Property estimate report

property estimate report

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Building CategoryOne family DwellingsClassBungalow Colony - cooperatively Owned LandLand UseOne two family buildingsBuildings796Year Units539Total Units539Floor Area0Basementno basementProximityDetached Crime This property is located in the 100th Precinct of queens. Property Crime In 2015 writing the 100th Precinct saw 592 felony property crimes (Burglary, grand Larceny and Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle) committed per 100,000 residents. This is lower then the borough's property crime rate, which was 602 over the same period. Violent Crime average In 2015 the 100th Precinct saw 422 felony violent crimes (Murder, rape, robbery and Felony Assault) committed per 100,000 residents. This is higher then the borough's violent crime rate, which was 333 over the same period. This does not take daytime population into account. Actual crime rates in areas where many people work (higher daytime population) may be lower. Conversely actual crime rates may be higher in areas where many people commute out for work (lower daytime population).

Start Now, building Tips, lot, address970 bayside 1, 11697Square footage3,589,344Lot TypeInsideDimensions540.0ft x 345.0ftbbl coop Number1050. Neighborhood, historic DistrictN/ACommunity district14City council32Police Precinct100Fire companyE329School District27Census Tract916.01. Zoning, zoning DistrictR4Commercial overlayC1-2Split ZoningYesSpecial Purpose N/a limited heightN/ALandmarkN/A. Assessment, tax Class1dmv land37,690,000mv total72,860,000av land2,261,400av total4,371,600. Floor Area ratio, built far0.0, residential, zoned far.9. Commercial, zoned far.0, max.0. Facility zoned far.0 book Max 7,178,688.0.

property estimate report

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This property is currently Off Market. Transit, there are no mta stops near this address. Schools, elementary School,. 114 Belle harbor, grades: write 0K,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,SE. Principal: Stephen Grill, phone:, address: 134-01 Cronston avenue, website: schools. High School, citywide high School revelation Choice, public Records. Get a free price estimate for this property to determine how much it should sell for.

Differing from property records, definitions of Valuepoint4 Description, range and Validation are unique; please click on the link to review the full scoring support and explanations for VP4. Please note: the automated valuation estimates provided by valuepoint4 are not routinely used to replace a valuation report carried out by a real estate broker or a licensed appraiser. This report is primarily for personal information purposes or estimations and should not be relied upon for any other purposes. You are advised to seek independent advice when buying or selling a property. Not all offered fields may be populated in all counties, and not all property reports contain the complete or the most recent property information. All property reports are compiled from official public sources and provided "as is" none of this data has been verified and any possible partial or inaccurate portions of the report are not a subject for a refund. RealDirect simplifies buying and selling real estate in nyc while saving you money. Built in 1938 and contains 539 residential units.

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property estimate report

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Types of Properties covered: residential only. Contents of Valuepoint4 Report: Property Ownership, valuation Results, Property Characteristics, last and Prior Sales, comparable sales Summary, and up to poet 5 Comps (with links to their own records) derived from a surrounding neighborhood of the primary subject/location. Provided Property data: most valuation reports include immediate estimate of a home's value, analysis of a market area, subject property information and comparable sales records. Property section includes location and current ownership. Valuation Result includes: Estimated Property value and Value range, valuation Date at a specific point in time, valuation Grade and Score, and Forecasted Standard deviation.

Comparable sales Summary includes: living Area, lot Area, number of Beds and Baths, year built, last Sale Price, price per. And last Sale date. Propriety Information includes various characteristics of a subject property and its. Last and Prior Market Sale data. Comps show the distance from the subject and include property ownership and property characteristics, as well as provide links with immediate access to their respective available records. Please review the sample.

Artificial neural networks attempt to emulate the process by which the human brain converts external stimuli (inputs) into specific responses (outputs) via neurons and synapses. When applied to property valuation, the inputs are the explanatory or independent variables, such as location and property characteristics, and the output is the dependent variable, in this case the property value. Valuations based on these systems can be used to supplement or is some situations entirely replace human appraisals. Since our electronic avm utilizes a combination of hedonic and repeat-sales house price indexes and neural networks to generate estimates of property value, the systems generated estimates are believed to have the smallest possible error. Based upon millions of observations of continuous rigorous testing, valuepoint4 incorporates an extremely accurate neural scoring system that adapts to changing market conditions. The logic behind the valuepoint4 Report: to provide an instant and accurate online valuation Report for a residential property.

Avms are used to determine what a residential property might be worth at a given time. The advantages of using avms over traditional chartered surveyors are that they save time, money and resources since they can be obtained online in a matter of seconds. They also tend to give more valuation choices and not suffer from the same degree of fraud risk. HomeInfoMax updates its database daily with the latest property sales and financing transactions, tax ownership, assessment rolls and property characteristic data. Unlike property records accessible across the country, online home valuation is currently limited to some extent. This database completeness varies by State and by county, and before attempting to request a valuation report you must check. State/County coverage to make sure it is available in your desired area. This product is included in all of our. Subscription Plans, and is offered either on its own and can be purchased independently, or sold as a supplemental purchase from already obtained property reports.

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Released about 2 decades ago, valuepoint4 has continued to progress as the superior automated valuation model (AVM) of choice. Our newly released next generation Valuepoint4 combines two independent valuation systems coupled with a continuous hi-tech testing process to deliver greater precision and hit rate. This latest model with its improved relevancy outperforms traditional single system models. The types of valuation methods contained in Valuepoint4 include: hedonic, repeat sales indexes owl and a patented neural networks technology. The hedonic method of property valuation recognizes that housing is a composite good, and defines value as a mathematical function of its characteristics. Hedonic methods can be applied to estimate the value of new or existing homes, and observations on value may be actual sales prices, listing prices, appraisal values, or even owners' estimates of housing values. Repeat-sales methods use the observed sales prices of the same properties at different points in time to create a sample of price differentials that can be used to estimate the appreciation rates long of houses.

property estimate report

Submission, an agent will be in contact within one business day after submission. An, avm is a computerized modeling system designed to simulate the traditional appraisal process and review provide residential property valuations at a specific point in time by analyzing values of comparable properties. "AVM" is the acronym for Automated Valuation Model. Avms formulas are mathematical and based upon numerous factors including data quality, real estate fundamentals and complexity of the underlying technology. Avm reports may have some of the same data found in traditional property reports, yet they are not considered to be as such and should not be generated for that purpose. Avms, unlike most other real estate filings are not public record. Numerous statistical methods have been applied to index estimation and property valuation in the United States. Selection of a particular methodology has depended largely on the available data, and as data quantity and quality have improved so have the estimates.

name first. Last, phone number policy number (if known) property loss. Location of Loss describe Claim cause of Damage (ie. Hail, fire, wind, etc.). Has anyone (contractor, restoration company, etc.) inspected and/or provided an estimate of damage? Yes, no, if so, what is the name of the company? If so, what is the phone number for the company?

About this data, older couples families make up the largest percentage of people living in Camperdown followed by Established couples families and Elderly singles. The statistics above have been sourced from Mosaic demographic data that is the copyright property of Experian Australia pty limited (or its licensors). Classification Details, young Families - families, Extended Families and Single parents under. Independent youth - couples, singles and Homesharers under. Maturing couples families - families, couples, Extended Families and Single parents aged 35-44. Maturing Independence - singles and Homesharers aged 35-54. Established couples and Families - families, couples, Extended Families and Single parents aged 45-54. Older couples families - families, couples, Extended Families and Single parents aged 55-64.

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Our free book valuation tool uses local data and historic records to give you an estimate of your home's value. All you need to do is fill in a few quick details and you'll get the valuation in seconds. Once you're ready to sell or let why not book a valuation appointment with your local Hunters branch? Arrange a time convenient for you and a local expert estate agent will visit your property and talk you through the local market and help you set an appropriate asking price. Again - this is completely free estimate valuation, with no-obligation. Just select your option above and get the sales process started today. Free estimated home value report on your property. Get a free estimate now! The estimate provided here does not take in to account the condition of your home or any recent remodeling you've done to your home, so for a more accurate estimate, please contact me directly at or - wayne sanman, Broker, re/max preferred, Inc., realtors, licensed.

Property estimate report
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  1. Has anyone (contractor, restoration company, etc.) inspected and/or provided an estimate of damage? Estimate, my, property, value. The distinction between the reasonable market value (appraised value) of your home and. The estimate provided here does not take in to account the condition of your home or any recent remodeling you've done to your home, so for. A property price estimate may be provided based on the full Address.

  2. About Our Free, property, valuations. Hedonic methods can be applied to estimate the value of new or existing homes, and. Contents of Valuepoint4, report : Property. Your complimentary, property, report is customised to your needs so you can be well-informed about your property. Estimate the total cost associated with.

  3. Get a free price estimate for this property to determine how much it should sell for. Document Type: both rptt and rett. The specialty is providing you with a comprehensive depreciation report to enhance your property investment experience. An estimate for the value. Get a free valuation estimate and full property report to your Inbox. Get your free report.

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