Relieving stress essay

relieving stress essay

Essay ways to relieve stress

(see kenway louie and Matthew. Wilson, temporally Structured Replay of Awake hippocampal Ensemble Activity during Rapid eye movement Sleep, in neuron, january 2001, 145-156.) These subconscious activities may occur as synaptic knob growth transforms temporary memory loops into permanent neural networks, or they may be the brains way of strengthening. Alternatively, the neural firing may be induced as the animals mind attempts to reduce some kind of stress-causing primitive fear—fear of the consequences that might arise should they forget what has been learned, perhaps. Stored emotions, with their accompanying tensions, anxieties and stresses, drive many of our dreams. By dreaming, the mind reduces the amount of energy it would otherwise have to expend when awake to handle the by-products of these anxiety-causing emotions. Dreaming achieves this by activating possible stress-relieving (although not necessarily logical) alternative networks to those creating the stressful emotions.

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Keplers experiences can serve to illustrate the effect of working with unsound knowledge. Kepler (an extremely careful, sixteenth century mathematician and astronomer) deduced, via mathematical short investigations into the properties of regular solid figures, 16 that there could only be six planets. (Of course, there are more than six planets, but no one knew this at that time.) Kepler was summary immediately filled with great joy, 17 because he believed that he had discovered one of Gods mysteries. The experiences related above demonstrate that hours of conscious, troublesome, problem-solving attempts usually preceded revelations. Since this kind of activity induces accompanying hours of stress-relieving, subconscious, mental activity, the most logical explanation for revelations (and the religious conversions that sometimes follow) is that they stem from this work amid the memories stored within the brain. 18 see later chapters (and Gödels Theorem, general Systems Theory, and The conservation Laws ) for reasons why it is not possible to prove either that a god exists or does not exist. i am indebted to timothy ferris for this insight. See the Interpreter, an essay in Ferriss interesting book, the minds sky: Human Intelligence in a cosmic Context (New York: Bantam books, 1992). Animals also transfer mental activities performed consciously into the subconscious. Analysis of the neural firing patterns of Australian zebra finches when singing and when asleep indicate that the birds rehearse the song during their slumber. (see daniel Margoliash in Science,.) Similarly, the neural firing patterns that rats produced while negotiating a maze were repeated exactly when these rats slept.

While the essay solution may not yet contain answers to all the questions that will likely come later, the individual knows instinctively and emotionally, as well as rationally, that this new-found solution will be able to provide them. Every part of the experience is magnificent. 15, unfortunately, the found solution may be completely wrong. While the discovered solution is often accurate (for it is the result of much prior thought, both conscious and subconscious, by individuals well versed in their discipline it can be erroneous, even for such individuals. The intense feelings and instant conviction experienced bear no relation to the truth of what is newly thought to be the answer. The solution always feels right, and it is right for the particular mind-set of constructs that conceived. And it is also right in that it reduces energy consumption and stress. But the answer may be entirely false, and always will be, if the individual has had only incorrect knowledge or false assumptions to work with.

relieving stress essay

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Revelations are simply sudden breakthroughs, from the father's subconscious to the conscious mind, of the new understandings that a revised neural network denotes. Revelations of any kind, scientific, artistic, managerial, or otherwise (including those that set the stage for, and result in, a self-induced religious conversion) occur abruptly and quite unexpectedly. And because the solution presented has been tailor-made by the subconscious to relieve stress caused by the conscious minds incessant thinking about one particular problem, this solution solves that problem. It immediately feels right, there is a sudden release of tension, and a flood of emotion surges forth. 12, the solutions presentation, the instant it passes from subconscious to consciousness, may seem to be inexplicable, to artists, scientists and religionists. Some may see it as a divine act, and its nature may be such as to precipitate a self-induced religious conversion. 13, what had taken so long to discover, comes, seemingly, from the unknown. 14, most importantly, the solution appears flawless—all of the pieces fit perfectly and make a unified whole.

The outcome sought by the subconscious is merely a path of lower bioelectrical resistance through the mental constructs continually being activated by the conscious mind. It seeks this because a path of lower resistance consumes less energy, and thus generates less stress. The subconscious seeks routes of lower resistance when it can; that is, when its neural pathways are not occupied by incoming stimuli or pre-empted by demands from conscious-level activities. During this free time (obtained mostly when the body is sleeping the subconscious seeks pathways of lower resistance (i.e., links that more directly join the involved memories) from within the minds museum of memories and constructs. In finding networks that reduce its energy consumption, the subconscious solves problems that interfere with its primary task of directing a healthy body, not those related to the world outside its realm. But, the subconscious does solve such problems, indirectly, and must do so relatively frequently. Thus, simply by seeking a network that produces lower resistance and lessened stress, the subconscious finds routes which position formerly overlooked memories within new constructs. It does all of this, it must be emphasized, with absolutely no knowledge that the solution it has uncovered has any possible meaning in the real world. 11, any time after a new neural network (construct) has been built in this manner, a revelation can occur.

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relieving stress essay

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The answer in the movie notebook was perfect. It was immediately business put into effect, and the companys efficiency doubled. 7, solutions so found are typically discovered upon wakening, but they can arrive, abruptly and unannounced, anytime. 8, a recent book relates how a daytime breakthrough suddenly occurred. Folkman, a dedicated cancer researcher, while sitting in Bostons Temple Israel. 9, in another publication, it is reported that Charles Darwin remembered exactly where he was when he suddenly realized why offspring differed from their parents.

10, returning to our main concern, it is now relatively clear what must be happening at the subconscious level before and during a revelations occurrence. When awake, our conscious mind seeks solutions to problems by searching for relationships between memories, or between memories and incoming stimuli (recall the drill-bit search example given. Using its knowledge of the properties of each element within the environment presenting the problem, the alert mind can determine when an appropriate solution has been found. Furthermore, both the conscious and subconscious are aware of ongoing searches and any resolutions. Similarly, when solutions cannot be found, this also is known both consciously and subconsciously. However, unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious always addresses the same problem: stress. Any problem-related activity it undertakes is not aimed at finding a solution to a dilemma in mathematics, organic chemistry, cancer growth, or a reason to live, to use examples we have mentioned.

Many people have recorded how long-elusive solutions sometimes arrive suddenly, quite unexpectedly, out of the blue. Henri poincaré, a great mathematician, in an insightful essay. Mathematical Creation, 6 wrote that he discovered Fuchsian functions in a coffee-induced, semi-dreaming state, after spending fifteen days attempting to disprove their existence. In this essay, he explored how the subconscious must continue the search for a solution, then present the good combination to the conscious mind when found. He postulated that conscious thought liberated the elements of the problems, and that these might then fly about the subconscious mind like gnats or atoms of gas until a fortuitous encounter produced the sought-after good combination. Many similar examples of second-level subconscious thought breaking through into second- and third-level conscious awareness have been described in the literature.

One probably known by all organic chemists is kekulé von Stradonitzs 1865 realization that the benzene molecule is ring shaped. Kekulé reported thinking about possible structures while dozing in front of a fire, seeing long rows of carbon and hydrogen atoms dancing into different snake-like configurations in the flames, and eventually observing one snake seize hold of its own tail. He immediately awoke, recognizing instantly that this had to be the correct molecular arrangement. Another example of this phenomenon was recently reported in the local press. The chairman of a company described how he was very surprised to find the answer to a problem he had been wrestling with for a week, written in his notebook when he opened it one morning at work. He remembered leaving the notebook downstairs when he went to bed the previous night, but nothing else. He then realized that he must have dreamed the answer, sleep-walked, written it down, and then gone back to bed, all without wakening.

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While not discussed in depth previously, other stimuli besides incoming information can instigate subconscious neural link-formation or margaret thinking. One cause, important to our investigations, is stress—in particular, stress caused by constantly ruminating about the same, apparently insoluble, problem. 3, this kind of stress makes itself known in various ways—sometimes mentally, as with dreams or nightmares, 4 occasionally physically, with ailments such as headaches or upset stomachs. 5, that dreaming is often related to stress is generally well-known. We have all probably experienced waking in the middle plan of the night, feeling anxious, and thinking that our problems are particularly serious. But, upon waking in the morning, following periods of rem (rapid eye movement) or dream sleep, we may feel that our predicament is not so bad after all. (we even have a saying, youll feel much better in the morning, that acknowledges this.) Occasionally, something marvellous happens: we awake with the answer we have been looking for, and know that our problem has been solved. Such occurrences illustrate a little of what our subconscious mind is capable; they also help to substantiate the fact that the mind is continuously working, even though we are not aware of it doing. Dreams are secondary manifestations of this work; remembered portions of dreams provide fleeting glimpses of what has been happening at the subconscious second level during sleep.

relieving stress essay

We should not accept the divine origin explanation too readily; there could be a more mundane source. Once looked for, this source is not hard to find. The new-found solution, its organizing principle or purpose, and the accompanying Construct, all come from work done by subconscious second-level thinking. 2, in other words, from the individuals own mind. To fully appreciate just what football happens to produce a revelation, we should first discuss a few non-religious (and therefore likely less controversial) examples of its more common occurrence. We are all very familiar with third-level thinking, where we use words in our minds to think consciously about things. But, as noted earlier, this is not the full extent of our thought processes. Second-level thinking (when associations between memories, or between memories and related incoming information, are found and when more or less permanent links between memories may be formed) occurs subconsciously all the time.

responses of il-6 on the first day and the higher baseline levels on the second day suggest that people with low self-compassion are especially vulnerable to the adverse effects of this kind of stress, rohleder says. The research illustrates how easy it is for stress to build over time and how a seemingly small daily stressor, such as traffic, can impact a persons health if they dont have the right strategies to deal with. Hopefully, this research can provide more effective ways to cope with stress and reduce disease, not only by relieving negative emotions but by fostering positive ideas of self compassion, rohleder says. This research was funded by a grant from the American Federation of Aging Research). But what is the source of such revelations? Such perfectly fitting, almost complete, solutions to long-pondered problems could not have come from nowhere. Some, even many, might insist that revelations could only come from a divine being. While this supposition cannot be entirely ruled out, 1 it seems an unnecessarily complex explanation for the revelation experiences that have been reported by scientists and artists, and it simply obstructs further investigation when attempting to account for those of a religious nature.

While regulated inflammation type can help stave off infection or promote healing, unregulated inflammation can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer and Alzheimers. Self-compassion describes behaviors such as self-forgiveness or, more colloquially, cutting yourself some slack. A person with high levels of self-compassion may not blame themselves for stress beyond their control or may be more willing to move on from an argument, rather than dwelling on it for days. To understand the connection between self-compassion and inflammatory responses to stress, rohleder and his team asked 41 participants to rank their levels of self-compassion. The participants ranked their agreement to statements such as, i try to be understanding and patient toward aspects of my personality i do not like and Im disapproving and judgmental about my own flaws and inadequacies. Then, the participants took one stress test a day for two days and their levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6 an inflammatory agent linked to stress, were recorded before and after each test. After the first stress test, participants with higher self-compassion had significantly lower levels of il-6.

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Brandeis researchers explore the relationship between self-compassion and health. Photo/iStockPhoto, by leah BurrowsApril 3, 2014, we all have stress in our lives, whether its a daily commute, workplace pressures or relationship troubles. But how we deal with that stress could impact our health and longevity. In a recently published paper. Brain, behavior and Immunity, brandeis University researchers report they found a connection between a self-compassionate attitude and lower levels of stress-induced inflammation. . The discovery could lead to salon new techniques to lower stress and improve health. The paper was authored by psychology professor. Nicolas Rohleder, with postdoctoral fellows Juliana Breines and Myriam Thoma, and graduate students Danielle gianferante, luke hanlin and xuejie chen. Its long known that psychological stress can trigger biological responses similar to the effects of illness or injury, including inflammation.

Relieving stress essay
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  4. Hopefully, this research can provide more effective ways to cope with stress and reduce disease, not only by relieving negative emotions but by fostering positive ideas of self compassion, rohleder says. This isnt just about keeping your relationships alive, its about relieving stress and pampering yourself. Dreaming achieves this by activating possible stress - relieving (although not necessarily logical) alternative networks to those creating the stressful emotions. This essay will address these physiological and psychological benefits of physical exercise. They feel tired and stress out from the long hour working. Relieving stress through avoidance.

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