Thesis feasibility study

thesis feasibility study

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Part iii includes questions on educational development after pregnancy. And Part  iv is the questions on the future plans of the respondents. Data gathering Procedure, the researcher sought permission from the health centers in Maramag, bukidnon to be given pertinent data of teenage  pregnancy cases for year 2009 to 2013. Further the office of the municipal Social Welfare development (mswd) was requested to give information regarding cases of teenage pregnancy in the municipality. Inquiries from barangay officials, friends, co-teachers, neighbors and relatives were also be considered in the possible search for respondents. Once the researcher has identified a qualified respondent, she will personally approached  the target respondent and explain to her the study that the researcher is presently doing. The researcher also explained to her that her cooperation mean a lot for the success of the said study. A researcher- made questionnaire was administered personally by the researcher.

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The respondents of the study are those whose ages range from 12 to 19 years old who got pregnant while still in school. Data about the respondents can be hand obtained from health centers, hospital, inquiries from friends and neighbors, co teachers and Municipal Social Welfare development or (mswd) office. The local government has programs for the moral and economic development of the youth but still lacks implementation thus creating problems among teenagers. Sampling Procedure, the method that was used in choosing the respondents was purposive sampling picking all the cases that meet the criterion. . The researcher will chose purposive sampling, considering that the population of respondents is small and there are lots to consider on securing the respondents participation. . Furthermore, the victims might be ashamed to disclose their experiences, some movie dont want to refresh their sad past chapter of their lives, others have transferred to other place and there are still others that were not be reached for comments. All teenage students and out of school youth who got pregnant from the year were involved and prioritized. The researcher hoped to gather not less than 60 respondents all throughout the municipality of Maramag, bukidnon. The researcher employed a self- made questionnaire to gather data of the present study part i is the demographic profile of the respondents. This was included their name, age, age when pregnant, name of school attended, educational attainment and the economic background of the respondents. The second part of the questionnaire deals with the causes of teenage pregnancy.

Research Design, basically, this study employed a descriptive- qualitative research design. Certain questions were designed to draw out responses on specific information regarding the business future plans of the respondents despite the conditions that they are. This study was be conducted at Maramag, bukidnon. This municipality was be purposively chosen because of its accessibility to the researcher in gathering data for the reason that this municipality is developing and the researcher is concerned of the teenagers who get pregnant in the locality and are often the topics of the. Respondents of the study, the respondents of this study were be selected teenage students and out of school youth who got pregnant from the year in Maramag, bukidnon. They were chosen to provide vital information about the effects of teenage pregnancy to their educational development. . These respondents wereselected to generate information of the effects of teenage pregnancy and to thefamily, community, peers and the church denomination where they are affiliated.

thesis feasibility study

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Afterwards they were submitted for testing at the division of Nuclear Physics, jagiellonian University. The results confirm the effectiveness in the detection of gamma radiation. The resulting plastic scintillators, due to its advantages such as short response time, low production cost and the ability to produce samples of different shapes and sizes, will be used to build ionizing radiation detectors, for example in positron emission tomography (PET). Liniowy model pozytonowego tomagrafu emisyjnego author:. Moskal abstract Defence year: 2008 Celem niniejszej pracy było opracowanie nowego ćwiczenia na ii pracownie fizyczną Instytutu fizyki uniwersytetu jagiellońskiego. Ćwiczenie to ma na celu zaprezentowanie zasady działania pozytonowego tomografu emisyjnego. Chapter I ; Chapter iii ; Chapter iv ; Chapter v, chapter iii, research Methodology, this chapter presents the research design, research locale, the respondents, sampling procedure, data gathering tools, the scoring procedure and the treatment data in the foregoing study.

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thesis feasibility study

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At present tof pet scanners are based on crystal scintillators, which compared to plastic scintillators are much slower and more expensive to manufacture. Measurements of amplitude spectra of polymer scintillators, which were irradiated by gamma quanta from annihilation, made by. On in Chemistry department of Jagiellonian University, allowed for determining best composition of base, primary and secondary additive. As a result of the test performed in the framework of this thesis a pvtppopopop was found as the best combination out of eight examined. Experimental measurement of distrubution of time dierence between signals from both sides of RP422 scintillator strip has been also performed with result of 680.

This result can be further improved by upgrading electronic components of experimental setup. Bulk polymerization of styrene and its derivatives as material for construction of scintillators. Moskal abstract Defence year: 2011 The presentation purpose of this study blood was to produce a plastic scintillator,. Material which exhibits scintillation? The act of luminescence when excited by ionizing radiation. Synthesis of this material is based on dissolving scintillation additives in the monomer (styrene or vinyltoluene) and bulk polymerization by free radical mechanism. Several series of samples were prepared with different content of scintillation additives and polymerization conditions.

Otrzymywane scyntylatory mają być wykorzystane, jako detektory promieniowania gamma w pozytonowej Emisyjnej Tomografii komputerowej. Studies of detection of gamma radiation with use of organic scintillator detectors in view of positron emission tomography. Moskal abstract, defence year: 2011, positron emission tomography (PET) is experiencing nowadays a lot of interest. Pet scanner measures density distribution of radiopharmaceuticals with radioactive isotopes emitting positrons in human body. Annihilation of positrons with electrons from the body of the patient results in emission of two gamma quanta, going back to back which are then measured in detectors surrounding the patient. After applying reconstruction algorithms density distribution of annihilations is determined.

Pet modalities can eectively vizualize metabolic processes inside examined patient, unlike other kind of scans like computer Tomography or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, which tell us only about anatomy of the patients body. In recent times even more sophisticated method of scan was introduced - the time-Of-Flight pet. Tof pet measures time dierence between arrival of gamma quanta in two detectors. Hovewer due to lack of fast scintillaton materials this method weren't applied in practice. Availability of new, faster scintillators and cost-eective photomultipliers, as well as improvements in eld of electronics enabled usage of tof pet modalities. Resolution of measuring time dierence in- uences spatial resolution of reconstruction thus making this quantity most important when designing tof pet scanner. One of the best presently available scanner achieved time resolution of about 550. In this thesis feasibility study of using plastic scintillators in tof pet reconstruction is tested.

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Ich głównym składnikiem jest polimer? Poliwinylotoluen lub polistyren, który samodzielnie nie może być efektywnym scyntylatorem, gdyż średnia droga emitowanych przez niego fotonów jest zbyt krótka. Niezbędne jest stosowanie dodatków fluorescencyjnych. Zadaniem pierwszego z nich jest odbiór energii z polimeru i emisja światła z zakresu. Następnie promieniowanie to jest pochłaniane przez drugi dodatek fluorescencyjny? Wavelength shifter, który emituje falę świetlną z zakresu widzialnego, a więc taką, której długość dopasowana jest do elementów układu detekcyjnego. Celem pracy magisterskiej było otrzymanie w warunkach laboratoryjnych efektywnego scyntylatora. Aby tego dokonać należało zoptymalizować warunki procesu polimeryzacji, takie jak przedział temperaturowy prowadzenia procesu czy dobór stężenia dodatków fluorescencyjnych. Dokonano pomiaru krystaliczności metodą xrd, general wykonano analizę termograwimetryczną, database potwierdzającą wysoki stopień konwersji monomeru do polimeru oraz określono ich właściwości scyntylacyjne.

thesis feasibility study

This thesis describes a method of reconstructing the trader position of gamma quanta hit along a single polymer scintillator based on the calculation of similarity of signals incoming from a pet device with respect to signals in a previously created database. The similarity of two signals is computed using either a set of times corresponding to a set of voltage thresholds common for the two compared signals (Chi-square method) or two sets of points designating two curves representing the signals (Frechet distance method). The theoretical basis of the concept and its general idea as well as individual steps of the proposed algorithm are explained in detail in the next chapters of this thesis. The realization of the method in form of a computer program was implemented in Python (version.7 a high-level, general purpose programming language which allows for employing multiple programing paradigms including object-oriented, functional, procedural or imperative programming. This thesis is supplemented with Appendix containing the source code of the computer program. Moskal abstract, defence year: 2013, scyntylatory to substancje, których cząsteczki ulegają jonizacji lub wzbudzeniu pod wpływem oddziaływania z promieniowaniem jonizującym, a powracając do stanu podstawowego, emitują fotony. Przedmiotem badań prezentowanych w niniejszej pracy są scyntylatory polimerowe.

abstract, defence year: 2014, the aim of this thesis is to determine how size of a patient influences the temporal and spatial resolution of a double module of Strip pet prototype based on polymer scintillators. Such a scanner is currently being developed at Jagiellonian University by the j-pet collaboration. All measurements were conducted using a double module of a strip pet prototype with a 22Na source. Four different sizes of phantoms filled with water or ethyl alcohol were used as a simulation of a patient? The achieved time resolution along Line-of-Response is around 146 ps, and it is the same for all tested phantoms within the uncertainty range and as a result spatial resolution along Line-of-Response is equal to about. Both these values are two times better than in currently used pet scanners. Reconstruction of hit position of gamma quanta in scintillators based on sampling of signals in voltage and fraction domains. Moskal abstract, defence year: 2014, with the ongoing development of novel Positron Emission Tomography solutions, there exists a demand for researching methods of processing data allowing for the reconstruction of 3D human body images from signals gathered by the device?

Application was supple-mented with the Shift Management module, allowing to organize weekly laboratory work ofthe research group. Studies of changes of signals shapes write in plastic scintillator strips. Moskal abstract, defence year: 2014, the main aim of this master thesis was to study properties of signals in plastic scintillator detectors with different shapes. The scintillators with the length of 500 mm and cross sections of square (14 mm side hexagonal (9 mm side triangular (17 mm side) and circular (16 mm and 10mm dia.) were studied. A series of measurements were done with 68Ge radioactive source placed in lead collimator. 500 mm long scintillator connected to two photomultipliers by optical gel and reference detector were used to make an experimental setup. Measurements were performed at 5 positions across each strip.

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Development and implementation of Electronic Logbook for j-pet research roles groupusing Symfony2 framework. Zieliński abstract, defence year: 2015, the main aim of this thesis was to develop and implement an interactive electronicLogbook for Jagiellonian Positron Emission Tomography research group. Using the modernand innovative symfony2 framework, bootstrap, jQuery and Angular. Js technologies we havecreated a fully working client-server web application based on the the data storage was organized using two database engines: mysql, andPostgresql, served in back-end by the doctrine package. Application was designed in theResponsive web Design (RWD) approach, making it possible to use it on the any portabledevices (e.g. Like tablets and smartphones).Application was prepared according to the functional requirements provided by the j-pet group. The main functionality of the application is a multifunctional and intuitiveactivity logging system, which allows to register and further monitor the situation of theexperimental work. Secondly the application allows to associate the laboratory work infor-mation with the experimental parameters available from external database. Furthermore, we have implemented the error and warning handling system, allowing to monitor and reportall the custom situations encountered during the laboratory work.

Thesis feasibility study
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  5. Feasibility, study — is the name of a uk government project looking at the possibility of using the huge tidal range in the severn. Estudo de viabilidade a fim de melhor prevenir e combater a poluição marítima, devem ser. In this thesis feasibility study of using plastic scintillators in tof pet reconstruction is tested. A feasibility study is a type of analysis used in measuring the ability and likelihood to successfully complete a project including all relevant.

  6. Master, thesis in Bluetooth for hearing aid feasibility study. Discrete Adaptive particle Swarm Algorithm developed and paper published. For example, a feasibility study -based thesis may not follow the typical format outlined below: Chapter 3: Research Methodology. Feasibility, study of Upgraded Rice mill -Index. 12 thoughts on, thesis / dissertation of teenage pregnancy chapter.

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