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integrative paper

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Also by examining Walmarts use of Machiavellian tactics, a leader can easily identify what not to do and that ruling by fear and dishonesty will not lead to developing a successful leadership style. Conclusion In conclusion it can be seen that throughout the course my level of emotional intelligence has increased which will enable me to utilize all of my strengths to adapt my management style in the future. With the help of the meyers Briggs my ability to identify my weaknesses as well as strengths using the self-assessment tools. And my interest in how Walmart uses Machiavellian and the many atrocities that they have committed. Their use and abuse of the citizens they serve is a non-ending cycle. In the end I will make sure that my influence will always outweigh my authority. I n t e g r a t i v e p a p e r p y t e l l 9 References Greenwald,. Walmart : The high Cost of Low Prices Motion Picture.

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However whenever there is a possibility of unionization, walmart will employ a fear tactic which they call the union package to forcibly remove the threat in a cunning way so they can accomplish their goal of dominance and profits. I n t e g r a t i v e p a p e r p y t e l l 8 Walmart to date has demonstrated without a doubt that through the use of Machiavellian tactics that they can control the very destinies. This is not the way a company that touts about global leadership should mayawati act. Great leaders lead by example and not through fear and manipulation. In the end Machiavellianism is a bad management tool. It creates a distorted cruel world view and false vision. No person should ever try to rule using these immoral tactics. Integration The development of both a personalized definition of leadership and a personality assessment are necessary in the development of a great leader. By doing this a person can identify not only their core values, but their strengths and weaknesses. It helps it helps to educate them on how to make sure their influence exceeds their authority.

They tend to estate be very narcissistic and have a low level of emotional intelligence. In the indie film documentary walmart the high cost of low Prices (Greenwald, 2005) it shows Walmart ads that say that they care for the environment, yet all over the united states Walmart has been fined millions of dollars for environmental violations, yet when officials. The film also shows how Walmart goes to China and tells factory workers to lie to inspectors about the working conditions. Whenever anyone would grow a conscience, walmart would force them out of the company. They systematically drive down the local working wages of a given population and force their workers to rely on public welfare programs as a way to not have to pay medical benefits to their employees. Basically walmart is using cunning methods as well as manipulation of the system to control the local populations and keep poor people poor and scattered as well as silent. In recent years there has been an uprising against Walmart, many workers have tried to unionize.

integrative paper

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(Johnson associated Press, 2009) The management at these stores knew that they margaret were supposed to follow federal labor laws when it came to giving breaks to employees however so that they could get more work out of their employees, they would cunningly just forget. A lot of times workers who complained were subjected to a reduction in their scheduled hours every week. Because a lot of people feared that they would be fired, they would just keep quiet. This in its self was the perfect example of the machiavellian management being practiced at Walmart. I n t e g r a t i v e p a p e r p y t e l l 7 Walmart Management has repeatedly broken the law knowingly just so that they can increase profitability. They are the posterchild for using Machiavellian tactics in the name of profitability. Now I want to touch on the other aspect or trait of Machiavellianism in which the leaders are the first to take praise but last to accept blame.

In so doing he injures only those whose fields and houses have been taken away and given to the new inhabitants, who are only a small part of that dominion. Those he injures, finding themselves scattered and poor, can never be a threat to him; and all the others remain uninjured on the one. I n t e g r a t i v e p a p e r p y t e l l 6 hand, and because of this they should remain peaceful, and on the other hand are afraid of making a mistake, for fear. 10) over the years Walmart has systematically went into local economies and forced many mom and pop stores to shut down. He way that they do this is they find out what products the local shops are carrying and drop their prices so low that their competition can not keep up, once the local business closes they raise their prices knowing people will pay and keep. Now you may say that this is simple economics, however when you look at the management practices that have led to multiple lawsuits you start to see the bigger picture. One such lawsuit was Barnett. Wal-Mart Employment Discrimination Lawsuit which was initially filed in 2001 in our great state of Washington. According to abc news Wal-Mart agreed to pay up to 35 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of 88,000 workers at Washington state stores who were forced to skip meal and rest breaks or work off the clock.

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integrative paper

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This at times is a very tiring but necessary process, but by doing so i am able to keep myself in check. I n t e g r a t i v e p a p e r p y t e l l 5 Machiavellianism Throughout this quarter we have covered many different leadership theories and styles which have been developed over the years. However the one that has interested me the most is Machiavellianism. The reason this really grabbed my attention is even though we are a society that strives for great leadership, corporations, like walmart, and their management still utilize machiavellian tactics to keep their power over our society. Machiavellianism is based on Niccolo machiavellis political belief system that in order for a person in power to reach a goal they may use any means necessary no oaks matter what write the means are.

Morality is of no concern according to his theory as long as the goal is reached. Basically they use fear and manipulation to accomplish tasks in general. Many leaders who use these tactics are often there first to take praise and last to take blame. One organization that is guilty of this in my opinion is Walmart and their use of cunning and dishonest tactics which have enabled them to become the worlds largest retailer. This can be seen when examining how powerful Walmart has become and the control it has on many local populations. Machiavelli (2005) stated in The Prince: The other and better solution is to send colonies into one or two places that will act as shackles * on that state; for it is necessary that the prince either do this or maintain a large number. Colonies do not cost much, and with little or no expense a prince can send and maintain them.

The policies and procedures were constantly changing due to mall management and office politics. Now when it comes to politics, even though i am not a fan, i seem to have a natural ability to use just the right amount of tact. I tend to be able to come to an agreement rather easily and generally can persuade people to do the right thing or make the right decision. Also when communicating with customers I generally am very empathetic which shows them that I care about their needs. Being a very open person and constantly seeking new knowledge, aids in the evolution of my word view and growth of my level of emotional intelligence. I seek knowledge so that I may grow as a person and gain new perspectives from other people i meet.

For me emotional intelligence has become a very important part of my life. It has helped me to identify moments when I need to be more outgoing. To tell you the truth i use it every time i start procrastinating or am dreading a deadline. By learning to recognize which behaviors or traits i am bad at and knowing how to adapt them to the current situation. Now in no way am I saying i am perfect, actually its the complete opposite. I still have low self-esteem and am kind of hiding at home at the moment and not socializing, but with the skills that I have learned in the past couple of years, i am able to try to modify my behaviors a lot better. So in the end having good emotional Intelligence can set a person up for a lot of success. Another weakness that I have is I tend to procrastinate which creates a lot more stress when trying to meet my deadlines. I have to constantly psych myself out in order to remain productive and positive on a daily basis.

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During one of my shifts as a security guard at a circle k in Albuquerque nm shredder an armed man came in the store. Although I could have remained hidden in the cooler in fear, a sense of calm came over me and I purposely put my own life at risk in order to keep the other employees safe. During the incident I showed no emotion and kept a cool level head and kept the perpetrator so focused on me that it appeared that he forgot I wasnt the only one inside the store. When looking at the big 5 this is actually a great trait to have. It shows that not only can I perform well in high stress situations, but that I have a talent for controlling my emotional state. I tend to be a very open person which enables me to adapt quickly to changing situations. This was very useful during my previous career due to the fact everyday meant something new. I n t e g r a t i v e p a p e r p y t e l l 4 For instance while working at the mall in Aurora colorado, everyday presented new challenges in the way of dealing with the general.

integrative paper

I recently went online and took the Briggs-myers personality test, the results showed that I was an isfp (Introvert, sensing, feeling, and Perceiving). Now this may not vba really mean anything to the average person, but it is actually like a key to unlocking the complex mystery that. When people first meet me they often get a different impression until they stop to actually get to know. Ive been told that I come off as dumb and weird. Now this sounds really bad when you first hear. Due to the complexity of my personality and I guess my fear of judgement, its not until people take the time to talk to me and expose my true self, do they actually see that i am actually quite brilliant and emotionally intelligent. As they say looks can be deceiving. In the fall of 2009 I came to realize that I perform really well in High stress situations.

emotional intelligence as well as the ability to adapt to ever changing conditions without straying from the vision that was agreed. Its also the ability to manage in a way that promotes creativity and innovation. Box.1 the burg said to me; a leaders influence should greatly outweigh his authority. My belief is that within that statement lies the core structure of great leadership. Self-Assessment Summary, self-assessment is, well to say it plainly, not an easy task. I tend to be over critical of how. I am or rather who. Actually this is part of my current life journey or rather goal, to truly discover who i am due to the fact of feeling so lost for so many years.

This paper will demonstrate the skills learned during the course. With the help of professor Trumpys instruction on emotional intelligence and the myers-Brigs Personality assessment tool, a complete personality assessment of myself was successfully developed. This has enabled me to identify both my dependable strengths as well as identify my areas of weakness. During the many weeks of lectures we covered many different theories of leadership, however the one that stuck out has been Machiavellianism. After conducting many hours of research, it can be seen how Machiavellianism is still used by management in large corporations like walmart. Personal Definition of leadership, for me leadership is the ability to guide a group or organization towards a common goal in a way that promotes a healthy and positive real development of each individual. My belief is that leadership should be comprised of a strong moralistic and ethical framework.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Integrative paper, upcoming SlideShare, legs loading in 5, be the first to like this. No downloads, no notes for slide. Running header: Integrative paper Pytell. Robert Pytell, central Washington University, admg 372, integrative paper. November 30, 2015. I n t e g r a t i v e p a p e r p y t e l. Introduction, during my first quarter at Central Washington University while taking admg 372 I have been able to develop my own personal definition of leadership as well as what makes a good leader.

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  5. Washington University admg 372 Integrative paper november 30, 2015. Integrative paper Sample many students struggle with writing an integrative pape r, but you do not have to if you check out this sample to help you. Integrative paper-mgnt 5590 - free download as Word Doc (.doc /.docx pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online for free. The steps they will have done prior to structuring and writing the actual essay ar e good pre-writing strategies, but much of the thinking and organizing happens. Integrative thinking occurs as students use a structured academic paper format tau ght to them in English to describe the communication course competencies.

  6. An integrative paper is a way for a student to show his current opinion regarding a certain subject matter at the present point in time. Sample student paper for the summary/integrative paper assignment in Cultural Anthropology. The best service that knows how to write an integrative paper for you. As faculty working with students to explore topics of interests we frequently request that they review the literature to gain an understanding. Running header: Integrative paper Pytell 1 Robert Pytell Central.

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