Yale admission essay

yale admission essay

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engl 120123 offer writing workshops in a range of creative and nonacademic genres. . engl 125130 offer wide-ranging introductions to literature and are designed for first-year students who think they might go on to do advanced work in the humanities at Yale, whether as majors or nonmajors. . The foundational courses engl 125128 are especially recommended for students considering a major in English. Departmental representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have about your selection of an English course at English Department Placement during First-year Orientation. English 114 and English 115 engl 114 and engl 115 offer instruction in academic writing, pushing students to develop and expand their skills of critical analysis and argumentation. Engl 114 offers students the opportunity to practice writing essays about various topics across academic disciplines. Engl 115 hones students skills as writers in the context of literary study. . Students in both courses emerge as strong writers prepared for the demands of further course work throughout the university.

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Such a program must, however, meet the stated general criteria of range and coherence. For interdepartmental programs that include courses covering English literature, see literature; Directed Studies ; American Studies ; African American Studies ; Ethnicity, race, and Migration essay ; Theater Studies ; and Women's, gender, and Sexuality Studies. Graduate school Students considering graduate work in English should be aware that a reading knowledge of certain classical and modern European languages is ordinarily required for admission to graduate study, and that a course orienting them to critical theory can be especially helpful preparation. Requirements of the major senior requirement Standard major —2 senior sems, or 1 senior sem and 1 senior essay ( engl 490 or a two-term senior essay ( engl 490, 491 meeting with Yale librarian; Writing concentration —senior sem or senior essay, and engl 489 even though Yale college. Whatever majors they later choose, students need to learn to read analytically and write clearly at the college level. The English department offers Yale undergraduates a wide variety of introductory courses that enhance students skill and confidence as readers and writers. These courses are taught in seminar-sized groups and are open to students of all interests and backgrounds. All first-year courses except engl 123, introduction to Creative writing, may be applied toward the yale college distributional requirement in writing. It should be noted that medical schools encourage, and in many cases require, their applicants to have taken one term or more of English. Introductory English courses (engl 114engl 130) offer a variety of ways for students to develop their skills as insightful readers and writers. Engl 114 and engl 115 are writing seminars designed for the majority of first-year students to introduce them to college-level critical analysis and modes of academic argumentation. .

Advising Students planning a program of study in English are strongly encouraged to consult a faculty adviser in the English department, the departmental representative in their residential college, or the dus for advice about their course choices. A list of departmental representatives is available on the department website. In the fall of the junior year, each English major formally chooses a faculty adviser from the English department, and, in consultation with that adviser, completes a statement outlining progress in the major. Course schedules for all majors should be discussed with, and approved by, their faculty advisers. The dus and the adus can also discuss and approve schedules, if necessary. Schedules may be submitted to the residential college dean's office only after approval. Individual programs of study In exceptional cases, revelation a student whose interests and aims are well defined may, in consultation with the dus, work out a program of study departing from the usual requirements of the major.

yale admission essay

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In researching and writing the resumes essay, the student should consult regularly with the seminar instructor, and may consult with other faculty members as well. Senior essay the senior essay is an independent literary-critical project on a topic of the student's own design, which is undertaken in regular consultation with a faculty adviser. Writing a senior essay provides a structure for English majors who want the opportunity to explore a research topic in a more sustained and intensive way, as well as a community of support that many majors find rewarding. It should ordinarily be written in an area on which the student has focused in previous studies. It may be written during one or two terms; single-term essays may be converted to yearlong essays through application to the dus. See the course listings for engl 490 and 491 for procedures. Students fulfilling the senior requirement through a two-term senior essay or through a senior essay and the senior writing concentration project must take a seminar during their senior year, but it need not be a 400-level seminar. Prospectuses and applications for senior essays should be submitted to the office of the English department in 107 lc or online as directed on the department website, during the designated sign-up period in the term before pdf enrollment is intended.

Applications for the writing concentration should be submitted to the English department office in 107 lc or online as directed on the departmental website, during the designated sign-up period in the term before enrollment is intended. Senior Requirements Students must complete a two-course senior requirement consisting of one of the following combinations: (1) two senior seminars; (2) a senior seminar and a one-term senior essay; (3) a two-term senior essay, with permission of the dus; (4) a senior seminar or one-term. Students who wish to complete the senior requirement by the end of the fall term of the senior year may begin it in the spring of the junior year. . Each English major must make an appointment to meet with Yale's Librarian for Literature in English or another research librarian within the first four weeks of the term during which the student is fulfilling the first of the two term requirement for the major. A junior seminar in which the student, with the permission of the dus and of the instructor, fulfills the senior requirement may be counted as a senior seminar. At the start of term the student must arrange with the instructor to do any additional work necessary to make the course an appropriate capstone experience. Senior seminar Senior seminars, usually numbered 400449, are designated "Senior Seminar" in the course listings, but they are open to interested juniors, as well. The final essays written for senior seminars are intended to provide an appropriate culmination to the student's work in the major and in Yale college. Such essays should rest on significant independent work and should be of substantial length.

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yale admission essay

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Library requirement Each English major must make an appointment to meet with Yale's Librarian for Literature in English or another research librarian within the first four weeks of past the term during which the student is fulfilling the first of the two term senior requirements for. Credit/D/Fail courses taken Credit/D/Fail may be counted toward the requirements of the major. The Writing Concentration The writing concentration is an intensive track for English majors who want more sustained work in creative writing. While there are many ways to pursue creative writing at Yale, and within the English Department, the writing concentration provides a structure for creative work and a community of support that many writers find rewarding. The writing concentration is not a separate degree or certificate; it is a part of the English major and builds on the wealth of its literary offerings. It statement aims to give english majors with demonstrated interest and achievement in writing an opportunity to plan the writing courses they take in a coordinated way and to do advanced work in tutorial. The writing concentration accepts a limited number of serious writing students at the end of the junior year or, occasionally, in the first term of senior year.

Students who enter the writing concentration must fulfill the same requirements as all English majors, except that they count four creative writing courses toward the major, including engl 489, a tutorial in which students produce a single sustained piece of writing or a portfolio of shorter. It is expected that senior applicants will have completed by the end of the fall term the following: 1) at least two creative writing courses numbered 451 or higher, with at least one course in the genre in which they plan to complete engl 489 (i.e. Creative writing concentrators must complete at least 11 literature courses in addition to their creative writing courses. Residential college seminars are not acceptable for credit toward the writing concentration, except by permission of the dus. The writing concentration senior project may be offered in partial fulfillment of the senior requirement. Concentrators should fulfill the senior library requirement in the term in which they do the literature component of their senior requirement.

Engl 125, 126, 127, 128. Prospective english majors are strongly encouraged to complete these requirements by the end of the sophomore year. Those who have not enrolled in the directed Studies program should also consider taking both engl 129 and 130, foundational courses in the european literary tradition. A student may count up to five introductory courses toward the major. If, due to a late change of major or other circumstance, it is impossible to take three foundational courses, students may satisfy the requirements of the major by substituting for one foundational course (1) drst 001 and 002, (2) engl 129 and 130, or (3) two advanced.

Courses that deal with more than one writer are acceptable for this purpose. Substitute courses for the foundational requirement may also count toward the historical distribution requirements. All substitutions require permission from the dus. Requirements of the major At least fourteen courses are required for the major, including the senior requirement. Each student, in consultation with a departmental faculty adviser, bears the responsibility for designing a coherent program, which must include the following elements: Each student must take: (1) three foundational courses chosen from engl 125, 126, 127, and 128 ; (2) at least one advanced course. A student whose program meets these requirements may, with permission of the dus, count as electives toward the major as many as two upper-level courses in other departments. One of these courses should normally be a literature course in English translation or in another language, and neither may be counted toward the historical period requirement. Certain residential college seminars, with permission of the dus, may also be substituted for electives in the major. No more than two courses in creative writing may be counted toward the major; engl 123 does not count toward this limit.

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Many of the more advanced creative writing courses reviews require an application in advance, with admission based on the instructor's judgment of the student's work. Application details and reviews forms are available on the. Students with questions about this process should consult the department registrar. Students may in some cases arrange a tutorial in writing (. Engl 470 normally after having taken intermediate and advanced writing courses. All students interested in creative writing courses should also consult the current listing of residential college seminars. Foundational courses, it is valuable for students majoring in English to have both a detailed understanding of major poets who have written in English and some acquaintance with the classics of American and world anglophone literature. All majors are accordingly required to take three of the four foundational courses from.

yale admission essay

the lecture courses. While seminars are often offered more than once, students should not expect the same seminars to be offered from one year to the next. All courses are open to both majors and nonmajors, although advanced seminars are intended primarily for junior and senior English majors. Writing courses, besides introductory courses that concentrate on the writing of expository prose (. Engl 114, 115, 120, and 121 the English department offers a number of creative writing courses. The introductory creative writing course, engl 123, is open to any student who has not taken an intermediate or advanced course in the writing of fiction, poetry, or drama. Interested students must preregister for. Engl 123, but they need not submit a writing sample to gain admission.

Courses numbered from 114 to 130 are introductory and are open dates to all students in Yale college. Students planning to elect an introductory course in English should refer to the departmental website for information about preregistration. Once preregistered, students must attend the first and all subsequent course meetings for that particular section until the end of the second week of classes in order to retain a place. If a student misses a class meeting during this period without informing the instructor beforehand, his or her place will immediately be filled from the waiting list. Students may change their section by attending the desired section. If there are no available seats, the student may be placed on the waiting list for that section. Advanced courses, advanced courses are open to upper level students; the faculty recommends that students both within and outside the major prepare for such work with two terms of introductory English. Lecture courses cover major periods, genres, and figures of English and American literature. They serve as general surveys of their subjects, and are typically offered every year or every other year.

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Director of undergraduate studies: Jessica Brantley, 107 lc, 432-2224, ; associate director of undergraduate studies: Sunny xiang, 107 lc, 432-2224, ; registrar: Erica sayers, 106 lc, 432-2226, ; assistant registrar: Jane bordiere, 107 lc, 432-2224, ; the undergraduate program in English teaches students foundational research. Courses offered by the department are designed to develop students' understanding of important works of English, American, and world literatures in English; to provide historical perspectives from which to read and analyze these works; and to deepen students' insight into their own experience. For students interested in creative writing, the department offers an array of courses taught by renowned professional writers. Student writers at Yale work in all of the major genres, including fiction, poetry, play and film writing, nonfiction prose, and journalism, and they often enjoy the satisfaction of publication or performance for both local and national audiences. The ability to write well remains a rare but prized skill in almost every domain of our world, and English majors go on to careers in many fields of endeavor. The analytic type talents and the writing and speaking skills honed in the major can lead graduates to careers in fields such as advocacy, publishing, teaching, the arts, law, venture capital, medicine, and policy making. Courses for Nonmajors and Majors, introductory courses.

Yale admission essay
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Director of undergraduate studies: Andrew Casson, 216 lom, 432-7056, ; math. Yale.edu mathematics has many aspects: it is the language and tool of the sciences, a cultural phenomenon with a rich historical tradition, and a model of abstract reasoning.

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  1. The number of colleges that require applicants to complete the timed-essay portion of college admission tests is dwindling. On Friday, yale University said applicants will no longer be required to submit an essay score from the sat or the act. The policy will take effect for rising high school. How to get Into yale. Yale University, a private university located in New haven, connecticut, was founded in 1701 and is an elite ivy league school. Its total enrollment is generally less than 12,000 students.

  2. Application Requirements Admissions Requirements. To be considered for admission to the program, applicants must: hold or be working toward a four-year bachelors degree or two-year Master's degree from. You should think carefully before submitting supplementary materials with your Yale college application. Most successful applicants submit only the required application materials. Even though Yale college has no formal requirement in English, nearly all first-year students choose to take one or more courses in the English department. Whatever majors they later choose, students need to learn to read analytically and write clearly at the college level.

  3. Your record of activities outside the classroom should demonstrate a number of things: you engage your community beyond the classroom. Yale is home to hundreds student organizations, and we want to admit students who will take advantage of these resources and contribute to yales vibrant extracurricular community. The road to yale: Application, Essays, and Resumes that Wowed Yale Admission Officers Shixia huang, Grace li, sharon li, lynn Han, wendy peng. Free shipping on qualifying offers. To make the application process as affordable as possible for candidates with diverse backgrounds, the yale School of Management uses a sliding-scale application fee structure. Earlier in may, williams tweeted about her achievement, with screen shots of her essay, her letter of admission, and an email from a pizza-loving Yale admissions officer.

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