, serviced, shaped, shared, showed, simplified, sold, solved, sorted, sought, sparked, spoke, staffed, started, steered, streamlined, strengthened, stressed, stretched, structured, studied, submitted, substituted, succeeded, suggested, summarized, superseded, supervised, supplied, surveyed, systematized. T  Tackled, targeted, taught, terminated, tested, toured, traced, tracked, traded, trained, transcribed, transferred, transformed, translated, transported, traveled, treated, trimmed, tripled, turned, tutored. U  Uncovered, understood, understudied, unified, unraveled, updated, upgraded, utilized.

Keywords are helpful as resume scanning software is looking for a resume that is a perfect to match against a job description or requirements or a linkedIn company page. Power Words used in a resume: Assembled a team of lawyers that completed an intellectual property legal brief in 2 weeks. Eliminated 10,000 in waste by consolidating technology expenses under one vendor. launched new service resulting in an increase in sales by over twenty thousand in 2 years. Power Word List, a Accomplished, achieved, acquired, adapted, addressed, administered, advised, allocated, analyzed, applied, appointed, appraised, approved, arbitrated, assembled, assessed, assigned, assumed, assured, audited, authored, awarded. B Briefed, broadened, budgeted, built, c Calculated, chaired, changed, charted, coached, combined, communicated, compiled, completed, composed, computed, conceived, conceptualized, concluded, conducted, consolidated, constructed, consulted, contracted, controlled, converted, convinced, coordinated, corrected, counseled, created, cultivated, cut. D Debugged, decreased, defined, delegated, delivered, demonstrated, designated, designed, detected, determined, developed, devised, diagnosed, directed, discovered, dispatched, distributed, doubled, drafted. E Earned, edited, effected, elicited, first eliminated, empowered, endorsed, engineered, enhanced, enlarged, enlisted, ensured, entered, established, estimated, evaluated, examined, exceeded, executed, expanded, expedited, explained, explored, expressed, extended. F Filed, filled, financed, flagged, focused, forecast, formulated, found, founded.

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Trying to describe you. Instead use action words that show accomplishments. Per Money zone, if you want to have a great resume, cv or literature LinkedIn profile, use resume power words. Resume writing is like a personal advertisement. . If you want to get hired, then ensure you have plenty of power words to get your resume to the top of the list. Power words create a positive feeling in the reader. Resume power words are verbs, action words, or adjectives. They are powerful words that are used to describe the action you took at work, or describe what you accomplished. When you think of your LinkedIn profile as a website, these power words might also be referred to as resume key words.

Power words to use in your resume
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When writing a resume, it is imperative to use action words to properly illustrate and demonstrate the talents you bring to the table.

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  1. The following is a list of resume power words to include in your resume and the cover letters you write when applying for jobs. If your resume or cover letter. Powerful resume wording using action words will increase your chance of getting you a job nd the right Words. Some powerful words for resume are useful alternatives to other expressions. Fortunately, you can use synonyms for power words almost as effectively in many cases. Alternatively, you can use alternating or reciprocal power words in your resume.

  2. They are powerful words that are used to describe the action you took at work, or describe what you accomplished. Power Words used in a resume: Assembled a team of lawyers that completed an intellectual property legal brief in 2 weeks. One great way to stand out from the competition is to use powerful action words on your resume. What's an "action word?" An action word is any word that evokes an image of you doing something. It has to carry a degree of power and evoke a clear picture in your head.

  3. On the other hand, there are some power words the recruiters strongly advise to use to make you look more competent and professional. When picking the right words for your resume, you should take the job description into account, too. Resume action words to create a powerful and convincing resume. A full list of resume verbs to use in your job-winning resume and cover letter. Resume action words provide your resume with direction and persuasive power. Resume power words are verbs, action words, or adjectives.

  4. If youve headed up a large project or new work initiative, sell that fact—and use the power words to prove. Steer clear of words and phrases like led or responsible for, which wont make your resume pop. Instead of using the same power words that everyone else uses, put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself what words would have an impact on them. When youre writing a resume, you obviously have to be much more formal, but you still want to use power words. The true power of resume adjectives lies in their ability to enhance and emphasize the points you are already proving. This guide will go through each main section of a typical resume and show you how you can use certain words to strengthen them.

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