Short essay on the book i like most

short essay on the book i like most

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There are textbooks for the different levels of study right from school through college and on for higher studies. There are books in the fiction and non-fiction categories, and there are several genres in each of these categories. There are books in genres like health, nature, environment, spirituality, religion, self-help and history, besides many others, in the non-fiction category. Fiction may belong to horror, romance, comedy, thriller or fantasy genres, and may be in prose, poetry or drama forms. Books cater to different tastes and preferences of the people. Books are also translated into various languages so that knowledge and literary wealth is shared by everyone.

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I have read all seven books in the harry potter series. Jk rowling is my favourite author, and I have read some of the other books written by her too. I bought all of these books, taglio and they are part of the small collection of books that I have at home. Reading is my hobby, and i keep my books neat and clean. Paragraph on books 4 (250 Words). Hundreds of books are published each year in many different languages around the world. Books are printed on paper, and are portable. They can be carried around anywhere, and be read at anytime. Books are a storehouse of knowledge. There are academic books on the various subjects.

We also have nice bedside books that we read before going to sleep. Printed books are made available in libraries for reading. Books are also sold in book shops, where hundreds of recently published titles are usually displayed. Books are now available on the internet too. So they can be read on the computer or on the kindle. These are easy to read too. Books are also sometimes illustrated with beautiful colour pictures. Such pictorial books are interestingly designed and presented. I love reading fantasy stories like the harry potter series authored by jk rowling.

short essay on the book i like most

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There are other books that we read for our pleasure and enrichment. We read story books of different types. There are comedy, horror, detective and thriller stories in prose, plays and poetry forms. Books are our best friends. Paragraph on books 3 (200 Words). Books are published writing in many different languages, and are read by people all over the world. Books are printed on paper, and are easy to carry around. So they can be read anywhere and at anytime. They can be read while travelling.

There are many different kinds of books that are published each year. These are the new titles available for us to read. Besides these, there are books that have been published through the years. Together, there are millions of books available throughout the world in as many languages as are spoken by people. There are different genres in which books are published. There are fiction and non-fiction categories in books, and each of these categories has many different genres of books. The academic books we study at school belong to the text book category. We study them to complete our syllabus and pass the examinations at the end of each academic session.

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short essay on the book i like most

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Paragraph on books 1 (100 Words). Books are an important part for of our life. We read many kinds of books. We study text books at school that are part of our syllabus. We also have story books that we read for leisure and fun.

We can get them from the school library. We can also buy them from bookshops. Books are printed on paper, and can have pictures too that make them interesting. We can read books on the computer as well. I love reading childrens stories published in colourful books, as they are beautifully presented. I have a nice collection of story books at home. Paragraph on books 2 (150 Words).

Books are mans best friends. Books are portable and so they are easy to carry around. And so books can be read at any time night or day, while travelling on a bus or train or flight, and at meal time too. Books are published in many languages and in varied genres. There are books in fiction and non-fiction categories. Each of these categories has many different sections and genres, and there are many thousands of titles in each type.

Every book title has an International Standard book number (isbn) that is unique to it, and helps in identifying. Today books are available as web versions too so that they can be read on the internet. They may be read on the modern kindle or on the computer. And books are available in audio versions too so that you can hear an entire book being read out aloud. You will find here below a number of short paragraphs on the topic books of varying word lengths. We hope these paragraphs on books will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children write and read out paragraphs in simple words and with small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on books according to their particular requirement.

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For adults: Collins, rowling, Alexie, chbosky, lowry. This is the nice way of saying you are a promiscuous reader, but it's not that you don't finish reads. Instead, you just have a sort of hippie reading way about you, free love or some about such. You might start the day out with a few pages from one novelist, then read something entirely different on the subway, and when you come home from work, another work as well. Your bedtime read, too, might be different, and all in all, when you count up the books, you've got quite a lot of irons in the fire all at the same time. Do you confuse characters or plots? Do you give more attention to some books than to others? The point is, you're not ready for a book commitment just yet, and you're doing a brilliant job dating them all in the meantime. Suggested multi-tasking reads: Short story and essay collections, novellas.

short essay on the book i like most

and let your eyes just rest on it for a few quiet moments. You may find yourself changed, because a life without reading is a sad one indeed. Suggested anti-reader books: to get you started, try pop-up books, graphic novels, and comics as well as something on topics you'd normally enjoy watching. You are a grown-up who reads. Or kids books, or a kid who reads adult books, and there is a place for you in society, finally. Your existence acknowledged after so many years, you no longer have to feel shame at your questionable reading habits but can instead bask in the admiration of book blogs and feel a part of the vanguard. You are not ruled by categories; you are a free thinker. When you were in elementary school a librarian told you a book was "too old for you." you read it anyway, and there's been no going back. Suggested cross-under reads: For kids, dickens, fitzgerald, salinger, vonnegut, harper lee.

You like books rescued from the street as much as signed first editions; you like drugstore paperbacks, you like hardcover new releases, you like it all. You just like books. To you, they are an object of beauty, and you would never, ever hurt them in any way. Suggested bookophile reads: Anything you can get your hands. God, that's gorgeous, isn't it? You are the book version of the person who claims "I never watch TV! I don't even own one!" you never read books, because you find them too long. You consider blog posts too long, friend too, and are always penning comments that say "tldr" to express how short something can truly be and still be meaningful.

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Delayed Onset reader 2. You are not a book lover. You buy books so you can show them off. If you are wealthy, you may have a mahogany-paneled library for expressly this purpose. Since you don't waste time on books, we won't waste time discussing you, but if you ever do pick up a book and read it and love it, you can consider yourself cured. Suggested delayed onset 2 suggestions: The Great Gatsby, pride and Prejudice, the hobbit, gone with the wind, a wrinkle in Time, the Chronicles of Narnia. More than reading, you just love books. Old ones, the way they smell, the crinkles and yellowing of the pages; new ones, the way they smell, too, the crispness, running your hands over a stack of them at the bookstore.

Short essay on the book i like most
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  4. Suggested multi-tasking reads: Short story and essay collections. A book is a series of pages assembled for easy portability and reading, as well as the composition contained. A book is much easier to read, to find a page that you want, and to flip through. Usual place for the book s isbn, and maybe a photograph of the author(s editor(s perhaps with a short introduction to them. We believe that a reader has to learn only as much technology as i t s needed to fully enjoy the magic of reading. Reading in times of digital).

  5. I also like reading short stories in Tamil and Hindi. Sometimes when. Books shelved as short-story-essay: me talk Pretty One day by david Sedaris. Y ou don t have to like me: Essays on Growing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding. Suggested book-buster reads: Whatever you like, but buy a kindle.

  6. The book you like most Essay reading a very important activity, wh ich. Most favourite books and they are right, because these short stories. I have many books. I like short stories, plays and novels. Recentl y my uncle presented a book mahabharat. I like reading old books like the Sherlock holmes series by Arthur Conan doyle.

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