Blood on the river book report

blood on the river book report

Do the news reports of rivers turning blood red have

The okuma avenger series has been our best-selling reel for stripers for the past decade. Well, okuma came out with a new baitrunner series this year, the coronado, which is ranked even a couple of notches higher than the avenger. In our usual springtime haste we were a little bit careless and mistakenly doubled our order of these in the cdx-60 size. This is a silver-colored 5 bearing reel with.4:1 gear retrieve ratio, having a line capacity of 225 yards of 20 pound test. Yes, it does have the baitrunner feature which is just about mandatory for striper fishing with herring baits. We have a limited quantity of these beauts left to offer any of our website followers who might need another reel or would like to upgrade from whatever they are using now.

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The trick is to fish them around current breaks, bay outflows, or troll them along specific contour breaks. Midnight biters, so, after spawning the stripers head back to the ocean, right? Yeah, but not all of them some 6 to 15 inchers will hang around for most of the summer and, surprisingly, so do some bigger fish. I really dont know where these 3 footers go and hide in the river (perhaps in the same locations as the rivers walleyes) since i cant catch them there again until we enter late september. But I do know that under cover life of night, on a rising tide, they will make feeding forays writing up to the head-of-tidewater in the catskill Creek. This action starts to occur about mid-June and lasts right up through the first half of summer. I would have to surmise that similar occurrences also take place in other tributary creeks. To ambush these fish you should position yourself around shoal areas which the stripers must cross and cast larger shallow running plugs. The lures we listed above will work just fine for this task but we have a friend who accomplishes the same thing with a stout fly rod, throwing a good sizedbunny streamer. If you like to burn the candle at both ends you might give this a try. End of season okuma bargain, most of our anglers are familiar with the okuma series of baitrunner reels for striped bass and catfish fishing.

At the present time it seems that there is some spawning activity occurring in the newburgh and the kingston area. Generally speaking, most striped bass will start their journey back to their saltwater environs right after spawn. But not all stripers in any one group will spawn during the same time for one reason or another there may be some delayed individual spawns taking place as late as the start of June. Additionally, it is claimed that some of the fish might not spawn at all but rather will head on back to the ocean and just reabsorb their eggs. This thesis could be an explanation for finding green eggs is some stripers as late as mid-June. Artificials, although the preferred bait for stripers at this time of the run seems to be either live or chunk herring, this is also the prime time for artificials. Casting larger Rat-l-traps, bomber Long-As or some of the larger Sebile minnows is paying off right now.

blood on the river book report

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Fishing the actual spawn, other than perhaps at very slow idle you should avoid entering such areas of ongoing spawn with your boat since you might damage the fish with your propeller. But, why would you enter such an area at all since the spawning fish are entirely engrossed in procreation and are not interested in any bait you might dangle in front of them? The answer is simple there are lots of non-spawning fish concentrated beneath the spawners and they will bite. The spawning area can change location during the course of the day. One year I witnessed an early morning spawn start on the west shore just to the north of the kingston Rhinecliff Bridge and by the time mid-afternoon rolled with around I had seen it gradually move 5 miles further upriver to the Glasco area. Other locations where ive witnessed mass surface spawns taking place have been Cementon, Cheviot and by the power lines south of Athens. The spawn itself usually seems to start lower down the river than we are, and works its way upriver over the course of about a week or so before coming to an end.

As of this morning the entire section from Albany down to poughkeepsie was pushing the 62 to 63 degree mark. This is the temperature where we start to see some of the shallower side-waters warm up a little quicker and thus trigger the start of spawn. The spawn itself usually always takes place off to the sides of the main river channel, but not in creeks. The obviously somewhat slower current and warmer water in these side areas is the preferred location. I have never witnessed a mass surface spawn (dozens and dozens of fish at once) to take place over the main channel even though I have observed small spot-spawning (3 or 4 fish) that has taken place in the middle of the main flow. This is the stage we are at, or on the cusp of, right now numbers of stripers will start to concentrate in some areas off to the sides of the main flow. There the egg-laden females will be pursued by smaller aggressive males who will actually drive the females to the surface while physically bumping into them, causing the release of eggs.

Blood -sucking fish on the rise in the our rivers

blood on the river book report

Blood, xenopedia fandom powered by wikia

A basic requirement for joining is having a tournament ready fishing boat. Of course, there are dues and event entry fees which also have to be boutique considered. But overall, its fun as well as a great learning experience, one that youll never really obtain by remaining a lone fisherman. . Tom g, hudson river Striper Update thursday, may 17, 2018. For some of our striped bass anglers this next 7 to 10 day period will provide almost unbelievable fishing action - hows about putting a dozen or more stripers in the boat in just a half days fishing sound? Perhaps an unlikely feat for most of us, but yet entirely possible for those fishermen who happen to be in the right place at the right time. Thats what to be on the lookout for starting this 3rd week of may.

Well, what will be taking place is the peak of the 2018 striped bass spawning run up our tidal Hudson river. The proper environmental conditions will be coming together at this time. For almost two months vast schools of stripers have been invading our river system, and presently theres probably hundreds of thousands of these black-on-silver striped fish, some weighing in excess of 50 pounds, ensconced within its shore lines. They are here just awaiting the proper time to spawn. The rivers water temperature has been on a steady upward trend since it hit 43 degrees in late march.

On to the black bass the tiderunners bass club. Here at the river Basin were going to take a little time off and prepare ourselves for what should prove to be a great summer. Well be closing the shop starting this Monday (may 28) and will re-open again on June 6th in anticipation of the start of the states black bass season on June 16th. Being a member of Catskills tiderunners bass club ive got lots of preparations to make with my own boat and fishing tackle. Its funny how all those things that were left undone at the end of last years bass season present themselves as being critically important to be fixed - right now, before our first Hudson river tournament on June. Our tiderunners club is a small group of men, all of who enjoy the pursuit of both smallmouth and largemouth bass on the hudson river.

Each year we schedule a series of 9 tournament events starting on the first Sunday of black bass season and ending the first weekend of november. Points are awarded for fishing accomplishments and the three top anglers are honored at a dinner fete each December. The club events are all held on Sundays, usually starting at mornings safe light and concluding at. With a formal weigh-in. Points are awarded for each members daily catch and a ranking scoreboard of each members accumulated points is kept on display at the river Basin. If you feel you might be interested in joining such a group feel free to stop by the shop and ask any questions you might have regarding membership.

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This weekend Ill be out on the hudson's water fishing along with the other members of Catskills Tiderunners Bass Clubs in their first bass tournament of the 2018 year - hope to see you out there. Tom g, hudson river Fishing Update thursday, may 24, 2018. Spawn finishes the run, it seems that last Saturday and Sunday were the magic days for many of this years Hudson river striped bass fishermen. Here at the river Basin Sport Shop we heard of many great catches being made on those days. Some anglers actually reported dozens of stripers ranging in size from 16 to 48 inches being caught these guys thought theyd died and gone to heaven! But no, they were still here on good old terra firma, it was just that theyd experienced the peak activity period database of 2018s Hudson river striped bass run and for them it will remain ever memorable. Since last Sunday the quality of the striper fishing, although it was still good right through this past mid-week, has been declining on a daily basis. It will continue to further do so until about the second or third week of June, at which time youll be hard put to find a decent sized striped bass up here in the mid-Hudson Valley. Oh sure, it seems that there always will be a few of the bigger boys left over and hanging on a little bit later up at the Troy dam, and there may be some type smaller two to three-year-old stripers inadvertently caught up and down the.

blood on the river book report

Needless to say, usually any action will resume come around openings in the weeds or as the lure approaches the weed bed edge and drops off. Lure selection tends to be pretty standard crankbaits, poppers, frogs, jigs and trailers, worms, and drop-shot combinations. Any lures you use for bass fishing anywhere else will work just fine here just match the lure type to the location being fished. Lure colors are fairly standard with shad imitation plugs popular. Worms in dark shades, such as green pumpkin for instance, are a standard here as in most other places. Around sparse weeds i often find myself throwing white spinnerbaits with good success and find that I prefer those with gold colorado blades. Dont be afraid to experiment with your lure selection at this time of year. Im looking forward to this Sundays black bass season opening on the hudson and its tributaries. Unlike most other waters in the state the bass season here has been closed for "catch and release" fishing until the state-wide season opener on the third Saturday in June.

are wasting your time. Of course, such areas tend to get pounded pretty hard, especially if windy conditions are prevalent on the main flow. Any sort of inflow on the river could be bass magnet. Of particular interest are those which we call suck holes the openings under the railroad tracks on the east shore of the river which lead to large tidal-fluctuation bays. As the tide washes in and out of them so do many types of bass forage and the bass will line up and just sit there waiting for this wonderful conveyor belt to bring their meal to them. Chestnut beds are the prime location for the largemouths in the river, if thats your quest. But these beds can cover multitudinous acres of water and make the bass, which seem to find just small sections of the greenery to their liking, hard to locate. Dragging frogs, toads, worms and spoons across the pads can be a tedious process but is often the only way to locate the fish.

The black bass online spawn is over. Most of the bass have moved out from their spawning areas in the tributaries and are either establishing or have established themselves in their summertime haunts. Even so, from present reports we can ascertain that the bass are still showing the after-effects of spawn and are fairly hollow-bellied. Still, they have been plenty active enough to hit some lures being thrown by late season striper hunters. Water temperature in most locations in the main river, when I checked it out this past tuesday, was running around 70 71 degrees, but areas around some inflows and slower moving backwaters were as warm. Water color was surprisingly dingy in many places even though we have not had any heavy rain in weeks. As mentioned above, most of the spawned fish have left the creeks but there are always some, including a few hefty ones, that are slower to leave than others. Therefore, these inflows should not be entirely discounted by anglers even if it might seem that only short bass remain therein.

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Hudson river Fishing Update wednesday june 12, 2018. Its summertime and the bass fishing should be easy. As we start another Hudson river black bass season the fishing outlook appears to be good. For the second year in a row we did not experience one of the hudsons vicious late-winter ice-out-semi-floods which often tend to alter the structure of fish holding locations. On the bum side of the same affair this lack of flood water allows for the thicker growth of many of the rivers water chestnut beds, often to the extent that access to weed-in spots is severely restricted. At present the chestnut beds are still not fully estate developed, in many places the nuts not even reaching the surface at high tides a height which they will reach in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Carp are in those beds right now causing quite a ruckus with their mating antics, an occurrence which generally disturbs anglers more than it seems to bother the bass.

Blood on the river book report
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