Panorama primary homework

panorama primary homework

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Worksheets to print about Roman life. Information about Roman Gods. The site looks at the origins of the names of the months and days of the week. A lively, colourfully illustrated account of queen boudicca's revolt against the romans. Create the front page of a roman of Newspaper in which the main story is boudicca's revolt. Ict coverage: The site is illustrated with artefacts from the hunterian Museum and looks at Roman Scotland; the way of life in this outpost of an Empire. Discover why the roman Emperor Hadrian had a wall built in Britain. Find out about how the wall was built and the roman soldiers who controlled the movement of people who lived nearby.

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A roman case study. In this unit, children are introduced to the idea that people from other societies have been coming to settle in Britain for a long time. They consider the effects of the invasion and settlement of the romans writing on Britain. There is emphasis on historical enquiry using artefacts and Roman sites and interpretations of history. Written at three different levels, this site is great for studying the romans in Britain as it has loads of information on all aspects of Roman life. Interactive book telling the story of the romans invasion of Britain from caesars point of view. Web-site constructed by children about the romans in Britain. Easy to read and navigate. Includes fascinating facts and quiz. Bbc romans web-site aimed at KS2. Packed full of information and activities.

Ict coverage: Information about Samuel Pepys. Portrait of Samuel Pepys charlesII. Information about the Great Fire of London Panorama of London skyline before and after the fire for fire fighting in 1666 News report - great for PowerPoint use. Watch London burn - with sound. Use a clicker4 Talking book which is designed to provide access to information about the Great Fire of London. This is complimented by a sets of word grids which will enable children to recount what has been read or to write about what they have discussed. Example clicker grids from the learningGrids website (please note that Clicker 4 is required and you have to register free of charge on the website) look in Collections on living Library, good links and resources Units teaching Activity resources nc guidance Why have people invaded.

panorama primary homework

Primary, homework, help France - freerabciroso

Information about Mary seacoles life. How do we know about the Great Fire of London? This unit links an important event beyond living memory in British history, the Great Fire of London, with a famous person, samuel Pepys. Children develop their sense of chronology and consider why the Great Fire happened; its results; and the different ways it is represented. The approach could also suit the study of other famous events, eg defeat of the Spanish Armada, the gunpowder Plot, coronation day, armistice day. Read from newspaper report about fire. Much of London disappeared in the Great Fire of 1666. This site from Channel 4 tells the story of the fire and what happened as a result. Using a paint program, create a picture showing something important that they have learnt about the fire.

Primary homework help greece athens

panorama primary homework

Primary, homework, help Roman houses buy geology papers

Clothing Florence nightingale would have worn in Victorian times. Click and drag a set of sentences in order to writer show her life. 3 ability levels lesson plan. Ict coverage: Use a powerpoint presentation of Florence nightingale suitable for whole class or individual use. This unlikely source - country joe mcDonald's tribute to Florence nightingale - is one of the best sites on the subject, with well illustrated chronological details of Nightingale's life. See also links to more details of the Crimean war including a good map of where the Crimea. Ict coverage: Use this site for detailed information about Florence nightingale.


Look at a lesson that has used original documents as its sources- good links and tasks. Florence nightingales ' notes on nursing, showing how she changed the conditions the patients were kept. Good resource for teachers. Visit the national Army museum. Use a clicker4 talking book designed to provide access to information about the major events in Florence nightingale's life. This is complimented by two sets of word grids which will enable the children recount the story of Florence nightingale. Example clicker grids from the learningGrids website (please note that Clicker 4 is required and you have to register free of charge on the website) you may wish to focus on other famous people, this site gives you information on alternative people you could study.

Use Clicker4 grids to support this unit. From this site you can download a talking book which is designed to provide access to information about seaside holidays, both modern and those from the past. This is complimented by sets of word grids which will enable the children write about what they have read. There is a timeline designed to be used as a forum for discussion with a class and would be particularly effective on an interactive whiteboard. Compare holidays in Felixstowe past and present, clearly presented site, an excellent resource. Information about the seaside town of Cromer from the 1800s 1900s.

Find out all about the bathing machine. Following on from looking at pictures or photographs of seaside holidays today and in the past, use a simple painting program, create a picture of seaside holiday. Ict coverage: Units, teaching Activity, resources nc guidance, why do we remember Florence nightingale? This unit looks at the life of Florence nightingale, why she went to the Crimea, and what happened as a result of her work. The approach could also suit the study of other famous people, eg george Stephenson, Grace darling, tutankhamen, rosa parks, pocahontas, mary secole. The Florence nightingale story Clip-art and pictures could be inserted into children's own work Snaith School has produced some pages on the victorians.

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Children will develop an understanding of chronology and an ability to ask and answer questions about different sources of information. The for unit could be developed further by visiting a seaside daddy resort and its local museum. Collection of seaside photographs showing different eras. Use on screen to discuss or print to sort/order. Ict coverage: look at some images from seaside resorts and a fill in a sheet about each. Look at an aspect of seaside holidays that is the same as long ago- punch and Judy. Punch and Judy web-site has lots of information for teachers. Excellent then now pictures in punch in pictures section.

panorama primary homework

This is complimented by 6 sets of word grids which will enable children to recount what has been read or to write about what they have discussed. Example clicker grids from the learningGrids website (please note that Clicker 4 is required and you have to register thesis free of charge on the website). Web page giving lesson plans, worksheets/resources and information for this qca unit. This is now a free subscription site. Instead of homes focus on shops and what they were like a long time ago. Website written for. Units, teaching Activity, resources nc guidance, what were seaside holidays like in the past? This unit compares seaside holidays in the recent past with those taken a long time ago.

of homes for children to discuss. Use on screen or print off. Use digital camera when on local walk. Photos can be viewed straight away when back in school. Floppy-disk based digital camera, eg Sony mavica. Ict coverage: Use a clicker4 Talking book which is designed to provide access to information about different types of homes, new and old.

Look at similarities and differences. Use word or Talking First Word to create labels for each toy. Ict coverage: If unable to visit a toy museum, could show class a web-site for a toy museum. Ict coverage: Pictures of steam engines, wind up toys, collectable tin toys etc. Not sites for the children but useful for pictures of old toys. Find pictures and info on lots of teddy bears and why these bears are summary named Teddy. What were homes like a long time ago? Show the children pictures of different sorts of homes.

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Units, teaching Activity, resources nc guidance, how are our toys different from those in the past? This unit looks at similarities and differences between toys today and toys in the past. It introduces children to the concepts of 'old' and 'new and encourages them to think about the changes in their resumes own lives and in those of their family or adults around them. The approach used in this unit could be applied to the study of other everyday things from the past, eg clothes, games. It provides a wide range of opportunities for children to develop their speaking and listening skills. Pictures of toys for children to discuss. Use on screen or print off for sorting/ordering. A selection of old toys. Ict coverage: Children to look at 2 toys, one old and one new.

Panorama primary homework
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