Honors to put on a resume

honors to put on a resume

How to, put, your Education on a, resume, tips & Examples

Directly as a consequence of our fantastic long-term relationship and sustained commitment by the museum, cmhr is the most inclusive and accessible museum in the world. Designed a systemic approach used on dozens of interactives throughout the museum to facilitate digital accessibility and inclusive/universal design. Collaborated across many disparate teams, from design to development, to facilitate a wide array of novel accessible experiences. University of San Francisco, advise many departments across campus on best practices regarding accommodations for students with disabilities (including training staff and faculty, performing evaluations, and facilitating user testing). Collaborate with web team on the accessibility of various intranet and public facing web properties. Collaborate with the university and its development teams on the remediation of course content to meet 508 and wcag standards. Design Science, investigated and designed novel techniques for expressing mathematics to the blind. The system I helped design now facilitates access to mathematics and is the gold standard for interactive accessible math systems.

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Folded Paper and Steel web summary design firm into Prime Access Consulting. Collaborate with Fortune-1000, or greater, companies on systemic software and website accessibility remediation, internal policy advice, training internal QA/QC teams, facilitating user-acceptance testing, and consulting with management about accessibility practices. Work with museums and informal learning spaces on accessible science education, (novel and exciting interfaces for eyes-free exploration of stem and art concepts, including accessible live data visualization training in-house and outsourced developers on accessibility and universal design. Collaborate with startups, venture funds, and researchers on various accessibility projects (including interesting approaches in stem). Performing due diligence on prospective portfolio companies for venture funds. Attracting clients, negotiating contracts, and managing a growing international team of experts. Serving on advisory boards for entities such as Accessible computing foundation, conversant Labs, and Project Possibility. Selected Clients, museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, our collaboration with mca led to the creation of the coyote project, which facilitates large-scale management of rich image descriptions. Collaborated with multiple teams at mca to insure digital accessibility across an aggressively designed web property containing many nontraditional components. Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Programming Languages, alphabetic Listing: c c/c, java, perl, php, python, ruby, lisp, xhtml/XML/javascript/css, x86 asm, and others. Professional Organizations, member of the acm/aitp professional organizations - august 2003 to online present. Member of the upe (Upsilon Phi Epsilon) honorary society - fall 2005 to present. Net users group - january 2006 to january 2008. President of the java users group - january 2005 to january 2008. Senior member of Wolfgrid high performance grid computing group - august 2004 to january 2008. Net users group - august 2004 to january 2008. Professional Experience, november 2012 - present, founder, Prime Access Consulting, Inc.

honors to put on a resume

Put on, my, resume?

Follow these top tips for a job interview to give yourself an edge over the other candidates. Education, abd. In Computer Science - north Carolina State University. Computer Science - december 2011; North Carolina State University. Computer Science - may 2007; North Carolina State University. Honors 2015 Voted Emerging leader in Digital Accessibility at the annual Knowbility community heroes of Accessibility Awards 2012 White house Champion of Change Presidential Award (Winning the future Initiative) 2010 google lime Scholarship, computer Science honors Program, summa cum laude from Bachelor's program. Dean's List every semester 2005. Kc tai memorial Endowment Scholarship.

What to put

honors to put on a resume

Five things to, put on, your, resume in High School

You want to prime appear calm. You dont have to sit perfectly still. If you naturally talk with your hands this is not a problem. Its nervous habits you need to avoid. Eye contact Theres a balance to be struck between not making eye contact and seeming detached and distant, and staring intensely at the interviewer and coming across as aggressive.

Make eye contact when youre listening to questions to show youre paying attention and respond, but allow it to regularly break to let your eyes wander. Leave a positive impression The last impression you give is as important as the first. Calmly stand up, gather your things, smile, and shake the hands of the interviewer. Give the impression youre pleased with how the interview went. Preparation is the key to a successful job interview.

Keep your belongings to your left so its easy to shake peoples hands when the time comes. The handshake a handshake is an important part of a first impression and it will probably be the only physical contact between you and the employer. Aim for a firm handshake which isnt painful for the other person. It isnt a contest. Make eye contact and smile as you shake the interviewers hand.

Body position keep your back straight and lean forwards towards the interviewer slightly to show interest. Avoid crossing your arms or placing them on your lap as this indicates defensiveness whereas you want to display confidence. Dont fidget When youre nervous it can feel impulsive to want to do something with your hands. If you have the urge to touch your hair, bite your nails, resist. The same goes for leg-shaking. These movements give the impression that youre nervous.

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Nonverbal communication tips for job interviews It is important to essays be aware of your own body language and to take some steps before and during an interview. Thankfully, it is possible to control your own body and to make sure you give the right impression in a job interview. Prepare before the interview make sure you have a printed copy of your professional resume. If youre prone to nerves, read this guide on how not to be nervous in a job interview and take the follow the appropriate steps. Waiting for the Interview This can be the most nerve-wracking part but its also your chance to get your body language under control from the start. Be aware that the receptionist and other people may be observing you. Focus on your posture when youre sitting and standing. Keep your back and neck straight and stand or sit still as much as you can.

honors to put on a resume

interact through your body language. Often in job interviews, what people say and what their body language communicates are two different things. This sends mixed messages to the interviewer and can create tension, mistrust, and confusion. What are examples of nonverbal communication? There are various types of nonverbal communication but they are often broken down into groups including kinesics (body language haptics (touch paralinguistics (the way you speak and proxemics (use of space). Most other skills are easy to include on your resume using a resume builder but nonverbal communication skills are unique. They are only demonstrated and observed in the job interview not on your resume.

Youve taken the time to write a resume, now its your chance to shine in the interview. There are ways of including communication skills on a resume. However, trying to demonstrate that you have strong nonverbal communication in the skills section of your resume is not so simple. The interview is your opportunity to showcase these abilities. What is nonverbal communication? What is the meaning of non-verbal communication? When we communicate we continuously give and receive wordless signals.

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Job interviews are the employers chance to book meet candidates face-to-face. Not only will the employer have a list of specific questions to ask you about your resume and your ability to do the job, they also want to see what youre like. Both verbal and nonverbal communication skills are the key to success. Employers will listen to your answers but they will also be reading your body language. Actions speak louder than words and often our gestures, movements, and facial expressions, say more about how were feeling than what we say. The ability to use nonverbal communication skills is a powerful tool that can help you give a positive impression during a job interview. They are nerve-wracking, but its important not to let the occasion get the better of you. Focusing on your body language can help to give the impression that youre calm and relaxed, even if youre not. It can make the difference between getting the job and not.

Honors to put on a resume
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How to include a photo on your resume What not to put in a cover letter? As first impressions are all-important in a job hunt it is key to choose a good resume file name.

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  1. Balancing priorities in high school is never easy. How much time do you put into studying? Do you focus on sports or community service. full time to put yourself through school, you should consider that experience a success indicator, and mention it on your resumé. On a second line, put the name of the school that granted the degree and the city and state.

  2. Your resume will get a very quick initial read, so it is imperative. The Essentials to, put on, your Entry-level Medical Assistant or Pharmacy technician. need info on what an entry level resume for college graduate should consider the following: externship; organized meetings. The Education Section is important, but where should you put it and how should you write it? Get more tips from Best.

  3. Confused about what skills to put on a resume? Read on for a helpful guide to completing the resume skills section. learning spaces on accessible science education, (novel and exciting interfaces for eyes-free exploration of stem and art concepts. profile should look like something you have been working on for quite a long time, something that you have put a lot of effort into. Employers read resumes to determine experience and qualifications.

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